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Daily Digest 4/27 - NJ Caught In Foreclosure Crisis, The End Of The Eight-Hour Day?

Monday, April 27, 2015, 9:04 AM


Have We Seen The End Of The Eight-Hour Day? (jdargis)

After three-quarters of a century under the 40-hour standard, workers are relearning how to fight over the clock. “We have no politics of time,” writes Guy Standing, a British economist who studies the emerging “precariat” workforce. “Like any other asset, time is distributed unequally and inequitably.”

New Jersey still caught in foreclosure nightmare (thc0655)

Foreclosures there are 17 percent higher than they were in 2014, and bank repossessions of homes are up 18 percent, the housing-analytics firm RealtyTrac reported last week - even as the rest of the country logged the lowest foreclosure numbers in eight years.

One in every 234 homes in the state with a mortgage is in some stage of the foreclosure process - the fifth-highest rate in the nation.

The “War on Cash” Migrates to Switzerland
(pinecarr, thc0655)

What happened next is truly stunning. Surely everybody is aware that Switzerland regularly makes it to the top three on the list of countries with the highest degree of economic freedom. At the same time, it has a central bank whose board members are wedded to Keynesian nostrums similar to those of other central banks. This is no wonder, as nowadays, economists are trained in an academic environment that is dripping with the most vicious statism imaginable. As a result, withdrawing one’s cash is evidently regarded as “interference with the SNB’s monetary policy goals”.

The Virtual Immunity Of The Well-Connected: Gen. Petraeus Edition (Don R.)

Two years ago, in a highly revealing slip of the tongue, Attorney General Eric Holder explained to Congress that it can “become difficult” to prosecute major financial institutions because they are so large that a criminal charge could pose a threat to the economy – or perhaps what he meant was an even bigger threat to the economy.

King World News: Michael Pento Interview (pinecarr)

Mike Pento discusses "The Ugly Truth About What Is Really Happening Around The World". Most interesting, is a discussion on how the consequence of negative impact rates may be to make physical cash illegal, to prevent people from removing cash from banks.

Seasoned Investigative Journalist Exposes Inside Strategies to Censor News (Phil H.)

As noted by Sharyl, the reasons for the decline of investigative journalism are complicated. But a big part of it is due to commercial concerns; basically, commercial and corporate influences came into play, and media outlets grew to accept commercialization as part of the news process.

Mysterious Oil & Gas Worker Deaths Across America (Tom K.)

One company that surely did “realize there might be a problem” was Marathon because, as the following excerpt from the Billings Montana Gazette details, both sides in the wrongful death suit of Dustin Bergsing agreed that hydrocarbon poisoning was indeed the cause of death and although the exact amount of the settlement wasn’t revealed, someone apparently made a payment to the family “in the seven-figure range”.

A California Chef's Dish-Pit Hack Could Help Restaurants Address the Drought (jdargis)

Cox calculates that if each of California's estimated 60,000 full-service restaurants swapped out their dish sprayers for compressed air, it could result in a savings of over 5 billion gallons of water per year, dwarfing the water saved by not automatically filling water glasses. After posting a video of the air compressor to his Facebook page, Cox has already been contacted by dozens of restaurants interested in making the switch to compressed air, including Monterey's Restaurant 1833 and Faith and Flower in Los Angeles. With a low barrier to entry (an estimated $300 cost and 10 minutes of setup), this small change could become de rigueur in California's restaurant kitchens—and make a sizable dent in their water use.

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Fascinating Speach.

Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake talks ab…:

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Shanghai equities roar as China floats QE-lite

Shanghai equities roar as China floats QE-lite

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Ask The Expert - Andrew Maguire (April 2015) Sprott Money News

a great interview!

Ask The Expert - Andrew Maguire (April 2015) Sprott Money News


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