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Daily Digest 4/19 - Regulatory Relief For Banks, Robots Will Replace Half Of Jobs

Sunday, April 19, 2015, 10:45 AM


Workers Seeking Productivity in a Pill Are Abusing A.D.H.D. Drugs (jdargis)

Doctors and medical ethicists expressed concern for misusers’ health, as stimulants can cause anxiety, addiction and hallucinations when taken in high doses. But they also worried about added pressure in the workplace — where the use by some pressures more to join the trend.

“You’d see addiction in students, but it was pretty rare to see it in an adult,” said Dr. Kimberly Dennis, the medical director of Timberline Knolls, a substance-abuse treatment facility for women outside Chicago.

Regulatory Relief For Banks That Rarely Fail (jdargis)

The proposal comes from Thomas M. Hoenig, vice chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. In an interview last week, Mr. Hoenig told me he had been hearing more and more calls to reform the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 and he wanted a surgical and effective response to those requests.

Robots to replace almost half of jobs over next 20 years: expert (Arthur Robey)

Professor Osborne said machines and computers still struggled with creativity, social intelligence and the manipulation of complex objects, making jobs with high requirements in these areas less vulnerable to robotisation.

"What unites all those bottlenecks [in computer ability] is kind of a deep reservoir of tacit knowledge humans possess that's not readily reproducible in software," he said.

FBI can’t cut Internet and pose as cable guy to search property, judge says (jdargis)

In 1966, the Supreme Court authorized an agent to pose as a drug buyer to get consent to go inside a house. In 1980, an agent posing as a drug dealer's chauffeur was upheld. Seven years later, agents posed as real estate investors to access a bedroom and closet of a suspect. And in 1989, an agent posed as a UPS delivery man to get inside a drug house, the government argued.

Videgaray Says Mexico to Hedge 2016 Oil Exports, Limit New Debt (jdargis)

“We’re comfortable if we stay basically where we are,” he said. “Even with the spending cuts there will be some deficit this year, but we want to stabilize that. And spending cuts we’ve undertaken are aimed at stabilizing that ratio at less than 44 percent.”

After cutting spending by 0.7 percent of GDP in 2015, Mexico will reduce outlays by another 0.7 percent of GDP next year, the government said last month.

Conflict Over Soil and Water Quality Puts ‘Iowa Nice’ to a Test (jdargis)

“It’s very clear to me that traditional, industrial agriculture has no real interest in taking the steps that are necessary to radically change their operations in a way that will protect our drinking water,” said Bill Stowe, the chief executive of Des Moines Water Works. High nitrate runoff, which can result from nitrogen-rich soil and applied fertilizer, places Des Moines’s drinking water in danger of violating federal quality standards, Mr. Stowe said, and increases costs and poses health risks for customers.

VW Bus to be re-released as an electric vehicle (Arthur Robey)

There is no certainty this will hit the market, according to Neusser, but with an attractive enough cost-base it most definitely will.

And demand. Would you drive one? If they had solar panels in the 60's...

Company creates portable farms that can grow an acre of food in one shipping container (jdargis)

Titled the "Leafy Green Machine," it's all contained within a 40’ x 8’ x 9.5’ shipping container and is specifically designed for "high-volume, consistent harvests.

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Reverse Repos Go Parabolic: ‘Liquidity Shock’ Derivatives Melt-D

just saw this on friday, very interesting read:

Reverse Repos Go Parabolic: ‘Liquidity Shock’ Derivatives Melt-Down Has Begun!


if the thesis is correct, that large derivative positions are going bust because of failing loans to shale oil producers and also due to greek bonds, then this really could be the beginning of the end, it's "the big one". and IMF is warning regulators to prepare for "liquidity shock".

part of me is de-sensitized due to seeing such articles for the last few years and yet seeing central planners continue to prop up and keep a broken system going with debt instruments, rubber bands, and duct tape. but most of me feels like, yes, this is it, the collapse we've been expecting for the last few years, happening now.


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Robots to replace almost half of jobs over next 20 years: expert

Here we go again, 2nd or maybe 3rd wave.

This article reminded of a BBC docco I saw ages ago. It was intended to wake up a complacent Wilson government to what was happening to the workplace as a result of computerisation and automation. It succeeded. Here it is:

"A BBC Horizon programme from 1977 detailing how the microchip industry will change the UK for better and for worse. Also includes live interview session at the end."

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