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Daily Digest 4/18 - The World's "Smartest" Lake, Guerilla Gardening

Saturday, April 18, 2015, 8:57 AM


The Very Real Hardship of Unpredictable Work Schedules (jdargis)

Many workers had one week or less of advanced notice about their upcoming work hours, the study found. Such haphazard scheduling has been linked to not only lower levels of job satisfaction, but also to greater levels of work-family conflict, according to the Lonnie Golden, the study’s author. Another study, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, had similar findings, linking irregular shift schedules to diminished cognition and physical health, with workers who were exposed to such schedules for extended periods showing decreases in their ability to reason, think, and recall information.

Putting The Real Story Of Energy & The Economy Together (pinecarr)

We don’t measure our investment results with respect to the quantity of end product produced (barrels of oil produced, liters of fresh water produced, kilos of copper produced, or number of workers provided with sufficient education to work in high tech industries), so we don’t realize that we are becoming increasingly inefficient at producing desired end products. See my post “How increased inefficiency explains falling oil prices.”

Crickets Are Not a Free Lunch, Protein Conversion Rates May Be Overestimated (jdargis)

“Everyone assumes that crickets — and other insects — are the food of the future given their high feed conversion relative to livestock,” Dr. Parrella said. “However, there is very little data to support this, and this article shows the story is far more complex.”

Home Prices Fall in Fewer Chinese Cities as Demand Grows (jdargis)

"Improving prices and turnover showed a seasonal recovery by the market itself,” Xia Dan, a Shanghai-based analyst at Bank of Communications Co., wrote in a research note. “As policies start to take effect, transactions are expected to keep improving slightly. In case the recovery of the housing market doesn’t meet expectation, there will be further policy adjustments.”

California Gas Pipeline Explosion Injures Up to 15 People (jdargis)

Four of the injured were taken to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, and two more were taken to the burn unit there, said hospital spokeswoman Mary Lisa Russell, adding that four were in critical condition and two serious.

Craft Distiller Wants To Save Small Farms (jdargis)

Elder says in general, the craft distilling industry has always had a relationship with local agriculture, since it’s often easier and cheaper to buy the raw ingredients from nearby sources. But now, it’s “become more imperative as distilleries, cideries and breweries try to find a way to differentiate themselves. More and more, the industry is looking toward agriculture and developing those relationships.” And Elder wants to help continue to move that along.

Science by robot: Outfitting the world’s “smartest” lake (jdargis)

Since science is driven by data, it's frequently held back by a lack. One way for scientists to make the most of their funding and time is to conscript robotic assistants—devices that stay out in the field, dutifully making measurements on a pre-determined schedule. That’s a huge service, but such robots don't always gather the kind of data that a scientist wants (more is definitely better when it comes to data, but better is better, too).

Guerrilla Gardening: Woman Promotes Positive Change by Planting in Potholes (jdargis)

“I’m touched that people took notice of this and that I was able to draw attention to something that needs to be addressed in a kind way. Not offensive, it’s pretty, it brings a smile to people’s faces, and anybody can do it. What harm can that do?”

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