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Daily Digest 4/3 - Ukraine's Children Of War, The Real Cost Of CA Drought

Friday, April 3, 2015, 9:49 AM


Ukraine's Children Of War (jdargis)

After dinner, Ilya began playing with a couple of matchboxes that he had stuck together. Holding them to his ear like a phone, he placed an imaginary call.

"Hello?" he said. "It's Ilya. Where are you?"

He was trying to reach his mother who he hasn't seen in more than year.

Dublin Residents Question Timing Of Building New $35 Million Water Park (California) (DennisC)

“Obviously this has been in the works for some time. But the reality is we’re in the midst of a historic drought and you cannot go forward with something like this, in these conditions, in good conscience,” Duncan said.

Even kids, who will enjoy the park the most, have questions about the timing. “Kind of weird, it’s a drought. Why are they gonna use all that water for a water park?” said Evan Rusconi.

Facebook tracking of online activity breaches EU law, report says (westcoastjan)

Services in Europe, Canada and the United States offer the ability to remove websites' ability to track your computer's online activity for advertising purposes – also called "online behavioural advertising." However, according to the report, opting out of this practice in Europe through the European Digital Advertising Alliance doesn't stop Facebook from tracking you with the aforementioned cookies. What's more, non-Facebook users who opt out with this practice actually enable cookie tracking if they were not previously being tracked.

U.S. Economy Gained 126,000 Jobs in March, an Abrupt Slowdown in Hiring (jdargis)

In the Bureau of Labor Statistics report Friday, government statisticians revised their previous estimates for February and January, subtracting 69,000 jobs from the first quarter’s total. And the millions of Americans who have been discouraged from looking for work because of poor conditions in the labor market remained on the sidelines. The labor participation rate — which includes those who have jobs and those who are looking — ticked down slightly, to 62.7 percent from 62.8 percent in February.

Delayed Effects Of Sanctions Could Prolong Russian Recession (Evan K.)

The report also showed that World Bank economists expect the sanctions, imposed because of Moscow’s support of Ukrainian rebels and its annexation of Crimea, won’t end anytime soon. The sanctions alone, imposed by the European Union, the United States, Australia and Canada, have barred Russian industry from borrowing from the West and importing technologies for its energy sector.

California Imposes First Mandatory Water Restrictions to Deal With Drought (jdargis)

Owners of large farms, who obtain their water from sources outside the local water agencies, will not fall under the 25 percent guideline. State officials noted that many farms had already seen a cutback in their water allocations because of the drought. In addition, the owners of large farms will be required, under the governor’s executive order, to offer detailed reports to state regulators about water use, ideally as a way to highlight incidents of water diversion or waste.

If Californians want to really conserve water, they should cut down on coffee, rice, and beef (jdargis)

And then there’s meat. Raising animals requires providing them with drinking water, sometimes for years before they are slaughtered, and the animals will also eat huge amounts of grains and roughage that also require large amounts of hydration, creating a double-whammy of water intensity.

The Real Cost Of California's Drought (jdargis)

Artificially cheap water encourages people to install lush, green lawns that need lots of watering instead of native plants more appropriate to the local climate. It means they don't even look for information about the water efficiency of their fixtures and appliances. They take long showers and let the tap run while they're on the phone with Mom. In a thousand ways, it creates demand far in excess of supply.

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Headline scan today, falls

Headline scan today, falls into the category of truth is stranger then fiction... or you can't make this stuff up.


Cut back on eating certain foods, because it take too much water

But, we have enough water to create a water park for our narcissistic enjoyment.

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Arthur Robey
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Sorry jdargus

I am just not going to read your Ukrainian article.  I do not have the emotional fortitude. 

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Just IMAGINE . . . .

I Just got back from beautiful and soul-inspiring Costa Rica where I washed my clothes by hand and then put them out to dry in the SUN--very quickly, with that great sun-absorbed fragrance.

I also only used 1 plate, 1 cup, 1 bowl, and three utensils for all my meals, washing them immediately after each meal.
My toilet was of the newer small water-saver type.
Can you IMAGINE how much WATER I saved with all this (no clothes washer, no dishwasher, no large water tank) (and even saved on electricity with the washer/dryer)
Also, I now live in a 4 building Co-op complex with over 150 apartments.  Just IMAGINE if everyone switched to the water-saver type of toilet?  Mandated?
Additionally, just IMAGINE that we ONLY raised animals that needed little water and less grain, even if we cannot go meatless.  Outlaw (?) the other animals--oops, smells like central planning??
As someone sang, "Just IMAGINE . .  ."

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