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Daily Digest 3/28 - NY Fracking Ban Fuels Secession Talk, Filling Potholes With Flowers

Saturday, March 28, 2015, 9:43 AM


As the Economy Awakens, Thoughts Turn to Dream Houses (jdargis)

After faltering slightly, luxury building is again booming in the traditionally high-end parts of the country, like South Florida and the Hamptons, as the economy continues to show healthy signs, architects and designers say. But even people with more modest homes in mind are turning their desires into reality. A study to be released next week from Liberty Mutual said that 44 percent of Americans were planning to move or renovate their homes this year.

List of Economic Overhauls Greece Must Flesh Out by Monday (jdargis)

Commitments include streamlining sales-tax rates, with a view to limiting exemptions, implementing a comprehensive review of government spending in every sector, devising a strategy for dealing with tax arrears, overhauling health expenditure, tightening legislation on funding of political parties, social security reform and fighting corruption.

With London's Affordability Crisis, a New Breed of Activism (jdargis)

You’ll notice that public housing projects are focal points. This is because they are currently the biggest victims of London’s affordable housing crisis, with many at threat of being torn down for redevelopment. The rationale for this sounds reasonable from a distance: to house its growing population, London needs to densify. By replacing dilapidated projects with a higher, tighter mix of private and “affordable” housing, the city can boost residents per square foot and dilute social division.

Why putting off retirement savings until you make more money is a big mistake (jdargis)

Of course, the more you save, the better off you’ll be in retirement. A recent survey found that people who saved 10 percent of their pay and didn’t cash out early were on track for a comfortable retirement, according to Empower Institute, a research arm of the retirement services provider, Empower Retirement.

Gold & Silver Stocks Will Rise Again (GE Christenson)

The S&P 500 Index (not shown) has rallied to new highs, looks toppy, and has been levitated by “money printing” and low interest rates. Examine the graph of the ratio between the XAU and the S&P. The ratio is currently at lows last seen in 2000 and is near all-time lows. Gold and silver prices have been weak for four years and the XAU has been crushed further. Expect gold, silver, their stocks, and their ratio to the S&P to rally in 2015 and 2016.

Guerilla Mosaic Artist Now Filling Chicago Potholes with Flowers (jdargis)

Artist Jim Bachor (previously) continued his guerilla effort to remedy Chicago’s pothole problem by creating a number of flower mosaics in streets around the city. Bachor installed four mosaics through this fall while the weather cooperated, but as things get wet and cooler we’ll probably see a bit less of his, uhm, street art. I’m not sure if any of these are still around, but he keeps a list of photos and addresses where each piece was installed.

In New York state, fracking ban fuels secession talk (jdargis)

Broome County, which includes Windsor, is the southern tier's most populous county. Its biggest city and the county seat, Binghamton, had 80,000 residents in 1950. Today, it is home to 47,000 people. The fracking ban came on the same day that the state rejected the area's bid for two casinos, exacerbating locals' despair.

March heat shatters records in bone-dry Los Angeles (jdargis)

Dry conditions have worsened in California, and mountain snowpacks have shrunk over the last few weeks, according to the latest U.S. drought report.

Rainfall fell short of supplying any significant moisture to relieve the drought, according to meteorologist Eric Luebehusen of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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Arthur Robey
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Californian worms.

I wonder if the crisis in California will be severe enough to force a change in attitude towards human waste?


I have no association with Vermitech.  

It was pointed out to me by Airhead that you cannot catch any disease from handling your own faeces. 

The solids have to be separated from the liquids at the source. Airhead does this successfully. 

However it is a fact that the single biggest health advance of modern civilization was the popularization of the flushing toilet by Mr Thomas Crapper. 


Doug's picture
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obvious question

Was the slang term 'crap' coined before or after Mr Crapper popularized the flush toilet?

Arthur Robey's picture
Arthur Robey
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Joined: Feb 4 2010
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Evolutionary Dead End

It is a mystery to me how Mr. T.C had a mother.

Was she in paroxysms of ecstasy at the thought of changing her name to Mrs. Crapper? This is a scene that that is hard to visualise.

I am sure that it is a worthy and honorable line. However we deserve an explanation. 



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Illustration of human waste recycling on mars

Macgyver on Mars.

"Hell yeah, I'm a botanist. Fear my botany powers."

What a fun read.

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The Etymology Of 'Crap'

Since the "odour" of this thread is still lingering, I found this quite entertaining.


Doug's picture
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The value of this bit of education to my future as a ranconteur can only be guessed.  It is inestimable. ;^)

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