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Daily Digest 3/27 - Metals Markets Set For Another Shock, Giving Up The Middle-Class Dream

Friday, March 27, 2015, 10:19 AM


These Nine People Gave Up the Middle-Class Dream. Was It Worth It? (jdargis)

My generation, people between the ages of 18 and 31, is the first to do worse financially than the two generations before it; crushing student debts and rampant unemployment during the recession conspired to make us, by and large, financially unstable enough that earning enough to rent a place—never mind start a mortgage—is often laughable. Five-year plans are inconceivable. We’re navigating piecemeal, contingent realities, and the traditional system of getting houses, credit cards and car loans hasn't quite caught up with the new economy. We aren’t owning cars or homes at the same rates as our parents; as of last year, only about a quarter of us were married.

China, Greece vow to advance pragmatic cooperation (pinecarr)

The two sides should make the Chinese-run project at the Greek port of Piraeus "a paradigm of mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Greece," Wang said.

Wang spoke highly of the positive role Greece plays in the ties between China and Europe.

Give'em the Old Razzle Dazzle (thc0655)

Despite the removal of a single word (that prompted the Wall Street Journal to headline its lead story that rate hikes were put into play), there were far more indications, contained in the Fed statement, or spoken by Yellen herself at the subsequent press conference, that should lead us to conclude that increases are far less likely now than they were before the statement was issued. But such a straightforward understanding should have led us to conclude that the economy is stalling. No one wants to look that possibility squarely in the mouth.

Peter Schiff Won't Back Down - 'The Dollar Is Going To Crash, Buy Gold' (thc0655)

Predictably, Schiff believes the dollar's demise will reward those who've followed his long-standing advice to buy gold. "Gold's going a lot higher," he says, recalling his past forecasts ranging from $2000 to $5000 an ounce. "There's no real ceiling on gold because there's no floor on the dollar," he says.

Indonesia seeks major role in Chinese-led infrastructure bank (pinecarr)

"We are fighting to get a position in the AIIB ... because most likely we will be the biggest client," Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro told reporters late on Wednesday.

"I have been lobbying China in regards to who will be the bank's host, the positions, shareholders and projects."

The Shut-In Economy (jdargis)

Many services promote themselves as life-expanding — there to free up your time so you can spend it connecting with the people you care about, not standing at the post office with strangers. Rinse’s ad shows a couple chilling at a park, their laundry being washed by someone, somewhere beyond the picture’s frame. But plenty of the delivery companies are brutally honest that, actually, they never want you to leave home at all.

Metals Markets Set For Another Shock From This Key Producer (Evan K.)

Indonesia is considering a reversal of the ban on the export of unprocessed bauxite, a key feedstock in aluminum production, which could be huge for the metal markets.

China fishing plan in Antarctica alarms scientists (lesphelps)

Beijing’s fishing plans are part of its larger strategic interests in the frozen continent. Over the last three decades, China has built four research stations in Antarctica and is preparing to build a fifth. While an international treaty protects Antarctica from militarization and mining, the Chinese research stations have fueled speculation that China has long-term plans to exploit the continent’s vast energy and mineral resources.

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Bundesbank's Weidmann says euro zone debt in 'danger zone"


  1. Brazil's economy sputters, grows 0.1% in 2014
  2. China stocks may be in serious bubble
  3. China Aims to Expand Debt-for-Bond Program to Ease Pressures
  4. PHOTOS: Drought-Stricken California Community Close To Running Out of Water
  5. Japan nears deflation as consumer prices stop rising
  6. Yen Rally Stalls as Zero Inflation Underscores BOJ-Fed Divide
  7. Draghi a World-Beater in Moving Markets as ECB Confounds Critics
  8. Low interest rates causing 'huge problems' in Germany: Schaeuble
  9. Mexico Keeps Key Rate at Record Low 3% on Economic Weakness
  10. Kansas moving closer to issuing $1 billion or more in pension bonds
  11. Alberta budget to include more taxes, reveals $5-billion deficit over next year
  12. Alberta government increases taxes, but still plans to run record deficit
  13. Louisiana's $16 billion retirement liabilities mostly 'hidden,' report says
  14. Portugal's public debt reaches over 130 pct of GDP last year
  15. Indonesian stocks face risks from debt spike as rupiah weakens
  16. Puerto Rico Bill Shows Less Willingness to Pay Debt, Fitch Says
  17. Fitch Downgrades Puerto Rico's GO and Related Ratings to 'B' on Rating Watch Negative
  18. Chicago’s Unmentionable Pension Solution Haunts Mayoral Election
  19. Philly schools counting on an extra $264 million next year
  20. Divergent bond results for Chicago and Philadelphia schools
  21. Greek Bank Deposits Hit 10-Year Low
  22. Data show how Greek bank run loomed before bailout extension deal
  23. South Korea’s economy (The Economist)
  24. Illinois Plugs Deficit as Next Year’s $6 Billion Hole Looms
  25. Moody's fears Atlantic City default after state report
  26. Atlantic City facing possible default, Wall Street warns
  27. Eureka faces pension headwinds – just like every other California city (Opinion)
  28. The hidden danger in high-yield bonds: shrinking liquidity
  29. State’s $611M deficit has educators bracing for another round of cuts (Oklahoma)
  30. Tuition increases approved to help cover CSCU system’s growing budget (Connecticut)
  31. Current pension agreement thrown out (Jacksonville)
  32. U.S. economic growth slows in fourth-quarter
  33. Banks Slash Dividends as Loans Sour From Beijing To Pearl River (China)
  34. Bundesbank's Weidmann says euro zone debt in 'danger zone,' opposes more aid for Greece
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Profit warnings are piling up

Of S&P 500 companies providing first-quarter outlooks, 84% have been negative


35 news articles posted today. Good thing I had my energy drink this morning.

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"I'm Not Stupid" Monsanto Lobbyist Refuses To Drink Weedkiller A

"I'm Not Stupid" Monsanto Lobbyist Refuses To Drink Weedkiller After Proclaiming "It Won't Hurt You"


Entertaining transcript:

“You can drink a whole quart of it and it won’t hurt you,” Moore insists.

“You want to drink some?” the interviewer asks. “We have some here.”

“I’d be happy to, actually,” Moore replies, adding, “Not really. But I know it wouldn’t hurt me.”

“If you say so, I have some,” the interviewer presses.

“I’m not stupid,” Moore declares.

“So, it’s dangerous?” the interviewer concludes.

But Moore claims that Roundup is so safe that “people try to commit suicide” by drinking it, and they “fail regularly.”

“Tell the truth, it’s dangerous,” the interviewer says.

“It’s not dangerous to humans,” Moore remarks. “No, it’s not.”

“So, are you ready to drink one glass?” the interviewer continues to press.

“No, I’m not an idiot,” Moore says defiantly. “Interview me about golden rice, that’s what I’m talking about.”

At that point, Moore declares that the “interview is finished.”

“That’s a good way to solve things,” the interviewer quips.

“Jerk!” Moore grumbles as he storms off the set.


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