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Daily Digest 3/21 - Fed Throws In The Towel, New Federal Fracking Rules Are Set

Saturday, March 21, 2015, 10:23 AM


Super-Bubbles And Unprecedented Global Collapse – Time Is Running Out! (pinecarr)

With both U.S. stocks and bonds near the highs and the dollar (recently) surging, it seems that the U.S. is still an invincible superpower. But sadly, Eric, the U.S. will just be the last country to fall and that fall is imminent...

Alasdair Macleod: Fed Throws in the Towel, “Something is About to Break” (pinecarr)

Call it Stockholm syndrome. The Fed tells me I don’t have to be “patient” anymore, the powers that be let precious metals move a tiny bit higher, and I feel like I should say “thank you” as I peek out from my bunker.

Friday’s closing prices mark an outside reversal week for gold and silver. It couldn’t have come at a more important time, given that the technical picture was downright ugly.

Emergency! This Family Is Prepared (Ann P.)

“We base our emergency kit around our camping gear,” says Tim Beale, showing us a carefully packed wheeled tote. His partner Ann Pacey lists essential areas to address, starting with financial records and ending with communications – including a plan to get back in touch with loved ones after an emergency. Their show-and-tell includes gear and advice for cooking, lighting, heat and power, food, water storage and filters, sanitation, clothing, and first aid/medical.

‘The Age of Acquiescence,’ by Steve Fraser (jdargis)

To solve the mystery of why sustained resistance to wealth inequality has gone missing in the United States, Fraser devotes the first half of the book to documenting the cut and thrust of the first Gilded Age: the mass strikes that shut down cities and enjoyed the support of much of the population; the Eight Hour Leagues that dramatically cut the length of the workday, fighting for the universal right to leisure and time “for what we will”; the vision of a “ ‘cooperative commonwealth’ in place of the Hobbesian nightmare that Progress had become.”

Obamacare Is Spurring Startups and Creating Jobs (jdargis)

Conrad, a cancer survivor, said that after reading the Affordable Care Act cover-to-cover and talking to insurance experts, he realized it offered an opportunity to ease the process of pricing, selling and managing health insurance for small businesses. Zenefits, which has 10,000 clients, can “spit out pricing” for every health insurance plan in a state “in milliseconds,” using only the ages and addresses of employees, he said.

New Federal Rules Are Set for Fracking (jdargis)

As the practice of fracking has soared, fights over how and whether to regulate it have broken out across the country. The states have jurisdiction over drilling on private and state-owned land, where the vast majority of fracking is done in the United States. The new federal rules, by contrast, will cover about 100,000 oil and gas wells drilled on public lands, according to the Interior Department.

Warm Arctic winter starts sea ice off at a record low (jdargis)

The National Snow and Ice Data Center, which tracks these things, says that there may be further freezing at this time of year. But, unless that freeze is extreme, ice levels are unlikely to get back to where they were in February.

This Futuristic Water Bottle Is an Edible, Gelatinous Blob (jdargis)

Preparing these things at home also has a climate benefit, as it doesn't involve the fossil fuels and CO2 emissions of the bottle-manufacturing process. So there you have it: If you don't mind looking like a sea turtle feasting on jellyfish, grab your alginate and calcium salts and whip up a batch of quivering, thirst-quenching orbs today.

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