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Daily Digest 3/17 - U.S. Oil Prices Fall to Six-Year Low, The Undebtors

Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 9:37 AM


"Colossal Defeat" For Obama As Australia Joins China's Regional Bank (pinecarr)

The Obama administration didn’t want Australia to sign up for the China-led AIIB. The Abbott government rightly feels that it owes Obama nothing.

The Undebtors: Sworn Enemies of the Vampires of Debt (Nate)

Those who refuse debt, regardless of the sacrifice, are starving the parasitic, exploitive machine; those with debt are feeding it.

CSIS helped government prepare for expected Northern Gateway protests (westcoastjan)

Traditional aboriginal and treaty rights issues, including land use, persist across Canada, Venner said in the memo to CSIS director Michel Coulombe in advance of a June 9 meeting of deputy ministers.

"Discontent related to natural resource development across Canada is largely an extension of traditional concerns," he wrote.

Tax Cuts Still Don’t Pay for Themselves (jdargis)

In principle, dynamic scoring is fine. Tax policy really does affect the economy, and the right tax policies can produce economic growth that increases the amount of taxable income. But as the Tax Foundation report shows, dynamic scoring can be misused: You can get essentially any answer you want out of a dynamic tax model by changing the assumptions about economic behavior that you plug into it. If you turn the dials far enough, you’ll get a report that shows a tax cut will pay for itself, even if it won’t.

The Rollercoaster Ride of the Nasdaq: Big Drop Ahead? (Tyler K.)

You can probably guess what my answer to that question would be, but the truth is, no, they’re not. They may be wrong, but they’re not crazy. And as much as I want to reach through the computer or television screen and smack whoever keeps spouting this nonsense, they have good reason to think it.

The fact is, most bubbles occur when everyone that witnessed the last great bubble, like 1925–1929, are dead. These sort of bubbles don’t typically happen this close to one another.

After Ebola, measles may follow (jdargis)

Historically, it is not uncommon for a measles epidemic to follow a humanitarian crisis. Measles is a highly transmissible infection, and its vaccination rates tend to be low. Once measles is introduced to a population, it can spread very quickly. This was recently seen in the US measles outbreak, which was likely instigated by a single infected traveler visiting a Disney amusement park in California. Due to the breakdown in health care systems that occurs during crisis, a post-crisis population is particularly vulnerable to measles. And historically, measles outbreaks have occurred after wars, natural disasters, and political crises.

Fears of Violence Against Western Oil Workers In Saudi Arabia (James S.)

U.S. international security officials said Washington’s embassy in Riyadh has suspended all consular services in three major Saudi cities because of concerns that an unnamed “terrorist organization” may be intent on violence against Western oil workers in the country.

U.S. Oil Prices Fall to Six-Year Low (jdargis)

In the view of market participants, OPEC’s role as the swing producer has moved to the United States and, in particular, to the producers of oil from shale rock. These companies have helped increase American production by more than four million barrels a day since 2009, far more than the combined increases in the rest of the world.

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