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Daily Digest 3/12 - From Yellen Put To Yellen Massacre, Turning Data Into Powerful Visualizations of Detroit

Thursday, March 12, 2015, 10:07 AM


It’s Nato that’s empire-building, not Putin (cmartenson)

There is no obvious need for an adversarial system in post-Soviet Europe. Even if Russia wanted to reconquer its lost empire, as some believe (a belief for which there is no serious evidence), it is too weak and too poor to do this. So why not invite Russia to join the great western alliances? Alas, it is obvious to everyone, but never stated, that Russia cannot ever join either Nato or the EU, for if it did so it would unbalance them both by its sheer size. There are many possible ways of dealing with this. One would be an adult recognition of the limits of human power, combined with an understanding of Russia’s repeated experience of invasions and its lack of defensible borders.

The blistering pace of dollar’s rally is rattling markets (cmartenson)

The long-term correlation between the direction of the dollar and the S&P 500 is near zero, analysts note. But there have been periods when the dollar and stocks marched either in lock step or in opposite directions for significant periods.

In the end, it all seems to come down to context. If the dollar rises because investors are confident about the future of the economy, then stocks can rise, too, as was the case in the late 1990s.

Maguire says HSBC will close London vaults; Celente asks where GLD metal goes (pinecarr)

In his interview today with King World News, London metals trader Andrew Maguire adds that bullion banker HSBC is closing all seven of its gold vaults in London...

Alasdair Macleod – The New London Gold Fix – HSBC Gold Vaults – RMB New Choice (pinecarr)

When you visit with Alasdair Macleod from GoldMoney.com and FinanceandEconomics.org, you should be prepared for a lesson in global economics. Our visit started with the very explosive new London Gold fix and discuss the implications of how this will effect, not only traders, but the retailer buyers as well.

David Morgan: Latest on Silver & Why ‘We’re Living in a Rigged Game’ (Herman J.)

On the gold-silver price ratio, David says it’s “very favorable to silver because the ratio is over 70.” He notes that any time the ratio is over that benchmark, “you really should focus more on silver.”

“We’re living in a rigged game. The metals are just one part of all the markets.”

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - The Gathering Storm (pinecarr)

But those histories are gone. They can be read no more forever. They were a fortress of strength; but, what invading foeman could never do, the silent artillery of time has done; the leveling of its walls. They are gone. They were a forest of giant oaks; but the all-resistless hurricane has swept over them, and left only, here and there, a lonely trunk, despoiled of its verdure, shorn of its foliage; unshading and unshaded, to murmur in a few gentle breezes, and to combat with its mutilated limbs, a few more ruder storms, then to sink, and be no more.

From Yellen Put To Yellen Massacre (pinecarr)

The Fed is forced to finally start the Rate Hiking Cycle after 7 plus years of Recession era Fed policies by an overheating labor market. You knew this day was going to come, but most of you are still in denial. What the heck were you buying 10-year bonds with a 1.6% yield five months before a rate hike?? You only have yourself to blame for the 65 basis point backup in yields on that disaster of an “Investment”.

Turning Data Into Powerful Visualizations of Detroit (jdargis)

Evans knew this was a powerful visualization when he took the map to the county treasurer, who had his own “holy shit” moment seeing the data. Mike asks, “What does it mean when the county treasurer doesn’t know this? What does this mean for a homeowner who’s far more removed from this information?”

Nicaragua On Course To Become Renewable Powerhouse (Evan K.)

Nicaragua’s concerted effort to develop renewable energy is beginning to pay off, with three-quarters of gross domestic primary energy supply and half its electric power now generated from renewable sources even though it has barely begun to tap its potential for hydro, wind, solar and geothermal energy. “Nicaragua’s renewable energy sector has a bright future, both for utility-scale and small-scale projects, due to the country’s largely untapped renewable resources,” the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) said in a report published in January.

Energy Efficiency of different modes of transportation (Wendy SD)

I was once told by a transportation planner that "nobody cares about energy efficiency". Well, I always have. For a variety of reasons, I believe we should be rapidly moving towards more efficient transportation systems as soon as possible. Or, if possible, use human power or eliminate the need for urban transportation altogether, by reintegrating work, shopping and residential uses.

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Why fluoride became so widely used

Sugar industry wanted to reduce children's cavities without decreasing their sugar consumption: http://www.salon.com/2015/03/11/big_sugars_deceitful_past_how_industry_s...

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Imagine how healthy our kids would be without fluoride OR sugar?

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fascinating guy, warren pollock.

seen here interviewed by greg hunter, 34 minutes:

Warren Pollock-War Is the Greatest Expression of Failure There Can Be

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Making rail commutes efficient

Interesting article on rail efficiency. Trains are more efficient, but only if the trains are full. Now if we could only get everyone to arrive at the train station at the same time. Perhaps in the future we will have computer programs where people request train service and the range of times that will suit them. The train scheduling software then picks a time that will suit most people, and the service then runs that one train with pre-purchased tickets for most seats, rather than one train every half hour.

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