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Daily Digest 2/27 - U.S. Economic Growth Revised Downward, Living Off The Grid In Canada

Friday, February 27, 2015, 11:17 AM


Germany's politicians at odds over vote on Greece bailout extension (jdargis)

The budgetary spokesman for the CDU, Eckhardt Rehberg, said on Wednesday that he expected the package to pass with a "large majority" from his party and parliament in general. Asked whether his party would approve the move, the Social Democrats' Johannes Kars said "at the moment it looks that way." The grand coalition of Christian and Social Democrats holds a five-sixths majority in the Bundestag.

Guillermo Barba: Gold & Silver in South America, Backwardation and Currency Wars (Jon D.)

Guillermo Barba is a Mexican economist follower of the New Austrian School of Economics. As a journalist, he is the author of the Global Financial Intelligence blog. He is a gold and silver markets analyst, financial commentator on Channel 40 TV, writer on El Financiero and blogger on Forbes Mexico.

Talking to Millennial Homeowners Who Just Bought Their First Home (jdargis)

We are both savers who have always lived below our means. So we both have been saving for many years and are both fortunate to not have student loan or other debts. We didn’t do extra saving specifically for a house, but rather just realized that we’ve got the money now to move forward with a purchase.

U.S. Economic Growth at Year’s End Revised Downward (jdargis)

Another factor was weaker inventory increases, as businesses set aside fewer goods on shelves and in warehouses than first assumed. Inventory changes are notoriously hard to predict for economists, but one bright spot of a smaller gain in the last quarter is that businesses may stockpile more in the current quarter, lifting growth in 2015.

Indeed, most economists do expect the pace of economic activity to pick up in the first quarter of 2015, with an average estimate of 2.5 percent growth for the period.

Future batteries need to triple capacity, cut price by 67% (jdargis)

At this point, a bit of help came in the form of a lab down the hall, which was working on self-healing polymers. These materials rearrange hydrogen bond networks over time, potentially restoring breaks. Cui's group coated amorphous silicon beads with this polymer mixed with conducting carbon to move charges in and out. If the coating breaks badly during a charge-discharge cycle, the polymer will gradually heal over the ruptures. "While you're sleeping, your battery can self-heal," Cui said.

Cui's formed a company that's commercializing his group's advances; right now, it has a 270 W-hr/kg battery on the market, and there is a 360 W-hr/kg version working in the lab. But he neglected to tell the audience which of the above technologies (if any) these batteries relied on.

Chevron to divest Romania shale licences, quit Europe exploration (Thetallestmanonearth)

“This is a business decision which is a result of Chevron's overall assessment that this project in Romania does not currently compete favourably with other investment opportunities in our global portfolio,” the spokesman added.

The move leaves Chevron as the latest firm to abandon once-promising assets in eastern Europe, following Eni, Talisman Energy, ExxonMobil and Marathon Oil’s decisions to quit exploration in Poland.

How Much Crude Oil Do You Consume On A Daily Basis? (Evan K.)

If you’re in the United States, that figure is approximately 2.5 gallons of crude oil per day; roughly one barrel every seventeen days; or nearly 22 barrels per year. That’s just your share of US total consumption of course; the true number is harder to discern – minus industrial and non-residential uses, daily consumption drops to about 1.5 gallons per person per day.

Mini-Documentary about Canadian Island that is Entirely Off the Grid (Wendy SD)

The island, called Lasqueti, is home to over 400 people living in everything from yurts to earthships. Watch the video and think about what your life would be like living in an off the grid community.

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Did I Miss The Discussion?

A major land-mark decision in our lifetime and I don't see any discussion on the issue here. The FCC has just taken over control of the net with "Net Neutrality". It sounds benign enough but so did the Federal Reserve. The first of many steps has been taken and few have noticed.  What could be in store for a government controlled Internet?  Hmmmm maybe mandatory reporting, kill switches, black listed topics?  But then Granny only has a high school education so some of you with advanced degrees could enlighten those of us who see this as a big deal. Please, I would love to know.

AK GrannyWGrit

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Arthur Robey
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The Ukraine in Sand.

My Russian family shared this with me.

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Ak, FCC, Comcast, or Verizon...

Does it matter which devil you pick?

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Arthur, I've never seen anything like that before.

Very powerful. 

Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Net Neutrallity (fatalism)

I saved my letter writing, phone calls, and petition writing for those who are the proper recipients. Not that it mattered. This monstrously large bill was yet another example of "you have to pass the bill to see what's in the bill" - with no comment period. God only knows what special interests have hidden behind its nice-sounding facade.

In my opinion, Net Neutrality passing means that the US of A has basically nationalized its internet, and left the barn doors wide open for politics and bureaucrats to find ways to milk it, resulting in higher fees. It was marketed to the gullible as a way to strike back at big businesses. Ha. What a laugh.

Mark my words: prices for connectivity will go UP, and bandwidth will decrease.

So. Alternatives. Have you ever heard of a Mesh Network? Self-healing. Almost impossible to shut down, except by jamming. The 3rd world uses them.

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