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Daily Digest 2/17 - The Butlerian Carnival, Living A Zero Waste Life

Tuesday, February 17, 2015, 10:43 AM


Russia shrugs off US envoy’s ‘evidence’ of Russian troops in Ukraine (lambertad)

On Saturday, the US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, posted on Twitter what he says are satellite photos proving there are Russian artillery systems stationed near the town of Lomuvatka, about 20 kilometers northeast of Debaltsevo. The images could not be immediately verified.

Under the tweet, he said: “We are confident these are Russia military, not separatist systems.” The photographs were commissioned by the private Digital Globe satellite company.

The Butlerian Carnival (Nate)

Despite that track record of unbroken failure, the EU—in particular, Germany, which has benefited handsomely from the gutting of southern European economies—continues to insist that Greece must accept what amounts to a perpetual state of debt peonage. The Greek defense minister noted in response in a recent speech that if Europe isn’t willing to cut a deal, other nations might well do so. He’s quite correct; it’s probably a safe bet that cold-eyed men in Moscow and Beijing are busy right now figuring out how best to step through the window of opportunity the EU is flinging open for them. If they do so—well, I’ll leave it to my readers to consider how the US is likely to respond to the threat of Russian air and naval bases in Greece, which would be capable of projecting power anywhere in the eastern and central Mediterranean basin. Here again, war is a likely outcome; I hope that the Greek government is braced for an attempt at regime change.

Ted Butler: A remarkable proposition (Taki T.)

While Prof Scopino is referring to HFT only, I hope you recognize that “no competition, domination, monopoly and dictating prices” are words frequently used by me to describe the control of the 8 big short traders in COMEX silver. This definition clearly states that price manipulation first revolves around the factual question of whether the domination or monopoly exists, followed by the willful and successful exercise of that domination.

Inequality Has Actually Not Risen Since the Financial Crisis (jdargis)

The existing safety net of jobless benefits, food stamps and the like cushioned the blow of the so-called Great Recession. So did the stimulus bill that President Obama signed in 2009 and some smaller bills passed afterward. “Not only were low-income people protected – middle-income and some higher income-households had much lower losses because of these public policies,” Mr. Rose said. “For those who think government programs never work, maybe they need to think again.”

State of emergency declared in West Virginia after train derails, explodes (jdargis)

"We expect that approximately 2,000 customers in the Montgomery area will lose their water service within a few hours if the plant remains shut down," the company said on Facebook.

The plant will not be reopened until it is confirmed the water is safe, it said.

Oil Price Crash – What Next? (Evan K.)

In the fast moving oil market much of the fundamental data only becomes available for general consumption at least one month in arrears. But EIA oil price data and Baker Hughes rig counts are available weekly and with much action going on it is worthwhile updating. The price plunge seems to have reversed, at least for the time being (more on that below). But the most stunning data is the free fall in US oil drilling rigs shown in Figure 1, down 553 (34%) from the October top. The IEA also published their Oil Market Report early this month, on 10th February, reporting oil supplies were down 235,000 bpd in January, mainly in OPEC countries Iraq and Libya. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. Here is the summary from the January OMR published on 10th February. Subscribers to the OMR already have the full data which may in part underpin the current rally.

The Holdouts (jdargis)

But across the shale plays—primarily the Barnett in the north and the Eagle Ford in the south—there are some who reject the landmen’s offers. Known in the industry as “holdouts,” these mineral rights owners dare to challenge Big Oil in Texas. It’s a kind of principled madness that often baffles neighbors, family members and the industry itself. Unlike many fracking foes, the holdouts stand to benefit personally from oil and gas drilling. Yet they risk much more than money fighting to keep the fossil fuels in the ground. Some lose their health, their homes and their faith in the government as an arbiter of competing rights. Rarely are they able to stop the companies from drilling. For this uncommon breed, no amount of money can buy peace of mind.

NYC Girl Lives A Zero Waste Life. And It Is Simply Incredible.
(Wendy SD)

Meet Lauren Singer, the 23-year-old girl who lives a zero waste lifestyle in New York and makes her everyday products organically. She is a Zero Waste blogger at Trash is for Tossers and founder of The Simply Co. In 2012, she decided to go plastic free, and in the past two years, the amount of trash that she has produced can fit inside a 16oz mason jar.

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US to Give Some Syria Rebels Ability to Call In B-1B Airstrikes

WASHINGTON—The U.S. has decided to provide pickup trucks equipped with mounted machine guns and radios for calling in U.S. airstrikes to some moderate Syrian rebels, seeking to replicate the success Kurdish forces, aided by American B-1B bombers, had over Islamic State last month.

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Of Note.


I saw this principle tried many years ago using a long insulated fence wire on a windy hill crest.  I cannot remember if it was fed with water or if it relied on the collection of dew. One would not preclude the other.

In another story, There are now more motor car charging stations than there are petrol (gas) stations.

Nicotine is bee medicine.

And for the petrol heads out there, South Australia is contemplating legislation to allow for driverless cars.

And in a splendid example of short term thinking the USA is going to permit the export of armed drones (Ukraine?)

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