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Daily Digest 2/9 - Victims Of The Oil Price Plunge, Polluted Air Leads To Disease

Monday, February 9, 2015, 10:32 AM


Historically speaking, Germany a bigger deadbeat than Greece (westcoastjan)

Mirroring the Greeks' current sentiments regarding debt repayment and forced austerity, Germans after WWI saw the reparations as a national humiliation and rejected the validity of that Versailles Treaty.

They did pay, though. But they made their payment by printing ever more money, which led to the kind of hyperinflation where money was carried around in suitcases.

All Grexit needs is a few more disastrous weeks like this (jdargis)

Greece and its European creditors only have a few days left to decide how the country can get through the next four months. European finance ministers have to agree a compromise at a meeting on Wednesday if the funds to cover the government’s spending commitments are to be in place by March. And only when that happens will Athens and its creditors begin to talk about the really important stuff — like the future of the Greek economy.

The World's Best Known Global Shipping Index has Crashed To Its Lowest Level Ever (pinecarr)

Having fallen for 47 of the last 51 days, The Baltic Dry Index (tracking the cost of shipping dry bulk from iron ore to grains) has been collapsing in a well-documented manner by Zero Hedge (though not the mainstream media). With Cramer having told investors of its importance previously, it will be hard to ignore the fact that, as of this morning, the index of global shipping costs has never (ever) been lower at 554. We leave it to readers to decide what they think this means (but we already know what it means for shippers and ship-building companies).

Everybody is Trying to Postpone the Inevitable: Axel Merk (pinecarr)

Merk, who manages around $400 million in assets, goes on to say, “I am very concerned about bonds and equities, both of them at the same time. Now, clearly when you print enough money, bonds and equities go up, but the problem is everything goes up in tandem. People need to look at alternatives. The easiest one is gold, but gold is not risk free."

Stream of Foreign Wealth Flows to Elite New York Real Estate (lesphelps)

Vast sums are flowing unchecked around the world as never before — whether motivated by corruption, tax avoidance or investment strategy, and enabled by an ever-more-borderless economy and a proliferation of ways to move and hide assets.

Another 5,000 Victims Of The Plunge In Oil Prices (Evan K.)

Yet another energy company is struggling to save money in the face of unexpectedly low oil prices. Weatherford International, one of the world’s largest oilfield services company, will cut 9 percent of its global workforce in the next two months to save more than $350 million a year. The vast majority of the layoffs – 85 percent, or 4,250 workers – will be felt in the United States and Western Europe.

Polluted air leads to disease by promoting widespread inflammation (Chris M.)

"Our main hypothesis is that particulate matter stimulates inflammation in the lung, and products of that inflammation spill over into the body's circulation, traveling to fat tissue to promote inflammation and causing vascular dysfunction," said Sanjay Rajagopalan, professor of cardiovascular medicine at Ohio State and senior author of the study. "We haven't identified the entire mechanism, but we have evidence now that activation of TLR4 influences this response."

Air pollution actually messes with your genes (Chris M.)

The factors that determine how your genome is actually translated into your flesh-and-blood are together known as your “epigenome.” Scientists are just beginning to realize how much of our biology is determined by changes in our epigenetics — we may even inherit some epigenetic qualities from our parents, along with the genetic basics like eye color and that funny-shaped nose. Over the past few years, studies have looked at the epigenetic effects of diet, of chronic stress, of sleep, and found again and again that our genes are not destiny; our environment still has a remarkable power to change us at a fundamental level.

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Not much snow this year so far (PNW)

Winter snowpack is just 39% of normal

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location, location, location...

Boston just had another 20 inches, on top of the 41 inches they had last week


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Plenty of snow this year (NE:)!


"Update: Winter storm warning issued in CNY Sunday-Tuesday; 8 to 14 inches of snow expected"


Syracuse, N.Y. -- The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning from Sunday afternoon until Tuesday morning for all of Central New York.

The warning is in effect from noon Sunday to 7 a.m. Tuesday.

The weather service said 8 to 14 inches of snow is expected to fall from Sunday morning to daybreak Tuesday.


"New England Feeling Under the Weather After Record Snowfall",  http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/england-parts-york-ready-big-storm-28824522

More than 2 feet of fresh snow piled up in parts of New England on Monday, breaking records set during the Blizzard of 1978 and testing the patience of officials and commuters as forecasters warned of more winter misery later in the week.

T2H, I had to respond (in fun) after shoveling snow out of my driveway this morning for the 3rd time in two days!!  After shoveling twice yesterday, we got close to another foot last night!  ...And it is still coming down!  My son (and every other school kid in the surrounding area) had no complaints, tho', as they got a "snow day" off from school.

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