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Daily Digest 2/7 - The Cost Of A Flexible Job, Where Are Oil Prices Headed?

Saturday, February 7, 2015, 6:41 AM


Why There's No Political Fix (thc0655)

The hard truth is that when a country borrows too much money the existing tools of both left and right stop working. There is no policy mix that allows a system based on fiat currency and fractional reserve banking to survive long-term. So today’s amusing political theater is not the same thing as positive change. That comes — if it does come — only after the current system dissolves.

At some start-ups, Friday is so casual that it’s not even a workday (jdargis)

Carson, whose company offers online courses in computer coding, is one of a handful of tech entrepreneurs who are seeking to disrupt not only existing markets but also the grueling tech start-up culture that, since the dot-com boom, has been wedded to the idea that toiling faster and longer is the only way to hit it big.

The Hidden Cost Of A Flexible Job (jdargis)

Women with children may be the most likely to take advantage of an employer's flexibility, and thus may experience the stigma most often, but Williams says that it hurts everybody—"everybody who is not a breadwinner married to a homemaker," because those lucky few are the only people who can realistically comply with "the norm of work devotion." Men, women, those with kids, those without—everyone who deviates from the "ideal-worker norm" will need to demonstrate their devotion in other ways. "It's equal-opportunity misery," says Williams.

Fears for U.S. economy as shale industry goes into hibernation (Michael W.)

The profitability of onshore US wells varies considerably, with some only turning a profit when oil price is as high as $90 while others can make money at $30. IHS says nearly 30% of new wells started in 2014 can break even at $81 a barrel. By comparison, Morgan Stanley says some Middle Eastern onshore production is profitable at $10 per barrel.

Lawmakers want US Congress to be able to (finally) deliberate online (jdargis)

The bill as currently written notes that “there are recent advances in technology that would make a virtual Congress possible, such as: electronic voting, video conferencing, secure telephones and Internet connections, and biometric cyber security.”

The proposal is not without precedent. For 15 years, the Estonian parliament has allowed its cabinet-level ministers to vote on proposed measures online, using their chip-enabled national ID cards in its “e-Cabinet” system.

Shivering, Hungry and Tearful in Rebel-Held Eastern Ukraine (jdargis)

On Friday, Ukrainian government forces and the Russian-backed separatists they are fighting in eastern Ukraine arranged a truce to allow civilians to evacuate the disputed town of Debaltseve, apparently averting a humanitarian catastrophe there. Amid a flurry of diplomatic activity on the global stage, the leaders of Germany and France traveled to Moscow to press President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia on a deal to end the war.

ISIS And The Logic Of Shock (jdargis)

The combating of terrorism is not helped by bombastic speeches at high levels, stressing what a monstrous evil terrorism is and that its elimination is to be given the highest priority. I’m afraid that the most likely terrorist reaction to such a speech, whether it comes from a President, a Secretary of State, or other important official, is: “You see, they have to pay attention to us now. We are hurting them. Let’s give them more of the same.” And it all helps with recruitment. A movement that is denounced by a President is in the big time. And some kind of big time is what is most wanted by the aggressive and frustrated, who constitute the pool on which terrorist movements can draw.

These Experts Know Exactly Where Oil Prices Are Headed (jdargis)

What’s an investor to think? In 2015, the average price is likely to be anywhere from $35 to $80, according to a Bloomberg Intelligence survey of 86 investment specialists. That’s a pretty big range.

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Record broken: Most expensive painting now ~$300 million

It seems that the government of Qatar is continuing to acquire famous paintings.  Gauguin's work just sold for approx. $300 million (197 million GBP)  Too bad for the museum in Basel, Switzerland, where the painting had been on loan for the last 60 years.

Paul Gauguin's When Will You Marry? Becomes the Most Expensive Artwork Ever

It looks like it will make a stop in Madrid and New York before going to the new owner, which is believed to be the gov't/royal family of Qatar, in January of 2016.

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Maserati's are moving well, too

See, the economy is doing very nicely.

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most expensive painitng

Wow Hugh, just - wow.

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