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Daily Digest 2/4 - The Legacy Of Debt, Venezuela Bond Wager Threatening Retirement Dreams

Wednesday, February 4, 2015, 10:26 AM


The Legacy of Debt: Interest Costs Poised to Surpass Defense and Nondefense Discretionary Spending

Currently, the government’s interest costs are around $200 billion a year, a sum that’s low due to the era of low interest rates. Forecasters at the White House and Congressional Budget Office believe interest rates will gradually rise, and when that happens, the interest costs of the U.S. government are set to soar, from just over $200 billion to nearly $800 billion a year by decade’s end.

Fed should restart bond buys if inflation lags: Kocherlakota

The Federal Reserve should consider restarting its controversial bond-buying stimulus program if inflation does not return to 2 percent rapidly enough, a top Fed official said on Tuesday.

Venezuela Begins 'Occupation' of Private Supermarket Chain

National guardsmen and state price adjusters are fanning out across Venezuela, implementing a military-style "occupation" with an unusual goal: Making sure shoppers can buy enough sugar.

The South American government is temporarily taking over the Dia a Dia supermarket chain as part of a crackdown on private businesses it blames for worsening shortages and long lines.

Venezuela Bond Wager Threatening Retirement Dreams: Andes Credit

Like others in Venezuela’s $94 billion bond market, Ross is learning that the nation’s crude reserves don’t mean much when oil is in a freefall and the South American country is quickly running out of money. His story is also emblematic of how investors, big and small, became so captivated by Venezuela’s outsized returns year after year that they never imagined that it could all go awry.

Seven charts showing why Venezuela's economy is a basket case

Venezuela's economy is set to shrink by 7pc in 2015, according to the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) latest figures from last month. The country, which used to be hailed as a 'socialist paradise', will see its economy crumble further as oil prices continue to slide.

Heroin, pensions, marijuana among issues to be taken up by Ky. lawmakers in 2015 session

Another issue, is the public pension system. It's under-funded by billions of dollars. House Speaker Greg Stumbo has proposed borrowing more than $3 billion to help shore up the system.

Brazil faces recession, Rousseff under pressure as drought drags on

Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city, has nearly run out of water and the whole country faces power rationing as the worst drought in more than 80 years dries up hydroelectric reservoirs.

The water and energy shortages are hitting just as the government moves to cut spending and raise taxes to restore business confidence shaken by her interventionist policies and revelations of a massive kickback scheme at Petrobras.

CA officials allowed fracking to taint drinking water amid record drought

State regulators permitted companies to drill hundreds of waste-disposal wells into aquifers that store water for drinking or irrigation, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Companies injected a blend of briny water, hydrocarbons and trace chemicals.

Most of the wells are located in the state’s Central Valley, where residents are pumping so much groundwater to cope with the historic drought that the land has started to sink.

Greece may be ‘weeks’ away from running out of money

Investors on Tuesday cheered signs of progress toward resolving the new Greek government’s debt standoff with its eurozone partners, but it’s worth keeping in mind — as the table above illustrates — that there’s not a lot of time to spare.

Central Banks in India and Australia Take Steps to Lift Growth

Two more central banks joined on Tuesday the growing international trend toward monetary stimulus as an antidote for weak global demand, as India reduced the reserves that commercial banks must hold while Australia cut its benchmark interest rate to a low.

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Aaron Russo interview

The late Aaron Russo was a movie producer that has now passed away.  He gave a famous interview with Alex Jones about a year before his death after he knew of his cancer diagnosis.  It is very worth hearing.  He was recruited by the Rockefellar family and had a chance to talk with then.  He conveys the vision of the future that the elites are moving us towards.

Most of the content of this 12 minute interview will not be new.  Most valuable to me is that it shows the moral developmental level that the elites are coming from. 

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re: The late Aaron Russo

I see a lot of this type of recording, but I never see proof.  There's a lot that makes sense about what he has to say, but the claims are too important to accept at face value without evidence. I sure wish someone would think to record one of these meetings.

On the "they want to chip everyone" argument.  That was essentially  accomplished by making sure we all have cell phones.  Edward Snowden provided the evidence we need to confirm that.

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on the legacy of debt and interest costs

the money the government pays out in interest does not go down a black hole...it enriches the bondholdes, who are just as likely to recycle it as any other money that's circulating in the economy....all money is loaned into existence, so expanding debt by either the government or the private sector are absolutely necessary for economic growth...any attempt by the government to pay down the debt will result in a depression, just as it did the previous six times in our history that the government ran large surpluses...


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The reality of Aarons interview came into sight last week!


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EU Kimono.

Could this be the moment when we see what is behind the EU Kimono?

I am a-dither and agog.

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EU Kimono

Hopefully it's not Draghi's, well, you know...ick.

P.S. - The Baltic Dry hits a 29 year low.

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The plan is obvious

If course they want to micro-chip us, listen to Edwin Black he explains the concept beautifully.

AK GrannyWGrit

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More proof is always good....



I most certainly understand the desire for “conclusive proof” on an issue of such importance such as the vision of global conquest Aaron Russo attributes to Nick Rockefeller's family.  Philosophically speaking, the unwillingness to change without proof gives cognitive models stability, while the ability to explore the unproven (like a game) gives them adaptability.  Internally each of us balances these tendencies constantly as we struggle with whether to "believe in" things:  peak oil, climate change, impending collapse, etc.

This is why the video of World Trade Center 7 collapse is such a gift.  We are able to watch the first and only building in history, made of steel and cement, “collapse due to a fire” and do so in a way that absolutely classic for an implosion demolition.  Right in front of our eyes.  On video.  Over and over.  We get to ask ourselves:  am I willing to accept the story that this is a destruction by fire?  This is about as close as you can get to "proof," IMHO.


Or we can go at establishing (comparative) certainty more gradually, like the jury at a murder trial patiently listening while the prosecutor lays out stacks of circumstantial evidence, none of which is in itself proof, but which, when taken together convinces.  David Ray Griffin does just this in The New Pearl Harbor.

An example:  We can hear the explanation of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth deconstruct the official “pile driver theory” of the collapse of the twin towers.  The “pile driver explanation” is that the weight of the falling upper section of the building crushes the building below it. 

Figure:  The official "pile driver" explanation for the twin towers collapse

But when examined more closely, this does not explain what we see on video.  It is an explanation based on momentum that violates the principle of conservation of momentum. It also violates the Newton’s 3rd law --for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  The upper section of the building, made of the same material as the lower section, should first, slow with the impact, and second, be destroyed also.  A couple of the architects and engineers for 9/11 Truth demonstrate this in this 6 minute video with falling cinderblocks:

Or we can see the demolition wave of explosions firing sequentially in the collapsing towers pointed out to us at the 53-minute mark of Anatomy of a Great Deception.  The demolition wave is hidden beneath the falling canopy in most camera angles, but is shown here. It is timed to simulate a gravitational collapse, but occurs far more rapidly than would be possible by gravity.  Again:  the rate of collapse approximating free-fall argues that gravitational potential energy is not being consumed crushing the structure beneath.

Or we can see multi-ton steel assemblies thrown from the twin towers laterally and upwardly, at the 53-55 minute marks.

Can anyone find any examples of building collapses even remotely like those of the twin towers anywhere in history?  I can’t.  And yet this novel building destruction pattern happened identically, TWICE in one day.  And on the same day that the first and only in history steel frame high-rise "collapsed due to fire" just 300 yards away.  This represents a most remarkable conjunction of coincidences.

Or we can see the crash site of flight 93 in Shanksville, PA and notice no visible evidence of an airplane. 

We are told that the plane’s black box was recovered by digging 26 feet underground after the Earth had swallowed up the plane.  But incredibly, despite no visible human bodies (or plane parts, suitcases, jet engines, tail sections, or really anything that looks like a plane crash at all), human tissue recovered from the crash site was able to identify a majority of those on board the aircraft by DNA analysis! 

Once I became absolute certain that we are being deceived and that there are forces at work behind the scenes, a verbal report like Aaron Russo’s interview is not much of a stretch.  It actually helps to tie together many other separate threads.

But that is just my take.  What do each of you think? 

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