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Daily Digest 2/1 - The Johnny Appleseed of Pickling, The End Of Privacy

Sunday, February 1, 2015, 12:27 PM


As Ebola Ebbs in Africa, Focus Turns From Death to Life (jdargis)

New Ebola cases in Liberia, where streets were littered with the dead just a few months ago, now number in the single digits, according to the World Health Organization. In neighboring Sierra Leone and Guinea, the other two nations in the Ebola hot zone, new cases have fallen sharply in the last month, dropping to fewer than 100 in a week at the end of January — a level not seen in the region since June.

The end of privacy (Mark U.)

[In 2013] "it was possible to identify a man based on a partial DNA sequence of his Y chromosome, his age, and his U.S. state of residence—the type of basic information that researchers commonly post in DNA databases widely accessible to their community. By combining these snippets of information with what he found for others in the same family on popular genealogy databases—where more than 100,000 people have already posted DNA markers—Erlich could not only identify the donors of the DNA, but also their family members as far as second cousins once removed. 'I don't even know my second cousins,' he says."

White Plastic Chairs Are Taking Over the World (jdargis)

Humans are separated by our various contexts: wealth, age, race, gender, geography, religion, sexual orientation, height, weight, etc. Manmade objects almost always follow those divides—certain people own certain things, certain possessions signify wealth or poverty or some subcultural cache. Yet the monobloc stands alone, as a singular object, unrelated to its surroundings, and yet distinctly unavoidable and non-biodegradable; perhaps immortal.

The Dangerous State of Americans’ Savings (jdargis)

The position of lower-income households is particularly precarious, the report found, with less than two weeks’ income available in their savings and checking accounts and cash on hand. Such families generally have less access to credit than higher earners, so have fewer options during a financial crisis.

Chevron Responds To Eight Week Drop In Rig Count By Slashing Jobs (Doug A.)

For the 8th week in a row (something that hasn't happened since June 2009), US total rig count plunged. This week's 90 rig drop to 1543 is the largest so far (with oil rigs down 94 to 1223 - lowest since Jan 2013). The total rig count is now down 20% in the last 8 weeks to the lowest since June 2010 as it tracks the 4-month lagged oil price perfectly. This is the 2nd biggest 8-week drop in 22 years. This - rather unsurprisingly - has led Chevron to decide to cut 23% of its Pennsylvania workforce "due to activity levels." Not 'unambiguously positive' as so many in the central planning bureaus would have everyone believe.

US Production and Imports, and a Guest Essay (Doug A.)

This chart shows net crude oil and petroleum products imports. Net imports peaked in 2006 and started to fall in earnest in 2008. They continued to fall until 2010 when the three month average increased sharply and the annual average leveled out for about a year. Then as the Light Tight Oil revolution got underway in 2011, net imports started to fall again.

Climate Change's Bottom Line (jdargis)

Mr. Page is a member of the Risky Business Project, an unusual collection of business and policy leaders determined to prepare American companies for climate change. It’s a prestigious club, counting a former senator, five former White House cabinet members, two former mayors and two billionaires in the group. The 10 men and women who serve on the governing committee don’t agree on much. Some are Democrats, some Republicans.

She’s the Johnny Appleseed of Pickling (Nervous Nelly)

A soft-spoken Texas native who refers to her cross-country travels as Fermentation on Wheels, Ms. Whitsitt has spent the past 18 months motoring around the United States in the bus, a former Michigan State Police vehicle outfitted with a kitchen and a wood stove and laden with five-gallon jugs of mint-lemon balm wine, jars of radish-turmeric sauerkraut and plenty of sourdough starter. Ms. Whitsitt earns a living largely by holding workshops in which she teaches old-fashioned methods of food preservation.

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point being

The passage I wanted to point out:



The extent of fracking is declining for economic reasons. However, the (sic) only because Richard Cheney, VP under President George W. Bush, pushed through laws in 2005 which exempted oil and gas production from these existing laws:

Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act,
National Environmental Policy Act, Resource Conservation and
Recovery Act, Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know
Act, the Superfund act, and from various toxic reporting requirements

(Source Exemptions for hydraulic fracturing under United States federal law

Without those exemptions, fracking would not have been possible.

Am I the only one completely unaware of the "Halliburton loophole"?  I guess I shouldn't be surprised since Dick Cheney was behind the whole thing, but it still shocks me that throwing the environment under the bus in such a flagrant way did not attract more public attention.  Well, with the current leadership in Congress, trashing the environment will be a national sport for the next few years unless the public develops a collective spine.  Oh well, its only the planet's future.




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Arthur Robey
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Merry Christmas Island, Doug.

Someone is taking over my keyboard. I write one word, and another is printed. I wrote "Merry" and the word "Obama" appeared.

Very interesting. 

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Environment under the bus


I have observed that when it comes to oil, the environment is frequently thrown under the bus as you say. 

For example, Obama just opened up the east coast to drilling which will require the intensive use of sonar and explosives to sonically map potential oil fields under the sea bed. Sonar and intensive sonic activity is associated with the loss of marine life, with marine mammal strandings, and is deadly to dolphins and whales nearby.

So our clean beaches, our productive fisheries and the few Right whales that remain are sacrificed for a few more barrels of oil.

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