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Daily Digest 1/13 - OK Oilworkers Brace For Crude Crash, The Achilles Heel Of The Global Status Quo

Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 11:01 AM


The Achilles Heel Of The Global Status Quo: Deflation (pinecarr)

Rather than being the Monster Under the Bed in central bank nightmares, deflation is the natural result of a competitive economy experiencing productivity gains.

That the global Status Quo is terrified of deflation is the background of every policy decision and official PR sound-bite. The reason behind this unremitting terror: deflation is the Achilles Heel of the global Status Quo. My colleague Gordon T. Long explains why in the latest of our video/slide programs.

The Supreme Court is considering a challenge to Colorado's TABOR law (Adrien G.)

At the heart of the case is an unusual legal question that is — depending on the observer — either a novel approach to the law or a "too cute" reading of the U.S. Constitution.

Plaintiffs in the anti-TABOR lawsuit, who include state Sen. Andy Kerr and House Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, have made the argument that the law robs state legislators and local government officials of their "authority to tax."

How To Play The Stock Market In 2015 (Tyler K.)

Turbulence — it’s what many investment strategists are calling for in 2015.

Simply put, the crosscurrents and trends that are overwhelming the outlook for 2015 are sure to act as air pockets for stocks this year.

Basically, you have three legitimate options to add some stability to your portfolio during the turbulent times ahead: You can increase your cash holdings, buy more gold and/or pile into Treasurys.

2014 Was The Best Year For Jobs Since 1999 (jdargis)

The U.S. economy added 252,000 jobs in December, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Friday. That’s the 11th month in a row that job growth topped 200,000, the first time that has happened since the mid-1990s. For the full year, employers added nearly 3 million jobs, making it the best year since 1999. And the unemployment rate dipped to 5.6 percent, the lowest it has been since June 2008.

G.M. Reboots Chevrolet Volt as Automakers Push Electric Cars (jdargis)

They joined a host of other automakers that have rolled out electric cars of their own in recent years. Ford has introduced an electrified version of its Ford Fusion, and brands like Fiat and BMW now produce small volumes of electric cars. In all, more than 20 models, either all-electric or the kind with gas backup engines, called plug-in hybrids, have hit the market.

The announcements by G.M. and Hyundai are the latest attempt to find the winning formula for electric cars as automakers feel increasing pressure to meet strict federal regulations for emissions and fuel economy.

Oil Prices Continue To Fall (jdargis)

“Those who are producing the most expensive oil, the rationale and the rules of the market say that they should be the first to pull or reduce their production,” said the minister, Suhail Al Mazrouei.

With OPEC out of the game, analysts say, market participants do not see any short-term way of balancing markets and, as a result, prices continue to fall.

The Simple Reason For The Oil Price Drop (Evan K.)

Don't worry. It's not complicated. I offer a simple explanation for the recent fall in oil prices in just two charts. Oil prices move up and down in response to changes in supply and demand. If the world consumes more oil than it produces, the price goes up. If more oil is produced than the world consumes, the price goes down. That's where we are right now. The world is producing more oil than it is consuming. The price of oil goes down. It's that simple.

'Kings When It's Good': Oklahoma Braces For Possible Crude Crash (jdargis)

Igo hasn't heard of any large-scale layoffs, but workers in Oklahoma's oil fields are anxiously waiting for layoffs, more bad news, or, hopefully, the price of oil to go back up.

"I mean, $40-a-barrel oil? It's going to shut everything. I mean, it's going to. They won't do it. It's going to catch up sooner or later. They will shut down," Igo says.

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Coming soon: The biggest wealth transfer in history

Coming soon: The biggest wealth transfer in history

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NSA using AI. (CAF)

And why we are being outclassed with respect to scenario building. They have got artificial intelligence that has trapdoors into every significant institution, and the information is being fed back to the beast.

This makes the Algos look like lego and Lemmings look like lice.

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