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Daily Digest 12/14 - Energy Bills Send Shivers in New England, The Health Benefits Of Going Outside

Sunday, December 14, 2014, 10:45 AM


Abe Appears to Win Landslide Victory in Parliamentary Elections (jdargis)

A smiling Mr. Abe appeared before television cameras at the Tokyo headquarters of his party, where he affixed red roses to the names of victorious Liberal Democratic candidates. Last month, Mr. Abe called the snap elections after growth data showed that Japan’s once-recovering economy had slipped back into recession.

Faced with few options, Japan gives Prime Minister Abe more time to fix the economy (jdargis)

Polls opened at 7 a.m. Sunday, but visitors to polling stations around the country reported only a trickle of people coming in to cast votes. The internal affairs ministry said that turnout was 29.11 percent by 4 p.m., almost six points lower than at the same time on Election Day 2012, a year when a record low for turnout was set.

The weather was cold in many parts of the country, including in Tokyo, which received its first snowfall of the season.

Even Before Long Winter Begins, Energy Bills Send Shivers in New England (jdargis)

For months, utility companies across New England have been warning customers to expect sharp price increases, for which the companies blame the continuing shortage of pipeline capacity to bring natural gas to the region.

Now that the higher bills are starting to arrive, many stunned customers are finding the sticker shock much worse than they imagined. Mr. York said he would have to reduce his hours, avoid hiring any new employees, cut other expenses and ultimately pass the cost on to his customers.

Climate Deal Would Commit Every Nation to Limiting Emissions (jdargis)

That basic structure represents a breakthrough in the impasse that has plagued the United Nations’ 20 years of efforts to create a serious global warming deal. Until now, negotiations had followed a divide put in place by the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which required developed countries to act but did not demand anything of developing nations, including China and India, two of the largest greenhouse gas polluters.

Fossil-Fuel Limits in All Nations Closer After UN Deal (jdargis)

Countries agreed on what information they’ll provide to back up the goals they’ll put on paper for reining in emissions. The biggest polluters have turned the work into a mostly voluntary system -- and some such as India may be allowed to keep levels rising.

“Although the EU wanted a more ambitious outcome from Lima, we beieve we are on track to agree a global deal in Paris next year,” said Miguel Arias Canete, the European Union’s climate and energy commissioner.

The Health Benefits of Going Outside (jdargis)

As people spend more time indoors, ecotherapy has emerged as a way to help rebuild our relationships with nature—and improve mental and physical health. James Hamblin visits San Francisco to learn more.

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Sandy Hook Story is Problematic

I haven't spent any effort to look into the inconsistencies in the stories of the Sandy Hook shootings.  But I have learned that things are staged to move public policy.  This documentary is slow going--about 2.5 hours long.  It does leave one with a sense that the story just doesn't add up.


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New Name for the Power Elite

Paul Krugman today refers to them as:   MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.  See Rickards spelling out who they are in a prior post. Maybe we should a survey of our group with all possible names and choose the best one for continued discussion?  Fun, no?

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Sterling Cornaby
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CNBC is down on the S&P?

So this is more about the messenger then the message: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102269174#.

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