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Daily Digest 12/4 - Major Deltas 'Could Be Drowned', Peak Natural Gas

Thursday, December 4, 2014, 10:35 AM


Citigroup Panicked Over Fraud at Chinese Ports: Mercuria (thc0655)

Citigroup argues that it effectively delivered the metal to Mercuria under the terms of a sale-and-repurchase agreement by handing over warehouse receipts. The bank says it is owed about $270 million. Mercuria, a Cyprus-based firm with major trading operations in Geneva, argues the products were never properly delivered.

“It appears that substantial quantities may be missing from the warehouses or may be the subject of multiple pledges,” Dunning said today.

Eurosystem Increasing Allocated Official Gold Reserves (thc0655)

Over at the site of the Bundesbank the same information is published from 18 of the 28 member states of the European Union that use the euro currency (The Eurosystem). The Bundesbank (BuBa) publishes the fine troy ounces of the official gold reserves of the Eurosystem in ‘Gold bullion’ and ‘Unallocated gold accounts’. If we add up both categories the outcome for all countries equals the Official Gold Reserves disclosed by the World Gold Council. Concluding ‘Gold bullion’ is allocated (and obviously unallocated is unallocated).

Gold Selling for at least 50% over Spot in Asia-Rob Kirby (pinecarr)

Kirby contends fraud is the only way to explain skyrocketing demand and plunging prices and says, “So, we’re all being treated to a colossal fraud, and the people perpetrating this fraud are the controllers of the western financial system and the people behind U.S. dollar hegemony. They are pulling a massive, massive fraud on humanity, and it’s not sustainable. It will ultimately break down.”

CDC: Flu shot less effective this year because current flu virus has mutated (jdargis)

While the vaccine is not as protective against a mutated strain, it can still decrease the severity of illness caused by the virus. It can also protect against other circulating strains of the virus, which is why the CDC still recommends getting vaccinated.

House on Brink of Spending Deal to Avoid Another Government Shutdown (jdargis)

Then they would approve a hybrid bill next week, when the government’s spending authority is set to expire. It would fund the bulk of the federal bureaucracy through the end of the current fiscal year next Sept. 30. But the Department of Homeland Security, which is responsible for carrying out the president’s action, would receive money only until early next year, when what will then be a Republican-controlled Congress would revisit the matter.

US natural gas production could peak in 2020 (jdargis)

There’s no question that shale gas production—enabled by hydraulic fracturing techniques—has boomed in the US with major effects on the energy industry. The price of natural gas fell and cleaner, more efficient gas-burning power plants have sprung up to usurp old coal plants. This has been seen as a long-term shift in the fossil fuel landscape, but it can’t last forever. The obvious question is just how much shale gas is down there to be had?

The Carlton Complex Fire: A Harvest of Ashes (jdargis)

At first no one else paid much attention to these new tongues of flame licking at the grass and sagebrush. Weather and topography aligned perfectly to make the Carlton Complex fires merge and explode. The canyon of the Methow River is oriented more or less on a northwest-southeast axis, and on the morning of Thursday, July 17, the wind started blowing hard from the northwest. Relative humidity was once again in the single digits, and by 10am the temperature was pushing 90. Thirty-two-mile-an-hour gusts funneled oxygen into the fires.

Major deltas 'could be drowned' (westcoastjan)

Dr Giosan and his colleagues used historical measurements of sediment deposits from delta-building rivers and compared them with the sediment needed to keep up with projected sea level rise in the 21st Century.

This suggested that most large and medium-sized deltas would lose the fight with the sea - unable to "trap sufficient sediment" to remain above sea level.

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Quercus bicolor
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Can anyone verify this?

Duplicate post.

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Quercus bicolor
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Can anyone verify this?

Gold Selling for at least 50% over Spot in Asia-Rob Kirby (pinecarr)

Why aren't miners or others who have physical gold to sell selling in Asia then? Or are they?

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I saw that vid a couple days ago. I don't know who Ron Kirby is or if he has any credibility. But, if true that could be the huge premium that Dave F talks about. I don't think it's dawned on most people in the west just how much gold is headed east and not coming back. I would like to see that quantified somewhere.


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Flu Shot Fraud
This is from the health newsletter Daily Dose by Dr. William Campbell Douglass:

Feds caught hiding the ugly truth about flu shots

It's the biggest vaccine cover-up in a decade -- and it's been blown wide open by an award-winning journalist. 

Flu shots aren't only ineffective in seniors, they're downright dangerous. If you're a longtime Daily Dose reader, you've heard me say that plenty over the years. 

Decades of research PROVES that as more seniors got more flu shots, death rates didn't fall. 


Panicked feds were so terrified by this discovery a few years back that they commissioned their own study, with researchers twisting the numbers every which way to see if they could "adjust" the model to prove the shot really worked. 

But no matter how much they tortured the data, the numbers said the same thing. 

When it came time to publish the study in 2006, the feds did the one thing they're really, really good at: They buried the thing, and then tried to bury the researchers, too. 

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quantified somewhere


I'd like this astonishing claim (50% premiums!) quantified somewhere too.  People make extremely exciting claims, but then don't provide any sourcing.  He claims this is all just if you buy it by the ton - my sources suggest if you buy by the kilo like you do in Shanghai, the premium is less than 1%.

Here's the thing.  If you really wanted a ton of gold, and only 100 kilos were available - do you imagine you'd walk away disappointed after hearing the news - "gosh darn it, if I could buy a ton I'd do it, but only a measly 100 kilos, why bother?"  No, you'd clean out all 100 kilos and count yourself lucky.  And then we'd have shortages in kilo bars.

The claim just doesn't make sense.

And here we are, in December.  If you recall, that's the month that Harvey Organ said the SGE would run out of silver, the COMEX would default, and silver would hit 50.  Or something.

I'm already owed a can of organic beans from a certain person who suggested Nigeria would not be able to handle their Ebola issue - anyone want to bet one of those lovely 1920s Peace Dollars on Harvey Organ's Big Default?  I bet it won't happen - at least not in December.  Anyone want the other side of this?

Just think.  If you win, that Peace Dollar you get will be worth maybe $50-$75.  If you lose, you can probably pick one up for $20...


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Flu shot not effective

I'll back up the impression of gallantfarms above on the ineffectiveness of the flu shot.

The above referenced article that Dr. William Campbell Douglass is referring to is from 2005, the Impact of Influenza Vaccination on Seasonal Mortality in the US Elderly Population

This is a busy slide, but it sums up the main conclusion of the flu shot (in)effectiveness in the elderly.

The Y axis is "Excess Mortality per 100,000" where they measure the spike in mortality that occurs during winter months.

Red dots are the years the flu season was dominated by Influenza A, (the one the flu vaccine is aimed at). The red dashed line is the average excess deaths during Influenza A dominant years.

Blue triangles are the years where Influenza B predominated and the dashed line the average for Influenza B dominant years.

The green line is the vaccination rate in the elderly that rose from the 15%-20% range in the late '60s to 69% in 2001 due to a massive nation campaign to get the elderly vaccinated.

Not much benefit demonstrated here.  Certainly not enough to warrant a national campaign to vaccinate the public, in my opinion.


From a separate source, the Cochrane Collaboration does meta-analysis of the world literature and found little support for flu vaccination in the elderly, or healthy adults.

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