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Daily Digest 11/17 - Japan Pushed Into Recession, What Really Happened In Bejing

Monday, November 17, 2014, 10:58 AM


Red light camera vendor Redflex: America’s a “low/no-growth market” (jdargis)

Finally, Gray concluded: "Redflex needs to be de-risked. Revenue volatility, geographic and product concentration risks, class actions, federal investigations, different technology platforms all create a high risk business. To move into the non-Photo Enforcement market, organically or inorganically."

Dismal quarter pushes Japan into recession (jdargis)

Japan has more government debt that any other nation, a top concern for supporters of the tax rise. Critics say Tokyo must find ways to generate solid growth before turning to fiscal matters.

Speculation has mounted in recent days that Abe will call for snap elections, to take place in December, that would reset Japan's election clock and give the prime minster the mandate he needs to delay the tax hike.

What really happened in Beijing: Putin, Obama, Xi — and the back story the media won’t tell you (jdargis)

A big item on Xi’s agenda — he was in on the Pacific economic forum, too — was the recent launch of an Asians-only lending institution intended to rival the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank affiliate doing the West’s work in the East. Being entirely opposed to people helping themselves advance without American assistance and all that goes with it, Washington used all means possible to sink this ship. When Obama got off the plane in Beijing, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank had $50 billion in capital and 20 members, more to come in both categories.

Prosecutors troubled by extent of military fraud (jdargis)

More recently, a former contractor for the Navy's Military Sealift Command, which provides transportation for the service, was sentenced to prison along with a businessman in a bribery case in which cash, a wine refrigerator and other gifts traded hands in exchange for favorable treatment on telecommunications work. Also, three men, including two retired Marine Corps officers, were charged with cheating on a bid proposal for maintenance work involving a helicopter squadron that serves the White House.

Doctor Being Treated for Ebola in Omaha Dies (jdargis)

Dr. Salia is the second patient to die of Ebola in the United States, both of whom contracted the disease while in West Africa. The first, Thomas Eric Duncan, died in early October at a Dallas hospital after coming to the United States from Liberia. Dr. Salia was the third Ebola patient who was treated in Omaha and the 10th known patient in the United States. Two patients — the nurses Nina Pham and Amber Joy Vinson — were infected while treating Mr. Duncan in Dallas.

Renewable Energy Will Allow Communist Party Of China To Hold Onto Power (Evan K.)

News about the US-China climate change deal was met with an equal measure of praise and doubt. Many observers cheered the fact that the world’s two largest economies had come together on an issue as important as climate change and vowed to take real, measurable steps in curbing emissions. Still others saw the announcement as a paper tiger, an agreement that allowed Beijing to gain some credibility while having no intention of ever following through with the terms of the deal. The National Review was particularly virulent in making the latter point. It wrote that there “was abundant reason for skepticism” and that “China rarely keeps its promises on environmental issues.” It cites China’s frequent shifting or delaying of emissions reduction targets, including those made in Copenhagen and Doha.

Seal Meat: Veal of the Ocean? (jdargis)

“Springtime, usually around Easter, seal flipper was just something we ate,” says Perrin. “It’s not an everyday kind of thing, almost a special occasion that kind of year.” The most traditional way to eat seal in St. John’s (really, the only way most people eat it) is in a pie, much like, says Perrin, a steak-and-kidney pie: minced seal flipper, root vegetables, and a rich gravy, baked in a pastry crust. But he’s now working to expand what can be done with the meat. “Last year we had a couple chefs down from Montreal and other parts of Canada and we did a seven-course menu of seal, all done differently, including dessert,” he says. (The dessert was a seal oil ice cream; “to be honest it was a bit of an experiment and wasn’t the best thing ever,” says Perrin.)

Bird Flu Confirmed at Dutch, UK Farms (jdargis)

Officials have not confirmed the strain of the virus, but said the risk to public health was very low and there was no risk to the food chain.

A cull of all poultry at the farm was being carried out.

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