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Daily Digest 11/4 - Mastering The Midterms, Why Do Workers Feel So Unhappy?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014, 10:16 AM


Mastering The Midterms (jdargis)

Thirty-six states will elect governors on Tuesday. There are some race-specific questions that are fascinating: In Florida, will Charlie Crist’s party switches matter? In Massachusetts, has Democrat Martha Coakley doomed herself again the way she did against Scott Brown in the 2010 Senate race? Just how badly will Democrat Wendy Davis lose in Texas? In Maine, if the Democrat candidate Mike Michaud wins, it will mean the state will almost certainly sign up immediately for Medicaid expansion.

The Midterm Elections: A User's Guide (jdargis)

Some of those races are extremely tight; in some states, notably Alaska, reliable polling is difficult and it's hard to know how much stock to put in pre-election surveys. On Monday, key Democrats—including Vice President Biden and White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest—predicted the party would cling to control, perhaps because that's a better political strategy than throwing in the towel early. Democrats' last-ditch hope is for a sophisticated get-out-the-vote operation to drive turnout among unlikely voters, surprising Republicans much as President Obama did in his 2012 reelection. In some cases, early voting has fed that hope, but there are also signs turnout won't rescue sinking candidates.)

GOP Senate Takeover Would Put Fed Under Microscope (Dan N.)

Many Republicans oppose the unconventional efforts the central bank has taken to bolster the U.S. economy over the past several years. The Fed last week announced the end of its long-running bond-buying stimulus program, known as quantitative easing. But that won't quell GOP criticism, since many Republicans want Fed officials to move quickly now to raise interest rates from near zero and shrink the central bank's balance sheet, which has climbed to near $4.5 trillion.

European Union Lowers Growth Forecasts (jdargis)

The commission slashed growth expectations in the 18-nation eurozone to 0.8 percent from a forecast in the spring of 1.2 percent. Italy appeared to stand out as a poor performer: Its economy was predicted to shrink 0.4 percent this year compared with a forecast in the spring for growth of 0.6 percent.

Britain was expected to have one of the highest growth rates, at 3.1 percent, behind Ireland, at 4.6 percent.

U.S. Deficit Decline to 2.8% of GDP Is Unprecedented Turn (jdargis)

The Congressional Budget Office in August predicted the deficit will shrink further this fiscal year, to 2.6 percent of GDP, before rising to 2.9 percent in the presidential election year of 2016. Before the fourth quarter of 2008, the last time the deficit-to-GDP share reached 2.8 percent was in April 2005, the data show.

Why Do Workers Feel So Unhappy? (jdargis)

One startup is looking to help companies fight employee unhappiness with better data. TINYpulse uses anonymity and simplicity to zero in on company problems: Weekly, a one-question survey is sent out to assess how workers feel about anything from compensation to the condition of the bathrooms.

Critics chafe as Macs send sensitive docs to iCloud without warning (jdargis)

The iCloud autosave provides a convenience that many users no doubt are happy to have. After all, the cloud copies allow users to pick up right where they left off when switching Macs or turning on an iPhone or iPad to resume work on an unfinished letter, presentation, or other type of document. But critics object to the behavior being turned on by default without a more explicit warning that it funnels potentially sensitive data to Apple servers.

Why The Current “Oil Glut” Could Lead To A Price Spike

Back in March 1999 "The Economist" magazine carried a cover photo of two men drenched in oil as they attempted to close a faulty valve that was spraying a huge stream of crude skyward. Over the photo was the headline: "Drowning in oil." At the time it really did seem as if the world were drowning in oil. The previous December crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange touched $10.72 per barrel. That month U.S. gasoline prices averaged 95 cents per gallon. "The Economist" opined that oil might go down to $5 per barrel.

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Demolition Waves in the Twin Towers

Advance to the 53 minute mark in Anatomy of a Great Deception:

The physical evidence of demolition can be hard to see unless it is pointed out.

--Bursts of smoke happening on everyother floor.

--A wave of explosions mostly hidden beneath the canopy of falling debris, but visible from one camera angle.

--Squibs noted pre-collapse.


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News or propaganda? Oil is cheap at $77/barrel

Hi all,

Like a good contrarian crank, I made this to put on my classroom door, but still wanted to share it here, with the more informed:

Oil price graph from InflationData.com

Oil price table from inflationdata.com

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Re: Demolition Waves in the Twin Towers

I was on Fort Richardson, AK when 9/11 happened and a good friend who was special forces, etc. told us that both buildings should collapse at some point, which they did. Last year I sent him a video of building 7 collapsing, his response was, "I never believed in a conspiracy until I saw the video of building 7 collapsing". It was so obvious that the building was brought down by explosives, how can millions of people be so blind.

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Bankers Slave
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It is quite obvious how powerful the MSM

narrative can be when terror strikes. I too fell for it for many years. In fact in my case alone, it was the total lack of opposition around me, to the great lie, that left me with the mind set that what I had been told was the truth. If anyone at all had suggested to me many years before my awakening, that we had been terrorized by our very own, then I most definitely would have investigated and awakened up a whole lot sooner.

However It is also interesting to note, how the MSM narrative, if it had stated that the buildings had been demolished with planted explosives..."look you can see it with your own eyes...the fires brought down the buildings, are you a consiracy nut?" That would have been the mind set of the people instead.

Throw that television out of the nearest window!

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