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Daily Digest 10/24 - Ebola Arrives In NYC, Strips of Native Prairie Protect Farm Soil

Friday, October 24, 2014, 11:05 AM


Officials Tracing New York Ebola Patient’s Movements, While Reassuring a Wary City (jdargis)

Dr. Spencer was in stable condition on Friday, according to officials. The moment he was given a diagnosis, a discussion began about how best to treat him. Nearly all the patients treated in the United States have received some form of experimental treatment and doctors were discussing what, if any, of those they will use. Doctors at Bellevue are consulting with experts at Emory University Hospital and the University of Nebraska Medical Center, both of which have successfully treated Ebola patients.

Putin's advisor and experts discuss economy, sanctions and central banks (rfuhrmann)

Guests: Sergey Glazyev, Khazin Mikhail Leonidovich, and Vladimir Yuryevich Levchenko.

Americans taking fewest vacation days in four decades (jdargis)

"Americans are work martyrs," says the U.S. Travel Association. "Tied to the office, they leave more and more paid time off unused each year, forfeiting their earned benefits and, in essence, work for free."

According to the study, in 2013 U.S. employees took an average of 16 days of vacation, compared with an average of 20.3 days as recently as 2000.

U.S. Is Investigating Report That Islamic State Used Chlorine Gas (jdargis)

During the 2000s, the weapons were used intermittently in attacks against American and Iraqi forces and against civilians. In early 2007, there appeared to be a flurry of such attacks, mainly in Anbar Province, where American and Iraqi forces were trying to wrest control of territory from Al Qaeda in Iraq, also known as Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia.

The crude bombs were often made by mixing conventional explosives with cylinders of chlorine compounds usually used for water purification. Sometimes insurgents would pack explosives on chlorine tanker trucks, or on dump trucks full of chlorine, turning the vehicles into giant, mobile bombs.

Why do people put solar on their roofs? Because other people put solar on their roofs (jdargis)

The research, just out in the Journal of Economic Geography, was conducted by Gillingham along with the University of Connecticut's Marcello Graziano. Using data from Connecticut's Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, which provides incentives for solar installations, they geocoded the location of 3,843 residential solar photovoltaic units in the state between the years 2005 and the end of September 2013, tying each one to a "block group" as designated by the U.S. Census. (In general, a block group is comprised of between 600 and 3,000 people.) They also recorded the date when the initial application for an installation was made.

8 Reasons For Our Oil Price Predicament (James S.)

A person might think that oil prices would be fairly stable. Prices would set themselves at a level that would be high enough for the majority of producers, so that in total producers would provide enough–but not too much–oil for the world economy. The prices would be fairly affordable for consumers. And economies around the world would grow robustly with these oil supplies, plus other energy supplies. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work that way recently. Let me explain at least a few of the issues involved.

Strips of Native Prairie Protect Farm Soil (bobwise32952)

Many farmers have adopted no-till methods, as much to reduce expenses as to protect topsoil. But no-till alone may not reduce erosion to a sustainable level in a particular field. During a year with heavy midsummer rains, the test field without prairie strips lost 11 tons per acre -- over twenty times the estimated rate of soil formation (half a ton per acre per year), and much more than would be predicted by standard estimation methods.

The U.N. says water is a fundamental human right in Detroit (jdargis)

This is an important conversation for American cities to have, even outside Detroit: whether water should be a right, and if so, how we plan to ensure that. But the problem in Detroit is also much more complicated than the U.N.'s scolding relays.

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