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Daily Digest 9/30 - "No Right To Free Water" In Detroit, Your Apples Are A Year Old

Tuesday, September 30, 2014, 10:40 AM


Judge won't stop shut-offs, says no right to free water (jdargis)

Alice Jennings, an attorney representing the 10 residents fighting water shutoffs, said she was "disappointed but not surprised" by the judge's ruling. Rhodes, she said, missed the issue of safety and underscored the irreparable harm that comes with the shutoffs.

"We will be looking at an appeal," Jennings said. "We believe there is a right to water and there is a right to affordable water."

Matt Taibbi on How Wall Street Hedge Funds Are Looting the Pension Funds of Public Workers (pinecarr)

In his latest article for Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi reports that Wall Street firms are now making millions in profits off of public pension funds nationwide. "Essentially it is a wealth transfer from teachers, cops and firemen to billionaire hedge funders," Taibbi says. "Pension funds are one of the last great, unguarded piles of money in this country and there are going to be all sort of operators that are trying to get their hands on that money."

Breakthrough In Oil Sands Waste Treatment (James S.)

“With this solar process, right now, the wastewater on the top of the tailings ponds is being treated, Gamal El-Din told University of Alberta News. “But because we have nothing in place at the moment to circulate the water, the process isn’t being applied to the rest of the pond.”

Shocking NASA pics show Aral Sea basin now completely dry (Marc H.)

As a result, the bed of the lake – polluted by the chemicals used in crop-growing – has become exposed, while the water has turned increasingly salty, killing off the majority of wildlife, and decimating the fishing industry in the region.

El Niño Could Put an End to California's Drought Late This Year (Tyler K.)

Fact of the matter is, California’s economy may not survive another year of drought. It’s projected that the state will suffer a $2.2 billion hit as crops die off and thousands lose their jobs. Water is a necessary resource to keep livestock hydrated — not to mention people — as well as to cool power plants, grow fields and enable everyday life in general.

There are some ugly rumors floating around that California’s drought will continue next year. If the rumors are indeed true, it will decimate agriculture and a variety of other industries and continue to eat away at the water supplies of local towns.

Earth lost 50% of its wildlife in the past 40 years, says WWF (jdargis)

The steep decline of animal, fish and bird numbers was calculated by analysing 10,000 different populations, covering 3,000 species in total. This data was then, for the first time, used to create a representative “Living Planet Index” (LPI), reflecting the state of all 45,000 known vertebrates.

“We have all heard of the FTSE 100 index, but we have missed the ultimate indicator, the falling trend of species and ecosystems in the world,” said Professor Jonathan Baillie, ZSL’s director of conservation. “If we get [our response] right, we will have a safe and sustainable way of life for the future,” he said.

The Machine Is A Garden (jdargis)

Enter the garden city. Drawing on the political thought of American economist Henry George, who believed the value of land should be common property, Howard described a planned community outside a major city that would combine the social and financial opportunities of the city with the "natural healthfulness" of the countryside. In a handful of simple, concentric-circle diagrams, Howard drew a city that would be home to 32,000 people who would enjoy fresh air, green space, and places to shop and relax. The city would be largely self-contained, with homes, schools, and factories encircled by an agricultural estate.

Your Apples Are A Year Old (jdargis)

Here in the U.S. apples generally ripen between August and September. They pick the apples when they’re slightly unripe, treat them with a chemical called 1-methylcyclopropene, wax them, box them, stack them on pallets, and keep them in cold storage warehouses for an average of 9-12 months.

I guess we should be grateful. It used to be that rather than being sprayed with 1-methylcyclopropene (also known as 1-MCP), cold storage apples were sprayed with fungicide.

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Liberia-descent into economic hell

Liberia, the West African nation hardest it by Ebola, has begun a frightening descent into economic hell.

That’s the import of three recent reports from international organizations that seem to bear out the worst-case scenarios of months ago: that people would abandon the fields and factories, that food and fuel would become scarce and unaffordable, and that the government’s already meager capacity to help, along with the nation’s prospects for a better future, would be severely compromised.

They are no longer scenarios. They are real. While these trends have been noted anecdotally, the cumulative toll is horrific.


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North Sea Oil Costs Threaten $1.6 Trillion Needed for Goals

Unit operating costs are about 60 percent higher than as recently as 2011...


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