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Daily Digest 9/29 - The Information War For Ukraine, Wind Energy Politics In Kansas

Monday, September 29, 2014, 9:17 AM


The U.S. Has No Banking Regulation, And It Doesn’t Want Any (Don R.)

What the ‘Segarra Files’ point out is that the New York Fed plays the game exactly the way Goldman wants it played. Ergo: there is no actual regulation taking place, and Goldman will comply only with those requests from the New York Fed that it feels like complying with.

Geneva Report warns record debt and slow growth point to crisis (anton95)

A “poisonous combination” of record debt and slowing growth suggest the global economy could be heading for another crisis, a hard-hitting report will warn on Monday.

"One of the Geneva Report’s main contributions is to document the continued rise of debt at a time when most talk is about how the global economy is deleveraging, reducing the burden of debts.

"The information war for Ukraine" (Regina F.)

From the satirical German program "Die Anstalt," with English subtitles

The Dismal Science (jdargis)

On one side, we have elegant mathematical models showing that under certain conditions an unregulated free-­market economy will produce an efficient “general equilibrium,” in the sense that nobody could be made better off without making anyone worse off. Yet as Madrick says, these assumed conditions — including the assumption that people “are rational decision makers, and that they have all the price and product information they need” — are manifestly not met in practice. What, then, do the elegant models tell us about the real world?

Crackdown on Protests by Hong Kong Police Draws More to the Streets (jdargis)

The heavy-handed police measures, including the city’s first use of tear gas in years and the presence of officers with long-barreled guns, appeared to galvanize the public, drawing more people onto the streets. On Monday morning, protesters controlled major thoroughfares in at least three parts of the city. A few unions and the Hong Kong Federation of Students called for strikes, and the federation urged a boycott of classes.

Stunning Drone Clip Reveals Massive Size Of Hong Kong Protest (pinecarr)

For those curious why the Hong Kong protests over the weekend have sent shivers across the world's capital markets, pushed the Hang Seng 2% lower, and impacted both European and US futures, not to mention leading to worries that China may get involved any second and result in another Tiananmen square event, the following clip from HK's Apple Daily, taken by a drone, shows just how massive the demonstrations, which according to some estimates involved just why of 100,000 people, taking place in Hong Kong are.

Feds: Butterfly Labs mined bitcoins on customers’ boxes before shipping (jdargis)

Once Defendants got around to producing Bitcoin mining machines using what were essentially interest-free loans from consumers, their first actions were not to benefit their long-suffering customers, but to pad their own bottom line. Specifically, the testimony of several former employees and Vice President of Product Development, Josh Zerlan shows that instead of fulfilling orders immediately, Defendants used their customers’ machines to mine Bitcoins for themselves before shipping the now used machines to their customers. Thus, Defendants pocketed Bitcoins that should have gone to their customers. Further demonstrating Defendants’ disregard for their customers, they used corporate funds to make and mass order red foam pitchforks mocking their own customers, emblazoned with the words, "Y U NO SHIP – BFL IS LATE!"

A Kansas twister: Wind energy politics complicate governor’s race (jdargis)

“The wind goes by. You just might as well use it,” said Jim Warta, a 70-year-old rancher whose family has been farming in Kansas’ central Ellsworth County for five generations. In 2008 he and his wife, Laura, opened part of their 1,500 acres to Massachusetts-based Enel Green Power, which built 11 wind turbines there — some of the roughly 150 turbines producing 250 megawatts of electricity across the Smoky Hills region, where they live.

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