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Daily Digest 8/31 - The Foundation of Integrity, UK Terror Threat Level Raised To 'Severe'

Sunday, August 31, 2014, 11:04 AM


Ukraine President Says Europe’s Security Depends on Stopping Russia (jdargis)

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, speaking early Sunday after the meeting broke up, said that Germany “will certainly not deliver weapons, as this would give the impression that this is a conflict that can be solved militarily.” But she said further sanctions were needed, as “the situation has deteriorated considerably in the last few days,” and would be imposed “if this situation continues.”

Leadership and Calm Are Urged in Ebola Outbreak (jdargis)

“Liberians are not going to be saved by internationals coming in,” said Dr. Bruce Aylward, one of the leaders of the drive to eliminate polio and an author of the health organization’s Ebola-fighting plan introduced this week. “They’re going to be saved by Liberians.”

UK terror threat level raised to 'severe' (jdargis)

That power has been used 23 times between since April 2013 to stop people travelling abroad for alleged terrorist-related or criminal activity.

In a Downing Street press conference on Friday, the prime minister said Islamic State (IS) extremists - who are attempting to establish a "caliphate", or Islamic state - represented a "greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before".

Atlantic City facing unprecedented economic collapse (Thomas C.)

"What we've got in Atlantic City is unprecedented. It hasn't happened before in this type of context, where they are going to shutter them up and literally can't give them away for pennies on the dollar, like Revel," said Alan Silver, a former casino-industry executive who teaches at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Silver and other casino-industry experts said there was little precedent for reusing casinos for anything other than hotels.

How can you tell whether Russia has invaded Ukraine? (Arthur Robey)

The look of military activity on the ground in Donetsk and Lugansk has changed dramatically. Whereas before it involved small groups of resistance fighters, the Russians operate in battalions of 400 men and dozens of armored vehicles, followed by convoys of support vehicles (tanker trucks, communications, field kitchens, field hospitals and so on). The flow of vehicles in and out is non-stop, plainly visible on air reconnaissance and satellite photos. Add to that the relentless radio chatter, all in Russian, which anyone who wants to can intercept, and the operation becomes impossible to hide.

The Fall Of Man's Logic (thc0655)

Regardless, the world requires energy and energy is extracted from oil. With Goldman Sachs’ shale oil “quick grab” almost at its viable end, it is only a matter of time before large amounts of energy investment is poured back into the oil sands and the Keystone XL Pipeline becomes fully operational along its extended length. After all, Obama only held it off long enough for Goldman to push the limits of the shale oil revolution to support the international dollar just a while longer.

Perhaps its shale oil versus tar sands with oil sands coming out as the clear winner.

Coal trains kill Cold Trains: Fruit delivery service shuts down as rail congestion heats up (Terry L.)

"We were disappointed to hear they were suspending their operation as we had been working with Cold Train for the past few months to provide them with options that would allow them to continue to operate this service. And we will keep working with them or another operator should they wish to provide service to/from Quincy, Wash. While BNSF continues to see improvements in our network velocity and on-time performance, schedule changes were required to provide more accuracy in transit times. We have and will continue to make every effort to frequently communicate and be transparent with our customers."

The Foundation of Integrity (Eric G.)

Life is complex. We’re forced to make trade-offs all the time. This is compounded by the reality that, to paraphrase author Robert Heinlein, people aren’t rational animals, they’re rationalizing animals. Any choice we make that advertises a set of values that might paint us as being more selfish or more short sighted than we’d prefer can easily be rationalized as for the greater good, or at least for the greater good over the longer term, maybe. If Homo sapiens is good at anything, we’re good at inordinately valuing abstract visions of the distant future, often, and unfortunately, at the expense of the real world, today.

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Just very topicially funny!

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And more...

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World's biggest Gas Pipeline starts between Russia and China.

Just in.

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