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Daily Digest 8/27 - Fukushima Groundwater Operation Ineffective, Healthcare Premiums Expected To Rise

Wednesday, August 27, 2014, 8:58 AM


Fukushima groundwater bypass operation ineffective: Tepco

Tepco, however, said Monday it is expected to take several more months before the intended effects will be seen.
“The amount of groundwater flowing into the basements has not decreased markedly,” senior official Isao Shirai said at a news conference.

Tepco claimed about a month ago that the effects would be visible in just one or two months.

Thyroid cancer diagnosed in 104 young people in Fukushima

Experts are divided over whether the cases of thyroid gland cancer diagnosed or suspected in the 104 young people should be linked to the 2011 nuclear accident.

In connection with the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, the number of young people diagnosed with thyroid cancer rose only after four years. The cancer is also known to develop slowly.

China Will Need Stimulus to Hit 7.5% Growth Target, KC Fed Paper Says

A sputtering housing market threatens China's economic outlook and would probably force the central bank and local governments to intervene if they want to hit the country's 7.5% economic growth target for this year, according to research from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Putin Warns on Ukraine Pursuing Closer Ties With West

Mr. Putin said that a trade agreement between Kiev and Europe will flood the Ukrainian market with European goods, which may then find their way into Russia.

"In this situation Russia can not stand idle. And we will be prompted, I want to highlight this, will be prompted to take retaliatory measures, to protect our market," Mr. Putin said.

Argentine black-market peso falls to new low despite rate rise

Argentina's peso ARSB= fell on Tuesday to a new record low of 14.05 per dollar on the black market despite a decision this week by the central bank to hike interest rates to ease pressure on the currency, traders said.

Arizona's Obamacare health plan premiums expected to rise

Premiums for individual health plans on Arizona's insurance marketplace are expected to increase by 11 percent, according to a new report.

Health care costs will spike for Birmingham retirees unless council acts Tuesday

Retired firefighters and police officers stand to see their health insurance premiums jump so much that it may eat up half of their pensions, according to Baker.

Affordable Care Act drafting error could strip health care subsidy from thousands in Wisconsin

Kraig added if millions of people are suddenly stripped of health care subsidies, the cost of their monthly premiums will double or triple.

White House Won't Comment On Burger King-Tim Hortons Deal

Burger King has agreed to buy Tim Hortons for $11 billion, a deal that would move the U.S. company to Canada through a so-called inversion that could eventually lower its tax bill. The White House has in recent weeks blasted a number of companies, though not by name, for pursuing the inversion deals.

The Burger King deal is slightly different than past mergers, in part because it is being partially financed by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who President Barack Obama has lauded for calling on wealthy Americans and companies to avoid excessive tax breaks.

Euro zone yields turn negative on Draghi hopes

For the first time, yields on several euro zone sovereign bonds turned negative-meaning that investors are effectively paying to governments to hold their money.

Finnish, Dutch, Belgian and Austrian 2-year bond yields all turned negative for the first time this week, hitting record lows. German 2-year Schatz (Germany:DE2Y-DE) and 3-year Bunds (Germany:DE3Y-DE) also yielded under 0 percent.

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Dearth of oil finds threatens long-term supplies, price

Headlines (please notice #14):

  1. Venezuela Battles Obesity Amid Dearth of Good Food
  2. Japan's growth outlook dims further, BOJ policy prospects unclear
  3. Japan Abe aide Hamada: Could do next sales tax hike in stages
  4. Italy says will cut growth forecast, consumer morale falls
  5. Ebola outbreak: Nigeria closes all schools until October
  6. Bad Debts Rise at China's Big Banks
  7. Ukraine's PM says Russia plans to block gas flows to Europe
  8. Equities Reach Record $66 Trillion as S&P 500 Hits 2,000
  9. Fukushima nuclear crisis estimated to cost ¥11 trillion: study
  10. Japan’s fiscal 2015 budget requests likely to be record, top ¥101 trillion
  11. Second-quarter household debt hits 1,040 trillion won (Korea)
  12. Stimulus expectations grow amid soft China recovery
  13. Indonesia's Pertamina halts fuel subsidy programme after panic buying, queues
  14. Dearth of oil finds threatens long-term supplies, price

More Headlines:

  1. Russia at Odds Over Fiscal Stimulus as Consumer Pinched
  2. Indonesia’s President-Elect Said to Consider Overhaul of Tax System
  3. Twenty O-Care contractors exceeded cost estimates, review finds
  4. Arrears On Wages Up 11.8% To UAH 1.1 Billion In July (Ukraine)
  5. Mississippi taxpayers owe $10,700 apiece for mounting debt
  6. Sweden’s Deficit Targets Slide as Job Losses Steal Election
  7. Detroit resumes shutting off water service
  8. EU Case Against Russia's Import Bans Would Unravel WTO
  9. London property boom at fever pitch
  10. Portugal’s budget deficit increases to 5.8 billion euros in first seven months of 2014
  11. Ukraine crisis forces European defense spending rethink
  12. Russian’s Rosneft goes for $42 billion pension funds
  13. Denmark pushes public spending
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busy news day

Gazprom finally transacting in a currency other than the dollar.  Seems like the war drums should start beating louder in 3....2......1.

I hope cooler heads will prevail, but it doesn't seem to fit with human history that we would reach such a dramatic turning point (peak oil, peak dollar and peak industrial pollution) and not descend into that dark part of human nature where we commit unimaginable atrocities against each other and lie to justify it.

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On Fire.

You are on fire today Sax.

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Drought could be worst seen for 2,000 years (California)
  1. Drought could be worst seen for 2,000 years
  2. California drought to worsen, Nasa predicts


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Kiev erupts, Excellent News.

This should be included in the next dispatch, but it is all happening right now.


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