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Daily Digest 8/23 - The Future Of College, The Effects Of Russia’s Food Ban

Saturday, August 23, 2014, 10:01 AM


The Future Of College? (jdargis)

Those future students will pay about $28,000 a year, including room and board, a $30,000 savings over the sticker price of many of the schools—the Ivies, plus other hyperselective colleges like Pomona and Williams—with which Minerva hopes to compete. (Most American students at these colleges do not pay full price, of course; Minerva will offer financial aid and target middle-class students whose bills at the other schools would still be tens of thousands of dollars more per year.) If Minerva grows to 2,500 students a class, that would mean an annual revenue of up to $280 million. A partnership with the Keck Graduate Institute in Claremont, California, allowed Minerva to fast-track its accreditation, and its advisory board has included Larry Summers, the former U.S. Treasury secretary and Harvard president, and Bob Kerrey, the former Democratic senator from Nebraska, who also served as the president of the New School, in New York City.

Yes, Flexible Hours Ease Stress. But Is Everyone on Board? (jdargis)

Compared with another group that did not have the same flexibility, employees interviewed by the researchers said they felt happier and less stressed, had more energy and were using their time more effectively, Professor Kelly said. There was no sign that the quality of the work improved or declined with the changed schedules, she added.

She emphasized that for programs like these to be successful, they must be applied departmentwide and have the full support of managers. “Sometimes an individual supervisor may say that it’s O.K. to work from home,” she said, “but these kinds of deals are happening under the radar — a signal that they aren’t really accepted.”

Is The Technical Gartley Pattern Guiding The Gold Price to $1260? (Taki T.)

If we do see a bounce from the key $1260 support zone, the Gartley pattern suggests that rates could rally all the way back toward $1310, the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of the whole ABCD pattern (not shown). Conversely, if the pattern fails and the yellow metal falls below $1250, it would indicate that the selling momentum remains strong and could open the door for a move down to the 7-month low at $1240 next.

Beware, fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks are coming (Afridev)

Nick Hanauer is a rich guy, an unrepentant capitalist — and he has something to say to his fellow plutocrats: Wake up! Growing inequality is about to push our societies into conditions resembling pre-revolutionary France. Hear his argument about why a dramatic increase in minimum wage could grow the middle class, deliver economic prosperity ... and prevent a revolution.

New transparent solar cells can be used on windows, smartphone screens (Wendy SD)

The new transparent solar cells are made from tiny organic molecules that absorb invisible wavelengths of sunlight such as ultraviolet and near infrared light. This invisble light is then guided to the edge of the solar panel, where thin strips of photovoltaic solar cells pick it up and convert it into energy. "Because the materials do not absorb or emit light in the visible spectrum, they look exceptionally transparent to the human eye," Lunt said.

n Emerging Price War in the World of Investment Advice (jdargis)

Fees this size are incongruous enough on their own coming from some of the same firms that have helped democratize investing for the masses. Should they really receive $2,000 each year, year after year, for keeping an eye on a basic $200,000 portfolio? The pricing is particularly striking given the recent emergence of start-ups like Betterment, FutureAdvisor and Wealthfront. Those firms will run your money for 0.15 to 0.50 percent annually, though you can’t go visit one of their storefront employees to discuss it face to face.

The Danger in Losing Sight of Ebola Victims' Humanity (jdargis)

For two months Ebola swept through Guinean villages bordering Kono, but Sierra Leone remained almost unbelievably spared. On May 25, the first cases of Ebola were diagnosed in Sierra Leone in a remote village south of Kono called Koindu, in Kailahun District. All of the initial patients had attended the funeral of a local healer in Guinea who had been treating Ebola patients in her home; as is customary, they had likely washed her corpse before burial and contracted the disease. Cases were isolated at the public clinic in Koindu Village where they had presented, and preparations were underway for transferring them to Kenema’s Lassa fever ward.

5 Ripple Effects From Russia’s Food Ban (jdargis)

Poland is the world’s leading exporter of apples, many of which go straight to Russia. After the sanctions went into effect, a Polish newspaper issued a call to “stand up to Putin, eat apples and drink cider,” according to Bloomberg News. Since then, apple-filled selfies have been spreading across social media, and the country’s cider barons are taking the opportunity to promote their fine product.

“Spain is the land of wine, not grapes. Poland can be the land of cider,” Robert Ogor, chairman of cider producer Ambra, told Bloomberg. “The ‘eat apples’ campaign shows we’ve got the social support to invest in cider. The embargo is a chance and an impetus for the development of Polish agriculture.”

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Arthur Robey
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Spain is going to turn grapes into wine, Poland is going to turn apples into cider?  Do we detect a theme here? So when the world hands you lemons you make lemonade?

Lemonade does not give one a hangover.

robie robinson's picture
robie robinson
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Yeah,but lemonade

lacks those lovely OH carbon chains

Arthur Robey's picture
Arthur Robey
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Ooh! Sweden no less.

I see that my moral superiors, the Swedes have succumbed to violence. It is good to see that the Viking blood has not turned to water.

In a soldier’s stance, I aimed my hand
At the mongrel dogs who teach
Fearing not that I’d become my enemy
In the instant that I preach

My Back Pages.

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Arthur Robey
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Joined: Feb 4 2010
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Coming to city near you

Kiev Goes up in Flames. It looks as though the US Quisling government is not popular.

Those aren't rubber bullets the police are firing.

My hat off to those putting everything on the line and I hope the professional agent provocateurs cant get plane ticket out. That would be sweet. Satan's Tools.


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