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Daily Digest 8/21 - Ebolanomics, Money as Decentralization

Thursday, August 21, 2014, 9:36 AM


Ebolanomics (jdargis)

It’s not just developing nations that the system disserves, however. In recent years, the rise of drug-resistant microbes has made the antibiotics we use less effective and has increased the risk that an infectious disease could get out of control. What people in the West need, health officials agree, is new drugs that we can keep in reserve against an outbreak that regular antibiotics can’t contain. Yet, over the past thirty years, the supply of new antibiotics has slowed to a trickle. “Antibiotic resistance really has the potential to make everything about the way we live different,” Kevin Outterson, a co-director of the Health Law program at Boston University and a founding member of the C.D.C.’s working group on antimicrobial resistance, told me. “So we need to stoke the pipeline.”

Despite Current Debate, Police Militarization Goes Beyond U.S. Borders (HughK)

Despite this unusual bipartisan agreement over the dangers of a militarised police force, there appears to be no extension of this concern to rising U.S. support for militarised law enforcement in other countries....However, during 2009, the most recent data available, Washington provided more than 3.5 billion dollars in foreign assistance for police activities, particularly in Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, Mexico, Pakistan and the Palestinian Territories.

Night Stalkers to continue helicopter training over cities until Thursday (sand_puppy)

"Going forward, the St. Paul Police Department and the city of St. Paul will take the lead in communications, just as we did in 2012," said Tennessen, who otherwise defended the trainings.

"In a post-9/11 world, this is how homeland security happens. ... These exercises are taking place in cities all over the country."

What Do the World Bank and IMF Have to Do with the Ukraine Conflict?(HughK)

Given the struggle for resources in Ukraine and the influx of foreign investors in the agriculture sector, an important question is whether the results of the programme will benefit Ukraine and its farmers by securing their property rights or pave the way for corporations to more easily access property and land.

By encouraging reforms such as the deregulation of seed and fertiliser markets, the country’s agricultural sector is being forced open to foreign corporations such as Dupont and Monsanto.

Social Multiequivalence: Money as Decentralization (Mirelo Deugh Ausgam Valis)

Fortunately, despite necessarily concrete to all people, or socially concrete, a monetary representation can be rather abstract to each person, or individually abstract. For example, cryptocurrencies—like Bitcoin—use public-key cryptography to represent both money as a private key and this private key as a public key, so money becomes metarepresented, or metamoney. Then, despite remaining socially concrete as a decentralized network, any such metarepresentation of money becomes individually abstract as a monetary—meta—unit, which preserves its decentralization, by preventing any public authority from privately controlling it.

India in danger of moving towards water scarcity condition: Asian Development Bank (Alan W.)

Citing projections, he said that the per capita average annual water availability was reducing, which may lead to water scarcity conditions.

"In fact, with the projections that we have before us, per capita average annual water availability is reducing and we are steadily in danger of moving towards water scarcity conditions," he added.

In One America, Guns and Diet. In the Other, Cameras and ‘Zoolander’ (RZ)

In the hardest places to live in the United States, people spend a lot of time thinking about diets and religion. In the easiest places to live, people spend a lot of time thinking about cameras.

California is even bigger than you thought (jdargis)

The Golden State’s real gross domestic product hit an annual rate of about $2.1 trillion at the end of 2013, up almost 50% from Texas’s $1.4 trillion economic girth, the U.S. Commerce Department reported.

The economy in California is so big that it’s 75 times the size of Vermont’s, the smallest state GDP in the U.S.

MIT Turns Dead Car Batteries Into Clean Solar Energy (James S.)

When a car battery calls it quits, it usually ends up at a service station that disposes of it responsibly, because it contains toxic lead. A team of MIT researchers thought there might be something worth keeping, and now say they have successfully recycled materials from spent batteries to create long-lasting, clean-running solar panels.

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Obamacare cuts seen, but lion’s share of workers face price hike

Obamacare cuts seen, but lion’s share of workers face price hikes

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Venezuela proposes fingerprinting grocery shoppers

Venezuela proposes fingerprinting grocery shoppers

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