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Daily Digest 7/18 - Greece Seen Needing Third Bailout, How A Supermarket Prevented Food Waste

Friday, July 18, 2014, 9:19 AM


FedEx Faces U.S. Criminal Charges Over Online Pharmacies (jdargis)

For example, some drivers in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia said they had been stopped on the road by customers demanding packages of pills. Delivery addresses included parking lots and vacant homes where people would wait for pharmaceutical deliveries, the indictment said.

In response, a senior FedEx vice president of security approved a procedure under which Internet pharmacy packages from problematic shippers were held for pickup at specific stations, the filing said.

Why the Myers-Briggs test is totally meaningless (KathyP)

But the test was developed in the 1940s based off the untested theories of an outdated analytical psychologist named Carl Jung, and is now thoroughly disregarded by the psychology community. Even Jung warned that his personality "types" were just rough tendencies he'd observed, rather than strict classifications. Several analyses have shown the test is totally ineffective at predicting people's success in various jobs, and that about half of the people who take it twice get different results each time.

James Turk & John Rubino: How to prepare for the breaking of the monetary system (Herman J.)

Rubino: According to Mr. Rubino, when the next financial crisis happens, “It will hurt the big banks…and then we will go to some form of wealth confiscation or capital controls. We’re seeing the plans be put in place for that already.”

Turk: “You can see that the way the financial system is structured, it’s not structured to benefit the middle-class, it’s structured to benefit the banking system.”

The Human Price of Neocon Havoc (KathyP)

In Syria, the U.S.-backed “regime change” bid failed to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad but the resulting chaos has left more than 100,000 people killed and has given rise to an ultra-violent jihadist group called the Islamic State, which first emerged from the U.S.-created war in Iraq and has now boomeranged back onto Iraq as the jihadists have seized major cities and spurred more sectarian killings.

New York state proposes sweeping Bitcoin regulations—and they’re strict (jdargis)

“We recognize that not everyone in the virtual currency community will be pleased about the prospect of a new regulatory framework,” he wrote. “Ultimately, though, we believe that setting up common sense rules of the road is vital to the long-term future of the virtual currency industry, as well as the safety and soundness of customer assets. (We think the situation at Mt. Gox, for example, made that very clear.) Moreover, given that states have specific regulatory responsibilities in this area, we also have a legal obligation to move forward on this framework.”

Funding War: U.S. Companies Disclose Conflict Mineral Use (James S.)

The 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which mainly focused on strengthening the U.S. banking and financial system in the wake of the Great Recession, included a lesser-known provision. The ‘conflict mineral’ provision required companies to conduct due diligence in their supply chains and certify whether their products incorporated tungsten, tin, gold, or tantalum and if so, whether these minerals were sourced from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or neighboring states.

Greece Seen Needing Third Bailout as Bonds Insufficient (jdargis)

Greek bonds have rallied since the country undertook the biggest sovereign debt restructuring in history and came close to leaving the euro. That allowed the government to tap markets twice this year, raising 4.5 billion euros in three- and five-year bonds.

This Supermarket Came Up With A Brilliant Way To Keep Food From Going To Waste (Wendy SD)

Perhaps what’s even more frightening, is the fact that no one thinks about the fact that “spoiled” fruits and vegetables found at supermarkets can be used to create juices and supplements. Instead, they just go unused and wasted.

However, Intermarché, a French supermarket chain might’ve found the answer to stop things like that from happening.

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Airline Fees.....

Casey Research had an interesting article on airlines (including the fees) recently:

The Airlines Work for Uncle Sam

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