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Daily Digest 7/15 - Afghanistan on the Brink, The New Baby Boom

Tuesday, July 15, 2014, 10:10 AM


Anxious Moments for an Afghanistan on the Brink (jdargis)

“Our commanders say we do not need the palace key from the Election Commission, we can go and take it ourselves,” said Fazal Ahmad Manawi, a former supreme court judge and an election adviser to Mr. Abdullah. “If Dr. Abdullah had said yes, several provinces including the palace would have fallen into the hands of his team.”

According to Mr. Manawi and others, it was a call from President Obama to Mr. Abdullah just after dawn last Tuesday that helped stop a headlong rush into a disastrous power struggle. Mr. Obama warned Mr. Abdullah not to even consider seizing power and to keep calm over the three days until Secretary of State John Kerry could get to Kabul.

Our Economy Is Not A Machine (Tyler K.)

Today, in financial crises or emergencies, they go one step further, printing money and injecting it into the financial system to create liquidity for banks, and they lower interest rates for long-term loans to boost the private sector.

These Keynesian policies, which have become the norm since the 1970s recessions, have given governments and central banks the illusion that they can run and regulate the economy like a machine.

The New Baby Boom (jdargis)

At the start of the 20th century, the future of the British Empire lay in the podgy hands of babies. The government was worried that the prolonged Boer war reflected a nation physically incapable of maintaining its role in the world. In response, the Inter-departmental Committee on Physical Deterioration (1904) proposed that medical inspections and free meals for children should be introduced in schools – and it recommended training in “mothercraft” for parents of poor children. Then, as now, there was a palpable obsession with infants, their development and what it says about Britain.

The Silver Conspiracy (Taki T.)

Despite not looking for a conspiracy (and not wanting to find one), the greater weight and flow of the evidence convinces me one exists in silver. To be clear, my distinction is that it is not just a small group of traders on the COMEX involved in a secret plot to suppress silver prices, but has now grown to include the CME Group and the CFTC. Since my long term understanding of the CFTC is that it has been, perhaps, the weakest and most ineffective federal agency of all, it is most likely that the CFTC’s inclusion involves more important federal agencies, specifically, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve.

Silver, Gold and Living By The Sword (GE Christenson)

Pension plans and many individuals depend upon debt based paper investments for long term income, but that income is only as good as the counter-party issuing the debt, AND the credibility and purchasing power of the currency. This thought should bring to mind the phrase “danger zone.”

Would You Eat Vegan Lab Cheese? (jdargis)

The project sounds promising, to say the least, but whether the synthesized milk protein can really hold a candle to genuine dairy remains to be seen. Regardless, interest is undoubtedly high, as seen by the team’s Indiegogo fundraiser, which recently surpassed its $15,000 goal. Eventually, they hope to create DIY vegan cheese-making kits for sale. With any luck, the first real vegan cheeses will be completed by the fall — and could mean the end of making do with cashew cheese.

Huge North Dakota Wastewater Spill Prompts Calls For Fracking Regs (James S.)

Beaver dams have so far prevented about 1 million gallons of fracking wastewater discovered spilled July 8 from a rural North Dakota pipeline from spreading too far. But area residents, environmentalists and even a Republican state legislator all want more reliable measures. The spill of the toxic saltwater, a byproduct of hydraulic fracturing, came from gas extraction operations at the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation and occurred days before it was discovered.

When 'Patient Zero' is your backyard tree (Wendy SD)

Citrus greening is spread from tree to tree by an insect that feeds on new growth leaves. The bug is called the Asian citrus psyllid, and it’s believed to have originated in India. Not coincidentally, oranges themselves are also originally from Asia and didn’t make it to North America until the 19th Century, when they were brought by Spanish explorers.

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Repost Of Today's News


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Emerging Nations Plan Their Own World Bank, IMF

ABC News-6 hours ago
Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa —the so-called BRICS ... unveil a $100 billion fund to fight financial crises, their version of the IMF.
BRICS to create development bank, 'mini-IMF'
-Economic Times-4 hours ago
BRICS nations launch new development bank
-Deutsche Welle-12 hours ago
  1. BRICS plan their own WB, IMF

    The Korea Herald-7 hours ago
    BRICS plan their own WB, IMF. WASHINGTON (AP) ― Fed up with U.S. dominance of the global financial system, five emerging market powers ...
  2. BRICS to launch own version of IMF, W. Bank

    Buenos Aires Herald-16 hours ago
    Comparatively, the IMF has assets of more than US$300 billion; the World Bank, US$490 billion. The BRICS powers are still jousting over the ...
  3. Move Over, IMF: BRICS Bank Aims to Rewrite the Rules of ...

    Foreign Policy-Jul 11, 2014
    Called "New Development Bank," the BRICS bank is expected to ... the backdrop of the United States' continued failure to endorse IMF reforms.


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