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Daily Digest 6/14 - The Energetics of Food Distribution, Who Earns Minimum Wage?

Saturday, June 14, 2014, 10:04 AM


Evidence Continues to Mount That a Short-Term Top Is In (Adam)

In my Monday article I highlighted how the market’s advance was strengthening and broadening out as the biggest sectors of the market that had lagged for the greater part of the year were beginning to gather momentum and become short-term leaders. Although this is a constructive development, I warned how the market was getting a little overheated as several of my intermediate-timing gauges had reached frothy levels, implying we either consolidate or experience a small pullback.

The Fear Factor (jdargis)

A demographic tool has become an economic one, treating a demographic challenge as both an economic crisis and a basis for pessimism justifying drastic reductions in bedrock government programs, including those supporting children and the poor. Even at state and local levels, the aging boomer demographic is repeatedly blamed for our economic difficulties. That is a lamentable mistake. The United States has serious economic problems, and the aging population poses significant challenges, but those challenges are not the main cause of the problems. They should not be treated that way.

Tapped in: How your phone gives you up to companies and criminals (jdargis)

Once attackers have connected to a device posing as an access point for a public network like AT&T’s, they use their own Internet connections to allow their targets to do what they would normally do. But in the process, they can collect all the data that streams through that connection. And that device doesn’t have to be a specially built piece of evil hardware or even a notebook computer with an additional wireless interface—it can be a smartphone or tablet tucked into someone’s pocket, as Pwnie Express’ PwnPhone demonstrates. Someone with a modicum of skill could “root” a mobile device and turn it into his or her own mobile attack platform.

Who Earns Minimum Wage? (jdargis)

his week President Obama unveiled details of a minimum-wage raise for those working under federal contracts. Congress meanwhile is moving slowly on the administration's request to mandate a new level of $10.10 across the country. Bloomberg's Willem Marx looks at potential beneficiaries if the hourly wage does rise, in today's Big Question.

U.S. Marshals Are Selling 29,656.51306529 Bitcoin (jdargis)

The government seized this particular cryptocurrency windfall in a raid on servers for Silk Road, the black market website, last year. (The bitcoin being auctioned doesn't include the personal stash of Ross William Ulbricht, the suspected mastermind of Silk Road.)

Bidder registration opens on June 16 and closes June 23, according to a notice posted on the U.S. Marshals website. Only registered bidders can participate in the auction, which will take place over a 12-hour period on June 27.

Why Tesla Gave Up On Patents (jdargis)

“I don’t really like patents, it’s not my favorite thing,” Musk said on the conference call. “I think there is a lot of abuse of the patent system these days. It’s rare to read that some individual inventor [created] technology benefitting [society]. That’s not what you usually read about. I can’t remember the last time I read about something like that.”

This made me wonder: Are there other patent-less inventors who created for the greater good? How rare is Musk’s suggestion that most inventions are for profit?

Oil Industry in Iraq Faces Setback to Revival (jdargis)

The stakes for the oil markets are high as the Iraqi government tries to gain control over the situation. An eventual decline in Iraqi exports would put pressure on China and India to increase their imports of Iranian oil again, weakening the United States government’s position in negotiations with Tehran over nuclear policies. Russian oil exports would become more crucial for global markets, potentially strengthening the Kremlin’s hand in Ukraine. And a major spike in global oil prices could help unfriendly regimes like Venezuela.

The Energetics of Food Distribution (Eric G.)

The pickup truck requires 13 times as much fuel as the semi truck to move the same amount of food, meaning that food can be delivered from 13 times further away via motorized freight and use the same amount of fuel. Put another way, a ton of food shipped the 3,000 miles from California to Vermont via semi truck requires the same amount of fuel as an equivalent ton shipped 220 miles round trip in the back of a farmer’s pickup. But what if food is shipped by semi from further afield, or shipped by pickup from the next town over? This is where the nuance begins.

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The Energetics of Food Distribution

While Eric Garza comes to the best conclusion ("the best distribution system is one that doesn’t require motorized transport at all"), until that happens, I propose that people consider the following:

1) Plenty of small market gardeners live at their farms. They do not drive to work, they live at their work. So when they load up their pickup and drive to market, it is really not that much different than the semi-truck driver who has to jump into his mini van (under loaded at only one passenger) and drive to the next town to get to work.

2) Plenty of "local" companies run around in trucks partially full to make deliveries: USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, the local baker, the local furniture store, the guy that runs car parts to the auto mechanic...so stop picking on the farmers' method of delivery.



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