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Daily Digest 6/6 - You Can Fight The NSA, How the Recession Reshaped the Economy

Friday, June 6, 2014, 9:23 AM


U.S. recoups jobs lost in recession as economy picks up (Time2Help)

Despite decelerating from April's outsized 282,000 gain, when hiring was still bouncing back from a winter lull, May marked a fourth straight month with job gains above 200,000 and an important milestone in the economy's recovery.

It finally recouped the 8.7 million jobs lost during the recession. Employment has risen by 8.8 million since hitting a trough in February 2010.

How the Recession Reshaped the Economy, in 255 Charts (Nervous Nelly)

Industries in the health care and energy sectors grew substantially over the last five years, while jobs in real estate and construction continued to shrink. Industries that paid in the middle of the wage spectrum generally lost jobs. And while the private sector overall is back to its pre-recession level, it hasn't added the roughly 10 million jobs needed to keep up with growth in the working-age population.

U.S. Added 217,000 Jobs in May; Unemployment Rate Remains 6.3% (jdargis)

“This is a solid report,” Mr. Shepherdson said in a note to investors immediately after the department’s announcement on Friday morning. The lack of wage growth, he added, should calm any fears at the Federal Reserve that the gradually improving labor market will quickly create upward pressure on inflation, always a worry for central bankers.

My State Of Emergency (jdargis)

As in many inner-city emergency rooms, wait times, though much improved, can be frustratingly long. During peak times, over 30 patients may arrive each hour, quickly overwhelming staff and space. But when people are seen, they are taken care of in ways that other hospitals’ patients would envy. Highland is a teaching hospital, one of the top facilities for emergency medicine in the country, so we draw some of the best medical students in the world as our interns and residents. And because we are a county hospital, we provide an army of social workers, financial counselors, and translators, who, together with clinical staff, address far more than a patient’s chief complaint. Limp in with a broken toe, skip out with temporary Medi-Cal, social worker support, a follow-up appointment with a primary care physician, and, hopefully, a renewed sense of possibility regarding your health.

The Clean Slate: From Boom To Bust (Taki T.)

Economies operate in cycles, they go through ‘booms’ and ‘busts’, ‘expansions’ and ‘recessions’, or what Ludwig von Mises described as the “wavelike” movement of the economy. Therefore, a ‘crisis’ should not come as a surprise. Austrian School economists Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich A. Hayek argue that central banks don’t help in smoothing the amplitude of the cycles, but are actually the root cause of the business cycle and its adverse effects. While some may view that the expansionary monetary policy can mitigate some of the adverse effects of a crisis – the Austrian School begs to differ. This position will become clearer in the course of this paper, as we apply the key arguments of ABCT on the major business cycles of the modern US economy. Finally, this will take us to the more striking question we ask ourselves today: Have we seen the end of it? Although Barack Obama believes that “we’ve cleared away the rubble from the financial crisis and begun to lay a new foundation for stronger, more durable economic growth”, this report will tell you otherwise.

You Can Fight The NSA (jdargis)

In a statement released by his attorney for Reset the Net, Snowden said, “Today, we can begin the work of effectively shutting down the collection of our online communications, even if the US Congress fails to do the same. … We have the technology, and adopting encryption is the first effective step that everyone can take to end mass surveillance.”

Single Dose of Antibiotic Found Effective in Quelling MRSA (jdargis)

In an editorial accompanying the research, Dr. Henry F. Chambers, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, said the one-shot antibiotic infusion could transform the treatment of acute bacterial skin infections and alter how these infections are managed.

“These patients could potentially just get an antibiotic and not be admitted to the hospital at all,” Dr. Chambers said in a telephone interview.

Decline of monarch butterflies linked to modern agriculture (jdargis)

Milkweed is disappearing, they write, because of the increasingly intensive land use of agriculture; although the study didn't do primary research on this connection, it has been demonstrated by others. Milkweed is still common in nature preserves, gardens, and along roadways, but for farmers, it's a weed. In the corn belt, agricultural land is being used more intensely, which means fewer buffers and borders of natural plants between the fields, and more powerful herbicides to reduce the number of weeds. The invention of herbicide-tolerant corn and soybeans has made growing more efficient, since it allows farmers to spray and kill off everything else, but it's bad news for milkweed and monarchs.

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Where to put the nuclear waste, how to keep it safe?

Carlsbad, New Mexico – A vast salt mine under the New Mexico desert was the Department of Energy’s last nuclear waste storage solution. On Valentines night, one of the now suspect 500 waste drums from DOE’s Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) blast open inside DOE’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). The WIPP accident is symptomatic of a much bigger problem at DOE and that is the scale of nuclear waste that decades of weapons production, nuclear research, and civilian and university reactors have produced.

DOE was burdened with Cold War legacy waste from Hanford and the Savannah River Site. Workers had been exposed and some had died in the process of creating components for nuclear weapons. The aftermath at both sites were more than a hundred leaking tanks of explosive high-level nuclear waste as well as massive contaminated buildings and production reactors that threatened the water supplies of the entire South and Pacific Northwest. So when NNSA began bringing in the foreign nuclear materials to process in the old separation canyons at SRS, they were adding to a toxic waste stream that had already made the huge site America’s largest Superfund Site. Presidents and Congress believed assurances from NNSA that new technologies such as suspending high-level nuclear waste in glass and using the new MOX fuel plant would point a path to the remediation of materials. Their faith was misplaced.


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Radioactive waste.

Google "browns gas radiation" or something like that. Also on youtube. There are also other methods.

Browns gas can neutralize radioactive waste, so there should be no need for storing it anywhere. But people make money from it so here we are.

Remember we have a system where problems = profit.

One quote below (BG = Brown`s gas)


Thus, BG works well to neutralize CONCENTRATED nuclear waste, like spent fuel rods or decommissioned warheads, but practically useless at remediation of radioactive materials that have dispersed into the general environment.

BG has been proven (Canada government certified tests) to be an extremely effective, practical and inexpensive method to neutralize the radioactivity of materials generally produced by nuclear powerplants. The neutralization can be done onsite, eliminating the need for transportation and storage of nuclear waste.

There is an organization (PACE) that has been lobbying for the Canadian Government to use BG to neutralize radioactive waste... with zero results. It seems that the Nuclear Industry does NOT want it's waste neutralized. I think they see it as potentially useful to make small power sources (like nuclear batteries), bullets, etc.

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BG Myth

Sorry, Browns Gas does not "neutralize" Radioative waste. There is a lot of discussion on the tin-foil leaning sites abotu BG and Radioactive waste. I don't see any real scientific papers on this topic and I doubt the exist.

No chemical processes can neutralize Radiactive waste. All Chemical reactions occur in in the electron shell of atoms but the source of radioactive decay is in the nucleus of atoms, when the nucleus contains an unstable number of neutrons and protons. Radioactive isotopes release ionizing radiation as the nucleus tries to change into a more stable state. 

The only way to reduce radioactivity is to give it lots of time, or to use use a process that accelerate the process to make the atoms change to stable isotope. This can be accomplished using a proton beam, but the energy input to neutralizing waste using a proton beam requires more energy that the Fission reaction used to generate electricity. 


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Mitsubishi Granted a Patent for Transmuting Nuclear Waste.

No chemical processes can neutralize Radiactive waste.

I take it you are not a follower of the Cold Fusion thread then? Sheldrake uncovered experiments that showed that the half life is not a Constant. (Much to the annoyance of the geologists and archeologists.)  It was assumed to be a constant.

Is Nothing sacred to those meddling empiricists?

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Arthur Wrote: "showed that

Arthur Wrote:

"showed that the half life is not a Constant"

Some of this research has been disproved because of errors. The differences detected are not of significant importance as they are only tiny changes. If they Half-life was decreased it would speed up the amount of radiation released. If the half-life is increased it will just take even more time for the isotopes reach a stable state. In any situation it does not render unstable isotopes as inert.


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