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Daily Digest 5/10 - Foreign Banks Collect Billions From Fed, The Price Of Power

Saturday, May 10, 2014, 10:24 AM


Hardship Makes a New Home in the Suburbs (jdargis)

“Everyone here knows they might have to be like that,” said Ms. Acosta, 40, neatly dressed in slacks and a chiffon blouse, as she waited for help from a local charity in this city an hour’s drive east of Los Angeles. Both she and her husband, Sebastian Plancarte, lost their jobs nearly three years ago. “Each time I see them I thank God for what we do have. We used to have a different kind of life, where we had nice things and did nice things. Now we just worry.”

Foreign Banks Collecting Billions From the Fed (cmartenson)

The interest was designed as a way to help policymakers control short-term rates. In September of last year, the Fed also introduced a “reverse repo” program that effectively allows money market funds and other entities to invest cash directly with the Fed. In a repurchase agreement, or repo, one party sells securities to the other and agrees to buy them back later at a higher price.

The price of power (Arthur Robey)

Despite the clear reality of falling demand, the network companies insisted that demand was rising, and they carried on investing billions of dollars into the grid. Every dollar of that investment is now being recovered from consumers, via our power bills. Every dollar, plus ten per cent—a guaranteed return granted to them by the regulator.

In 2012, three years after the spending began, the Senate held an inquiry into electricity prices. It was chaired by Labor MP, Matt Thistlethwaite.

Intelligence employees, current and past, barred from citing news leaks (jdargis)

The move follows another Clapper directive (PDF) in March requiring members of the nation's 17 spy agencies to obtain approval to speak to reporters, even about non-classified information.

The latest policy is more strict than one already requiring intelligence employees, present and past, to get pre-publication approval of books.

But What Would the End of Humanity Mean for Me? (jdargis)

Tegmark is more worried about much more immediate threats, which he calls existential risks. That’s a term borrowed from physicist Nick Bostrom, director of Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, a research collective modeling the potential range of human expansion into the cosmos. Their consensus is that the Milky Way galaxy could be colonized in less than a million years—if our interstellar probes can self-replicate using raw materials harvested from alien planets, and we don’t kill ourselves with carbon emissions first.

Lew Says China Must Avoid Putting Off Economic Reforms (jdargis)

“We’ve been making the case consistently, wherever we go, that it’s unacceptable for Russia to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty,” he said. “And that when we take actions and other countries in the world take action, it is important for there not to be backfill.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to open the door to Chinese money as U.S. and European sanctions over Ukraine threaten to tip the economy into recession, two senior government officials said.

'Electrosmog' disrupts orientation in migratory birds, scientists show (cmartenson)

"In our experiments we were able to document a clear and reproducible effect of human-made electromagnetic fields on a vertebrate. This interference does not stem from power lines or mobile phone networks," Mouritsen stresses, explaining that electromagnetic interference within the two kilohertz to five megahertz frequency range is mainly generated by electronic devices. "The effects of these weak electromagnetic fields are remarkable: they disrupt the functioning of an entire sensory system in a healthy higher vertebrate."

Slow Exit of the Midwest’s Winter Buries Gardens in a Deep Freeze (jdargis)

During what would typically be the busiest week of the year at garden centers in anticipation of Mother’s Day, some customers who have showed up there were frantic, sharing tales of woe about backyard gardens that have been decimated by the cold winter, asking for remedies from staff members and questioning why some new plants are not available, as they have been in previous years.

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Arthur Robey
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A good Cause Hijacked.

Reading pinecar's offering about poverty prompted me to post this expose of the hijacking of the cause of refuges for people at risk of death from violent spouses.

A fine example of Satan's handywork.

I hope you enjoy Erin Pizzey's company as much as I did.

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A good cause hijacked

thanks Arthur, I enjoyed the link

It seems that virtually all good causes get hijacked by the psychopath class, which uses the financial system to build their little empires on discovered opportunities such as social needs that can be addressed and managed by soliciting and distributing government payments.  Yet, every way I look at it, the best answer to the "hijacking" that you refer to always devolves to the local community.  My stateside community  has a women's shelter (the only charity I contribute to) that puts most of its money into actual shelter of women and families in need, and includes (separately roomed) males.  I learned long ago that religion based groups do a much better job of such things than the government.  In this latter regard, there an important principle here somewhere that  I cannot completely grasp................... 


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Excellent video, Jeanine!

Hi Arthur-

   Jeanine Dargis deserves the credit for the piece on poverty (I think that's the one you were referring to anyway).  Excellent video, Jeanine!  I had a great friend who used to work for Catholic Charities, and so it hits home all the more.


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Arthur Robey
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Velocity of Money Has Collapsed

Dr Jim Whillie tears his hair out in frustration in this audio He discusses shady dealings in the Ukraine, the impotence of the USA Navy when confronted by the Russians and other frustrations.

Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years.

The Golden Eagle



My own take is that the Maidan Massacre was a classic Terrorist operation. Horrific and media worthy. Someone is trying to stir up the masses.


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Arthur Robey
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Sorry Jeanine

It seems I have embarrassed myself again. I dunno how that happened.

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Google Buys Titan Aerospace

Google just announced they are buying Titan Aerospace, one of the largest drone manufacturers. Of course their intentions are merely to bring more internet services to remote parts of the world. Hmm, drone and internet technology combining and centralizing...of course it's harmless, I mean it is Google.

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No worries, Arthur

Don't you just hate being human sometimes?;)

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Japan Current Account Surplus Smallest on Record


  1. Japan Current Account Surplus Smallest on Record (A must read)
  2. National debt hits record high (Repost on Japan's national debt)
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Bankers Slave
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Arthur Robey
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The Big Picture

(Or a small part of it anyway)



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