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Daily Digest 4/25 - Goodbye Net Neutrality, The Real Cost Of A Tomato

Friday, April 25, 2014, 9:31 AM


Netherlands to become net gas importer in 10 years – IEA (Jacob)

The IEA says the country needs to develop a longer term energy policy up to 2030, which would involve huge investment into, and the promotion of, green projects like energy efficient buildings.

Furious Russia, Downgraded To Just Above Junk By S&P, Proposes "Scorched Earth" Retaliation Against NATO Countries (pinecarr)

First, in retaliation to the downgrade, Russian economy minister Alexei Ulyukaev said S&P’s downgrade of Russia’s rating was expected by investors, won’t significantly change their behavior, adding the obvious that the decision to cut Russia’s rating was partly political, partly based on economic situation. In other words, entirely symbolic - it is not as if Russia has access to bond markets anyway, plus as we wrote earlier this week in "Why Putin Is Smiling At The Bond Market's Blockade Of Russia", it is not as if it needs them.

Has The S&P 500 Topped At Exactly The Same Price As Gold? (Taki T.)

...margin debt in US equities is at all time highs. SeekingAlpha released an article which explains that “margin debt at the New York Stock Exchange rose to an all-time high of about $465.72 billion in February from its previous record high of about $451.30 billion in January. There is a strong positive correlation between NYSE margin debt and SPY.” Although the equities bull run is currently still intact, at least from a technical perspective, the risk of speculation is getting higher as well. The more speculation, the sharper the inevitable correction.

And Then There Is Everything Else: Summary Of All The Ignored Conflicts And Crises Around The World (Wendy SD)

Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) signed a pact to form a unity government within five weeks to prepare for elections within six months. Both Hamas and the more radical Islamic Jihad will join the umbrella PLO. Israeli halted all talks.

Goodbye, Net Neutrality; Hello, Net Discrimination (jdargis)

If reports in the Wall Street Journal are correct, Obama’s chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Thomas Wheeler, has proposed a new rule that is an explicit and blatant violation of this promise. In fact, it permits and encourages exactly what Obama warned against: broadband carriers acting as gatekeepers and charging Web sites a payola payment to reach customers through a “fast lane.”

8 Foods That Fight Back (jdargis)

Bitter greens may be in vogue (read: kale) but not all are healthy lettuce alternatives. Rhubarb greens contain dangerously high levels of oxalic acid, an organic compound that can cause serious kidney damage and even death (or, if you’re lucky, a hallucinogenic dream-state adventure through time, as was the fate of Alec Baldwin’s character on “30 Rock”.).

Although you’d have to eat nearly 10 pounds of leaves to be at serious risk of dying it’s best not to flirt with this hazardous acid. As a general rule for rhubarb, stay within the pink, or just stick to spinach.

In Florida Tomato Fields, a Penny Buys Progress (jdargis)

But those abusive practices have all but disappeared, said Ms. Velasquez, an immigrant from Mexico. She and many labor experts credit a tenacious group of tomato workers, who in recent years forged partnerships with giant restaurant companies like McDonald’s and Yum Brands (owner of Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC) to improve conditions in the fields.

The Real Cost Of A Tomato (jdargis)

A novel program to stop abuse of tomato workers in Florida.

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I see that the petition against changes to net neutrality has reached a grand total of 17 people. Out of a country of 200 million.

Poor effort. I guess no-one cares.

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Hours from meldown in '08.

A short video of how close it all was.

The inside skinny.

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Goodbye, Net Neutrality

I see the author of this article is also the author of the book I currently have on my reading shelf: The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires .

I jumped ahead to his conclusion, and here it is:

There is no escaping the reality that we have evolved into a society in which electronic information represents the substrate of much of daily life. It is a natural outcome of our having advanced past the mechanical age. And just as our addiction to the benefits of the internal combustion engine led us to such demand for fossil fuels as we could no longer support, so, too, has our dependence on our mobile smart phones, touchpads, laptops, and other devices delivered us to a moment when our demand for bandwidth - the new black gold - is insatiable. Let us, then, not fail to protect ourselves from the will of those who might seek domination of those resources we cannot do without. If we do not take this moment to secure our sovereignty over the choices that our information age has allowed us to enjoy, we cannot reasonably blame its loss on those who are free to enrich themselves by taking it from us in a manner history has foretold.

The book tracks the "rise and fall" of the telephone, radio, TV from unregulated to regulated; from "open" to consolidated. He then discusses the Internet and its current course through 2010 when the book was published.



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