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Daily Digest 3/17 - Russian (And American) Roulette, How Modern Dairy Works

Monday, March 17, 2014, 10:05 AM


Corporate tax avoidance 'scheme' hurting Canada, expert says (westcoastjan)

An additional concern for Howlett’s organization is Canada’s low corporate tax rate, which the Conservative government established with no guarantee or requirement from corporations that they spend it on job creation or other benefits to the country.

Currently, the rate is about 25 or 26 per cent, depending on the province. It’s so low that Howlett has actually heard complaints from the U.S.

Gold's Protection Against Counterparty Risk Is Coming Alive (Taki T.)

The fundamental issue here is that an economic crisis, which seems developing, could be very different this time. The effect could really be dramatic. The reason why “this time is different” is directly related to the worsening debt crisis, which is inherently linked to the currency wars. The US is playing a key role here. Why? During all previous escalations, the US, with its global dominance, was in a better economic shape than it is today. And so was the rest of the world.

Russian (And American) Roulette (Denny J.)

The risks of miscalculation and uncontrolled reaction have been severely aggravated by “Pravda-on-the-Potomac” (d.b.a. The Washington Post) and other corporate-owned press organs which have actively sought to stir up war hysteria. With a few brave exceptions, Western media coverage has put out a single, unitary message – a fable of brave, freedom-loving Ukrainians striving to break the Russian yoke – while ignoring the numerous inconvenient truths: that Russians form the second largest ethnic and linguistic group in Ukraine, and that Yanukovich, as distasteful as he might be, remains the democratically-elected president of Ukraine – driven into exile by a violent opposition, funded from abroad and infiltrated by openly neo-fascist parties.

The Town That Turned Poverty Into a Prison Sentence (westcoastjan)

Ford tried to meet her mounting debt to Harpersville, but as the months passed and the fees added up, she fell behind and stopped paying. In June 2007, the company sent a letter telling her to pay $145 immediately or face jail. But the letter was returned as undeliverable—a fact that did not stop the Harpersville Municipal Court from issuing a warrant for her arrest. Almost two years later, in January 2009, Ford was arrested on that outstanding warrant and promptly booked in the county jail—where, to offset costs, the town charged her $31 a day for her stay.

Daryl Hannah Talks Keystone Pipeline, Getting Arrested, Her New Doc And Stephen Harper At SXSW (westcoastjan)

I had been already, obviously, engaged in trying to fight the Keystone pipeline since it's a conduit to further expansion of the Tar Sands. I'm opposed to almost every form of extreme fuel extraction because it’s so wildly destructive to our life support systems and because we also know how to create and produce energy in less destructive, regenerative, cleaner ways.

Unskilled and Destitute Are Hiring Targets for Fukushima Cleanup (jdargis)

That shift in attention has translated into jobs at Fukushima that pay less and are more sporadic, chasing away qualified workers. Left behind, laborers and others say, is a work force often assembled by fly-by-night labor brokers with little technical or safety expertise and even less concern about hiring desperate people. Police and labor activists say some of the most aggressive of the brokers have mob ties.

Ohio Fracking Operation Halted Over Earthquakes (James B.)

Back in 2011 several large earthquakes hit near Youngstown, Ohio. Scientists have linked that incident with injection wells. Elsewhere, earthquakes have also seen an uptick in drilling areas. Oklahoma is now the second most seismically active area, after California. The oil and gas industry have argued that the link between injection wells and earthquakes is weak and needs more study before regulators halt drilling operations.

Inside the Milk Machine: How Modern Dairy Works (jdargis)

Milk has long been a source of controversy, both for its production and consumption. During the 1800s, poor sanitation in dairies led to outbreaks of milk-borne disease. French scientist Louis Pasteur demonstrated in 1862 that heating milk could eliminate the risk. Yet pasteurization was and, to some degree, is still controversial. Once milk is pasteurized it is considered no longer “a natural product” like raw milk. In the 1890s a doctor named Henry Coit established a board of physicians, called the Medical Milk Commission, to certify the safety of a farm’s milk. Certification brought a higher retail price that few customers were willing or able to pay.

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Moscow vs Washington

The article on Ukraine and Russia is excellent. Very few Americans have any conception as to the reality behind the presently unfolding events.  Unfortunately this ignorance appears to affect a large number of people in the State Department and other parts of the administration.  I am no friend or supporter of Putin but I am afraid that we may have chosen the wrong situation to make a stand and draw a line.


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greeces time

 I think that Greece's time has come to and end,  they are going tell Europ to go to hell.  I don't think that the words they are going to use ,and I won't use on this site. The Greeks are going hold elections in May and then all hell may break loose! 

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Good. I hope they tell the EU

Good. I hope they tell the EU to shove it.

Its about time that people start realizing that these "unions" do nothing but concentrate power in the hands of those who should'nt have it.

Its a lose and gut situation for anyone who gets on board.

All the "federal" level governments need to go. Decentralization of power is peace and prosperity.

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Bingo- Right on Schedule.

Debtor's Prisons. (Thanks WestcoastJ)

The repeal of the bankruptcy laws- just like Nicolle Foss predicted. Next thing to happen is indentured servitude.

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Arthur Robey
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Inflation versus the other thing,

And the winner is,


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I sincerely hope

you are right, unfortunately nobody leaves the EU, the treaties are apparently non negotiable after they have been signed. Can they leave the Euro and go back to the drachma....I dont know if they can whilst shackled to the political scene?

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