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Daily Digest 3/9 - Hong Kong’s Guerrilla Gardeners, The Face Behind Bitcoin

Sunday, March 9, 2014, 12:00 PM


The Face Behind Bitcoin (bem)

I'd come here to try to find out more about Nakamoto and his humble life. It seemed ludicrous that the man credited with inventing Bitcoin - the world's most wildly successful digital currency, with transactions of nearly $500 million a day at its peak - would retreat to Los Angeles's San Gabriel foothills, hole up in the family home and leave his estimated $400 million of Bitcoin riches untouched. It seemed similarly implausible that Nakamoto's first response to my knocking at his door would be to call the cops. Now face to face, with two police officers as witnesses, Nakamoto's responses to my questions about Bitcoin were careful but revealing.

Farm Bill Reflects Shifting American Menu and a Senator’s Persistent Tilling (jdargis)

While traditional commodities subsidies were cut by more than 30 percent to $23 billion over 10 years, funding for fruits and vegetables and organic programs increased by more than 50 percent over the same period, to about $3 billion.

Ukraine’s Fight to Fix Economy Is Also a Fight for Legitimacy (jdargis)

The Maidan itself is a memorial, a grave site and a place for visiting dignitaries to lay wreaths to the 82 people who died here. It is a metaphor for the revolution, for people power. But on another level, the Maidan remains an ungoverned trash heap of smoky barricades, broken sidewalks, burned buildings, piles of sandbags and bricks and tents housing more “self-defense” units.

You Can Make Batteries From Viruses? (jdargis)

I was inspired by how the abalone marine snail makes its hard shell using minimal organic material. It uses proteins to guide the incremental development of calcium carbonate in a geometric pattern. That gave me the idea to try to use biology to work with more than just the usual materials. A virus is a beautiful example of self-assembly of an ordered protein structure, and it's also easy to manipulate genetically.

Hong Kong’s Guerrilla Gardeners (jdargis)

“We call him the Mango King because he loves mangoes so much,” Leung says after we dodge an oncoming taxi. The Mango King is one of a growing number of urban farmers in Hong Kong, maximizing the city’s tight spaces to produce his own food. He currently grows sweet potatoes, 45 papaya trees, five mango trees, three banana trees, and two lychee trees on 700 square feet of land.

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