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Daily Digest 3/1 - The Scandal in America, Natural Gas Set New Records In 2013, London Gold Fix Scandal

Saturday, March 1, 2014, 11:47 AM


The Scandal in America That Is Hidden In Plain Sight - Privilege Blindness (Adam)

One of the great marvels of the time is how effectively well-funded propaganda campaigns and a captive mainstream media have distorted the peoples' view of reality so that they act as if they are sleep-walking.

An ongoing trend in the US has been a tax code that favors large multinational corporations with loopholes and subsidies that far too often result in an effective tax rate of close to zero, despite booming corporate profits in the face of a long stagnation in median family income and wages.

Supreme Court Rules Police May Search A Home Without Obtaining A Warrant (Wendy S. Delmater)

If the most disturbing, if underreported, news from yesterday, was Obama's "modification" of NSA capabilities, which contrary to his earlier promises, was just granted even greater powers as phone recording will now be stored for even longer than previously, then this latest development from the Supreme Court - one which some could argue just voided the Fourth amendment - is even more shocking. RT reports that the US Supreme Court has ruled that police may search a home without obtaining a warrant despite the objection of one occupant if that occupant has been removed from the premises. With its 6 to 3 decision in Fernandez v. California on Tuesday, the Court sided with law enforcement’s ability to conduct warrantless searches after restricting police powers with its 2006 decision on a similar case.

RBS has lost all the £46bn pumped in by the taxpayer (Adam)

Royal Bank of Scotland has lost all the money invested in it by the taxpayer six years ago when the lender came close to collapse.

The bank has confirmed its total losses since its bailout have now drawn level with the £46bn pumped into it in 2008 in return for an 81pc stake.

London Gold Fix study suggests decade of bank manipulation (Northernlights)

The London gold fix, the benchmark used by miners, jewellers and central banks to value the metal, may have been manipulated for a decade by the banks setting it, researchers say.

Unusual trading patterns around 3 p.m. in London, when the so-called afternoon fix is set on a private conference call between five of the biggest gold dealers, are a sign of collusive behavior and should be investigated, New York University’s Stern School of Business Professor Rosa Abrantes-Metz and Albert Metz, a managing director at Moody’s Investors Service, wrote in a draft research paper.

While Markets Make Records, Selectivity Is Becoming an Issue (Adam)

The big concern heading into this week was the weakness in financials and the consumer discretionary sectors as they make up 30% of the S&P 1500’s market cap. This week the consumer discretionary sector did improve by rallying 2.43%, but the financial sector has yet to wake up. We may need a steeper yield curve for that to occur.

While we have advance-decline lines and the major indexes at all-time highs, selectivity is clearly building in the markets as fewer stocks are hitting new highs, which poses the risk of a bigger decline down the road.

The Heart of Gold (pinecarr)

There was more shuffling around of bullion between the warehouses, but nothing particularly meaningful happened yesterday. Or today for that matter. We are in a phony market, a seeming impasse between the bulls and the bears. But this in only in the market that we can see, or rather, are allowed to see.

When will this end? I think Tolstoy said it this way. "Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not

U.S. Secrets, Criminal Banking Syndicates & Empty Gold Vaults (pinecarr)

With so much chaos taking place around the world, today King World News spoke to the man who has been focused on uncovering sensitive government and market information for over 15 years.  What he had to say will shock KWN readers around the world.  Chris Powell covered everything from a shocking scandal involving Western central planners to criminal banking syndicates, and the trip down the rabbit hole involves the U.S. Fed, European central banks, and a criminal syndicate of banks operating on their behalf.  Below is what Powell had to say in this remarkable and stunning interview.


Gas co. proposes new pipeline through Franklin County (gillbilly)

Residents in Shelburne and Montague have been contacted by representatives from the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. with plans for a proposed 250-mile project in Massachusetts.

While there is no application with detailed maps that have been filed with state environmental regulators, according to Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs spokeswoman Krista Selmi, similar letters have been received by planners and selectmen in Orange, Erving, Montague and Deerfield.

Natural Gas Set New Records In 2013 For Both Supply And Demand (jasonw)

The heavily-hyped golden age of natural gas appears to have begun in earnest – at least in the United States – last year, according to new data released today by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The EIA’s Natural Gas Monthly (NGM) report for February contains state and national‐level estimates of natural gas volume and price data through December 2013.

How Geothermal Heat Pumps Can Soar Like Solar (jasonw)

Not only can GHPs cut energy costs for heating and cooling by up to 80%, they can also provide other benefits such as essentially free hot water when in cooling mode, lower reliance on fossil fuels, and the elimination of above ground outdoor equipment.  These advantages have earned GHPs a small but dedicated cult of true believers, but not broad market acceptance.

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Third World America - Bp Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Coverup -Video

http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article44644.html  (originally from http://jessescrossroadscafe.blogspot.com )

As we approach the fourth anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Disaster, perhaps it is a good time to remember the great success it represents, the success in shifting the thoughts of attention deficient Americans from the things that really matter, like honest and accountable government.

Is anything really different, or have we just been prompted to move on and think about something else? Will the US be better prepared to deal with the next financial or environmental crisis?

Are portions of the US any different from other third world countries that are sacked of their resources, their people impoverished, their quality of life ruined, and their children left with little or no hope for the future?

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Arthur Robey
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For Crying in a Bucket.

Zimbabwe is being taken over by the Chinese. They are building a military air base there.

Well done all you hippy dippy, touchy-feely baby boomer Morons in the West.  Africa was yours but now it is not. There will be consequences to losing one fifth of the world's land.

Oh I haven't forgotten you too-clever-by-half divide and conquer economic strategists. Hows your kniving plan turning out? Have you got the platinum yet? I pray that you will have a long life so that you can contemplate your utter failure in the dark hours of the night.


Just in case you thought there must be a silver lining to this. Perhaps you were thinking that the Zimbabweans will be better treated by the Chinese than by us African Born Colonials.

Think again.


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Arthur Robey
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"Not Even High Class Hookers"

I watched this video with my head in my hands. Thanks Pinecarr

BP 4 Tears Later.

Cold Fusion looks crazy compared to what? Oil? You must be mad not to see the connection with the Pons and Fleischmann hatchet job and Big Oil.

Matt Simons drowned in his bath tub. These boys play very rough.

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Maybe we'll get lucky and China will also be defeated by colonialism before they can pillage every resource Africa has.

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Holes in the ecosystem

You're welcomed, Arthur.  I found it deeply disturbing as well.  "Holes in the ecosystem"...good God, what are we doing to ourselves?  What are we allowing to be done to the life systems on our planet?  

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Thanks Pinecarr

Very powerful and well done film.  The 3 Es come home to roost.  Whew!

Highly recommended.

The Big Fix -- BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Coverup

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Arthur Robey
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Little old paranoid me.

Memo to Self

  • Wear a life jacket while bathing.
  • A parachute when near the window
  • Get rid of the nail gun and the hammer
  • and the Rope
  • and the chainsaw
  • Don't walk near high embankments
  • Never accept a ride with Fats
  • Always swap tea cups with your friends. (Or not-keep them guessing.) It is the new polite ritual.
  • Invest in a few cute surprises.

You can't be too careful.


This is just like the good old days, except strangely different.


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Fracking education

Here's a shocking summary of fracking and its effects on fresh water:



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Thanks thc0655

First the oceans, then our fresh water?  All of a sudden the economic "E" doesn't seem like the baddest "E" in town.

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