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Daily Digest 2/24 - Gold Investor Fear May Be Fading, The Joy Of Living With Less

Monday, February 24, 2014, 11:43 AM


The joy of living with less (westcoastjan)

“It almost certainly took you longer than one afternoon to collect all the possessions in your life, and it is going to take you longer than one afternoon to sort them out,” said Joshua Becker, a minimalist in Arizona and writer of the blog BecomingMinimalist.com.

Google Will Soon Know You Better Than Your Spouse Does, Top Exec Says (westcoastjan)

"When you write an article, you're not creating an interesting collection of words," he continued. "You have something to say and Google is devoted to intelligently organizing and processing the world's information. The message in your article is information, and the computers are not picking up on that. So we would want them to read everything on the web and every page of every book, then be able to engage in intelligent dialogue with the user to be able to answer their questions."

HSBC Canada’s fourfold spike in bad loan provisions raises red flag for banking sector (westcoastjan)

The sudden jump in credit provisions was attributed to higher specific allowances for commercial clients in the energy, real estate and agricultural sectors, though few details were provided.

Canada's middle class 'mortgaging its future' with debt (westcoastjan)

The document, drawing on three years of "internal research," was prepared for the department's deputy minister, Ian Shugart, shortly before the resumption of Parliament last fall.

A Word of Warning on Gold: Investor Fear May Be Fading (Dana T.)

Gold differs from other investments in an important way: It isn't very useful. Some is used for rings, watches, dental implants and electronic connectors. But the vast majority is hoarded as bars, coins or, in developing countries, heavy jewelry that serves more as a protection against disaster than an adornment.

The Dollar and the Deep State (sand_puppy)

One key feature of the Deep State is that it makes decisions behind closed doors and the surface government simply ratifies or approves the decisions. A second key feature is that the Deep State decision-makers have access to an entire world of secret intelligence.

Tesla Shares Spike on Lower Costs (James B.)

The market is also looking closely at Tesla’s plans to build a lithium-ion battery plant because in the past there have been problems with demand outstripping supply, and this has been a key investor focus. The new plant could cut battery costs and allow for the creation of a more affordable electric car in 2017.

Smog inspires bursts of creativity (westcoastjan)

Particulate readings soared 15 times above the daily maximum recommended by the World Health Organization.

In response, city authorities have started using Beijing's new smog alert system - a series of emergency measures meant to quickly reduce pollution levels and protect city dwellers.

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