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Daily Digest 2/23 - California Drought Crisis Deepens, 12 WTF Charts

Sunday, February 23, 2014, 10:51 AM


Exclusive Essay: Anatomy of the Deep State (Karen H.)

A more elusive aspect of cultural assimilation is the sheer dead weight of the ordinariness of it all once you have planted yourself in your office chair for the 10,000th time. Government life is typically not some vignette from an Allen Drury novel about intrigue under the Capitol dome. Sitting and staring at the clock on the off-white office wall when it’s 11:00 in the evening and you are vowing never, ever to eat another piece of takeout pizza in your life is not an experience that summons the higher literary instincts of a would-be memoirist.

Jim Rogers outlines the end game for our Fed-fueled economy (Herman J.)

Jim Rogers is holding on to his gold position in anticipation of an inevitable market bubble and substantial gains. Safe as money in the bank? Not so says the self-made billionaire; the threat of pension fund and savings confiscation is just one more reason to add precious metals investments to a diversified portfolio.

Just 12 WTF Charts (pinecarr)

Of course, there are those who see these charts and through no self-referential cognitive-dissonance of their own (well in fact entirely for that status quo engendering reason) will proclaim... that proves it - US is cleanest dirty shirt and money is flooding back to 'safety' - however - that is entirely disingenuous...

Greek Financial Crisis Tied To Country's Rising Rates Of HIV, Depression, Infant Deaths (westcoastjan)

The study's findings were based mainly on population surveys and statistics from the government and other sources including the European Commission. Kentikelenis said it would take years to measure the long-term consequences of people being without regular access to health care, particularly those with chronic conditions like heart disease.

A Lesson for Detroit in Efforts to Aid a New Orleans Devastated by Katrina (jdargis)

Mr. Bender, a city employee whose house was flooded with seven feet of water in one of the “neighborhood planning areas,” took the floor and faced the head of the committee, a developer named Joseph C. Canizaro. “I don’t know you,” he said, “but, Mr. Canizaro, I hate you.”

California farm drought crisis deepens (Mike K.)

“This low allocation is yet another indicator of the impacts the severe drought is having on California communities, agriculture, businesses, power, and the environment,” said Michael Connor, commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. “We will monitor the hydrology as the water year progresses and continue to look for opportunities to exercise operational flexibility in future allocations.”

Drought-Stricken California to Get No Irrigation Water; 17 California Communities Could Run Dry; Higher Food Prices Expected; Is Shutting Off Irrigation Water a Good Idea? (Mike K.)

California Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency following reports that the water content of snow in Northern California’s Sierra Nevada, whose spring runoff is stored in reservoirs and moved by canals to other areas of the state, stands at 29% of normal.

New online tool tracks tree loss in 'near real time' (westcoastjan)

One of the big problems in dealing with tree loss has been a lack of accurate information. Over the same time period as all these trees were lost, around 800,000 sq km of new forest was planted.

To tackle the dearth of reliable and up to date information, the US based World Resources Institute (WRI) has lead the development of GFW, using half a billion high resolution images from Nasa's Landsat programme.

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Ukrainian bonds - inverted yield curve or just no liquidity?

I'm not sure if it's more accurate to say that the yield curve for Ukrainian bonds is inverted, or rather that short term bond yields have skyrocketed and longer term bonds may just not be selling.  Currently this site has yields for USD denominated Ukrainian euro-bonds in the 1-2 year range at somewhere between 13.5% and 17.5%.   Rates for short-term bonds denominated in Ukrainian Hryvnia are in the 22-25% range.   In the time I gave myself, I was not able to find a quote for a 10 year Ukrainian bond yield.

Last September, we compared 10 year bond yields in a variety of countries and Ukraine's was just a bit above Russia's, somewhere in the 7% to 8% range.  



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