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Daily Digest 2/22 - The Global Drinking Water Crisis, Is the Newest Supermaterial Already in Your Tackle Box?

Saturday, February 22, 2014, 1:44 PM


A Broken Promise and a Cold War Fight (jdargis)

Third is searing public outrage over the government’s sometimes brutal response to the street protests that followed the president’s about-face on ties with the European Union. The crackdowns deeply contradicted Ukraine’s post-Soviet national identity as a peaceful, pluralistic society. Even in the 2004 Orange Revolution that for a time brought pro-Western governments to power, the authorities did not assault the protesters.

Now, a quick recap of how recent events unfolded.

Kiev Truce Shattered, Dozens Killed (jdargis)

Last night, Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovych, working with opposition leaders in the months-long protest, declared a truce, hoping to begin negotiations. Within hours, each side was accusing the other of betraying the agreement, and some of the most-violent clashes to date took place, leaving dozens of protesters lying dead in Kiev's Independence Square, and hundreds more injured in nearby aid centers and hospitals. With the failure of these negotiations, and the escalating violence, fears are growing that President Yanukovych will declare a state of emergency, bringing military enforcement into the situation. The photos here are from the past 24 hours in Kiev.

Is the Newest Supermaterial Already in Your Tackle Box? (jdargis)

Researchers have found a way to convert fishing line into a powerful, energy dense product.

The Dream of Moving Abroad in Later Life, With Good Health Care (jdargis)

“Health insurance really is a primary consideration when retiring overseas,” said Brendan Sharkey, director of individual products for HTH, which sells and administers GeoBlue international health insurance. “People may want sunshine and affordable living, but they’ll also want to make sure they’ll be covered adequately.” That means not just buying a policy, but also assessing the quality of health care in the country where they plan to settle.

Syrians Seek New Delay in Export of Chemical Arms (jdargis)

News of the Syrian government’s request for a further delay in exporting the weapons was disclosed publicly on Thursday by Angela Kane, the top disarmament official at the United Nations, during a forum at its New York headquarters titled “The U.N. Role in the Chemical Weapons Issue in Syria: An Insider’s Perspective.” Her remarks were devoted largely to the United Nations investigation of what are suspected of being chemical weapons attacks in Syria last year, most notably the Aug. 21 assault near Damascus that killed hundreds.

Worst Spill in 6 Months Is Reported at Fukushima (jdargis)

The leaked water was among the most severely contaminated that Tepco has reported in the aftermath of the March 2011 disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, when damage caused by an earthquake and a tsunami led to meltdowns in three of the plant’s reactors. Each liter of the water contained, on average, 230 million becquerels of particles giving off beta radiation, the company said. About half of the particles were likely to be strontium 90, which is readily taken up by the human body in the same way that calcium is, and can cause bone cancer and leukemia.

Feds Withhold Water To California Farmers For First Time In 54 Years

The US Bureau of Reclamation released its first outlook of the year and finds insufficient stock is available in California to release irrigation water for farmers. This is the first time in the 54 year history of the State Water Project. "If it's not there, it's just not there," notes a Water Authority director adding that it's going to be tough to find enough water, but farmers are hit hardest as "they're all on pins and needles trying to figure out how they're going to get through this."

The Global Drinking Water Crisis That Is Hitting Close to Your Home (westcoastjan)

Climate change, extreme energy extraction methods and preventable accidents spurred by loosening restrictions mean that more of us in more parts of the U.S. can't find water that's safe for drinking, cooking and bathing, or we can't find test results to reliably prove our water is safe. That's become painfully apparent to the people of West Virginia, where the governor is now stepping back from his earlier assurances about the safety of drinking water after a chemical spill into the Elk River.

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