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Daily Digest 2/15 - The Sixth Extinction, Snow On Ground In 49 States

Saturday, February 15, 2014, 12:11 PM


California Regulator Sets Tone for Net Metering Battle in 2014 (kelvinator)

In a frank and ominous farewell message delivered at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) last week, Commissioner Mark Ferron called on his fellow commissioners to resist mounting pressure to protect the interests of powerful utilities over those of energy consumers and solar-powered customers in the state’s ongoing battle over net energy metering.

NAV Premiums of Certain Precious Metal Trusts and Funds - What Are They Thinking? (Thomas C.)

I do not expect the big insiders to get caught up in this debacle as I have said on numerous occasions. But they will be carrying some big specs and funds out on stretchers. And perhaps a bureaucrat, politician, and banker or two.

In fact, it is likely that if the scheme is revealed and taken down before a crisis, it will happen because big players started complaining to the regulators. The market overseers will listen to the financially powerful, if not the public, as had happened in the case of the London Whale. This is the failure of equal justice, and it will bring down whole governments if it continues.

When it Comes to Finances, Canadians Believe One Thing and Do Another (westcoastjan)

This is one study, however, and it examined peoples' financial beliefs and behaviours regarding their investments. Does this really have any broader implications for their overall financial management, let alone their debt management, capabilities? Well, maybe it does, as it speaks to the highly influential role our emotions and self perception play in our finances, not 'just' the technical knowledge component that is usually reported upon. As 'perception is reality', maybe we need the financial media to focus on these perception variables in equilibrium with stories of market trends and investment strategies.

Winter’s Not Just Cold and Snowy. It’s Expensive. (jdargis)

Abbadabba’s, where a wall of spring flip-flops is on display, generally places orders six months in advance and cannot restock on short notice. “When you’re small retail, your real business is inventory management, just having the right things at the right time,” Ms. Dellaporta said. “I would have loved to have been stocked up on nothing but rain boots, but that wouldn’t be practical.”

The Childless Plan for Their Fading Days (jdargis)

Ms. Tint’s situation is one that more and more elderly people will face over the next few decades as fewer women choose to have children. According to an August 2013 report from AARP, 11.6 percent of women ages 80 to 84 were childless in 2010. By 2030, the number will reach 16 percent. What’s more, in 2010, the caregiver support ratio was more than seven potential caregivers for every person over 80 years old. By 2030, that ratio is projected to decline to four to one. By 2050, it’s expected to fall to three to one.

Where's the snow? On the ground in 49 of 50 states (jdargis)

There doesn't appear to be much snow on the ground in Texas or Louisiana, and with the forecast of mild temperatures, it doesn't figure to last much longer there, if it even makes it through the day Thursday.

The map shows how sparse the snow is in parts of the West, as only small parts of Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico are showing snow because of the ongoing drought and warmth.

The Sixth Extinction (jdargis)

For example, we continue to use the world’s atmosphere as an open sewer for the daily dumping of more than 90 million tons of gaseous waste. If trends continue, the global temperature will keep rising, triggering “world-altering events,” Kolbert writes. According to a conservative and unchallenged calculation by the climatologist James Hansen, the man-made pollution already in the atmosphere traps as much extra heat energy every 24 hours as would be released by the explosion of 400,000 Hiroshima-class nuclear bombs. The resulting rapid warming of both the atmosphere and the ocean, which Kolbert notes has absorbed about one-third of the carbon dioxide we have produced, is wreaking havoc on earth’s delicately balanced ecosystems. It threatens both the web of living species with which we share the planet and the future viability of civilization. “By disrupting these systems,” Kolbert writes, “we’re putting our own survival in danger.”

Three Signs of Retreat in the Global War on Climate Change (westcoastjan)

A series of recent developments highlight the way we are losing ground in the epic struggle to slow global warming. This has not been for lack of effort. Around the world, dedicated organizations, communities and citizens have been working day by day to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote the use of renewable sources of energy. The struggle to prevent construction of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is a case in point. As noted in a recent New York Times article, the campaign against that pipeline has galvanized the environmental movement around the country and attracted thousands of activists to Washington, DC, for protests and civil disobedience at the White House. But efforts like these, heroic as they may be, are being overtaken by a more powerful force: the gravitational pull of cheap, accessible carbon-based fuels, notably oil, coal and natural gas.

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Childless plan for future

Very good article, especially relevant for those without children.  Thanks!

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Arthur Robey
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The Silver Bullet Pension Plan.

Why does it all come down to silver?

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Sunday Sharing on Miners

Please see Feb 9th PM Daily Market Commentary for results.  Any concrete suggestions on oil stocks? Or, natural gas?  Still creating a Set of Targets.

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More SUNDAY reading: For Silver Buffs

http://srsroccoreport.com)" rel="noreferrer noopener">SRSrocco Report New Post

Link to SRSrocco Report

What They Did To Silver

Posted: 14 Feb 2014 01:06 PM PST

(by Charles Savoie) This brings us to Paul Volcker, who chaired the Federal Reserve System in D.C. (August 1979 to August 1987) during which time he shafted gold and silver investors and miners by such low blows including telling U.S. banks to not lend for “speculative” gold and silver buying; and arranging a “bailout” loan […]mV6llNH3wDM?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email
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Ken Pollinger [email protected]

7:25 PM (14 hours ago)
Steve  I have REALLY enjoyed the two posts by Charles Savoie.  I've often wondered why and HOW the world went off the SILVER standard and got onto the GOLD standard, historically.
Can you recommend a book or two?
Many thanks for all your contributions.

Steve Rocco

1:25 AM (8 hours ago)
to me


Thanks for the reply.  I have to say, Charles is by far one of the best researchers in the world as it pertains to the WHO'S WHO in the silver market.


Steve Rocco ([email protected])
Steve.  Been reading The Big Reset by Willem Middelkoop and am enjoying it muchly.
page 21, ". . .,the role of the bezant as money was replaced by silver coins in many European countries.  From 1550 until the early 17th century, a long period of general price increases ensued. After the discovery of large deposits of silver in Latin America in the 16th century, an international silver standard developed, which existed for almost 400 years. . . . A silver standard was adopted by the US in 1785.  Etc.
And, :Due to the mounting silver shortages, the United Kingdom and many countries in the British Empire adopted a gold standard in 1816.  In Canada (1853), the US(1873) 
and Germany (1872)
THUS, a gold standard generally existed from 1816-1914
HERE is where Charles Savoie comes in, for me, and explains HOW we went from the silver standard to the gold standard.  UNFORTUNATELY HE THROWS IN SO MUCH INFO that the main thesis is not readily available, plus his obvious bias against the bankers, etc., is a way to turn people off from reading his excellent research.
I'd like to try to succinctly SUMMARIZE HIS LENGTHY diatribe and pull out the essentials for all to see.
Why has there not been a good history of WHY and HOW we moved from the silver standard to the gold standard.  WHO was involved and WHAT was the process??


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