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Daily Digest 1/11 - "Fair Price" for Canada's Oil Is Slippery Slope, Looking For Lessons From Iceland

Saturday, January 11, 2014, 6:10 PM


Former RCMP commissioner living in $8,000/month Manhattan apartment on taxpayer’s dime (westcoastjan)

But documents obtained from the RCMP under access-to-information legislation show it is costing taxpayers about $8,000 monthly for Elliott’s midtown apartment, electricity and furniture rental; plus thousands of dollars in real estate brokerage fees and travel back and forth to Ottawa.

Heavily armed marines seize 338 pleasure boats from retirees and ‘mellow’ Canadians over $70 permit (westcoastjan)

After inspecting more than 1,600 vessels in late November, the Mexican government’s Treasury Department announced it had initiated seizure orders against 338 boats it accused of lacking a $70 permit. The office says it has four months to decide whether to release the boards or sell them at auction.

Out of the Abyss: Looking for Lessons in Iceland's Recovery (westcoastjan)

What happened in Iceland from 2008 to 2011 is regarded as one of the worst financial crises in history. It seems likely that never before had a country managed to amass such great sums of money per capita, only to lose it again in a short period of time. But Iceland, with a population of just 320,000, has also staged what appears to be the fastest recovery on record. Since 2011, the gross domestic product has been on the rise once again, most recently at 2 percent. What's more, salaries are rising, the national debt is sinking and the government has paid off part of the billions in loans it received in 2008 from the International Monetary Fund ahead of schedule. It's a sign of confidence.

Obama, lawmakers discuss whether to end NSA collection of Americans’ phone records (sand_puppy)

“It was clear to me that the president and his administration are wrestling with the issues now,” said Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee who attended the meeting and favors ending the bulk collection because, he said, it is too far-reaching and has not proved effective.

The debate has been forced by the disclosure of the program in June, when Britain’s Guardian newspaper published details leaked to it by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. The program collects “metadata,” or numbers dialed and call times, but not the content of conversations.

A "Fair Price" for Canada's Oil Is a Slippery Slope (westcoastjan)

As the National Energy Board website explains, "all crude oil is not valued equally. Light oil that is low in sulphur (sweet) is more valuable to refiners than heavy oil with higher sulphur content (sour)." In a chemical sense, oil containing more carbon and less hydrogen delivers less energy -- unless refiners inject more hydrogen molecules, which costs them money. So the price gap is partly due to geography, and partly due to a difference in quality.

Planes, trains and automobiles: Traveling by car uses most energy (Arthur Robey)

"It is important to recognize that the energy intensity of flying will continue to improve," Sivak said. "Because the future energy intensity of flying will be better than it currently is, the calculations underestimate the improvements that need to be achieved in order for driving to be less energy-intensive than flying."

Silver Is The Most Precious Metal (Taki T.)

We commonly hear the expression that gold and silver have been used as money for 5,000 years. What is less discussed, however, is that silver has been used historically for its protective power. “Hundreds of years before scientists and doctors understood what microbes were and how they cause illness, the health benefits of silver were readily observable. Ancient Greeks used silver vessels for water purification, pioneers trekking westward used silver coins in their water and milk containers to prevent dysentry, colds and flu with Australian’s living in the outback suspended silverware in their water tanks to slow spoilage.”

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Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013


A bill introduced in the US Senate by Chuck Schumer (D-NY), entitled the “Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013,” – now supported by 50 US Senators – formally turns over American war powers to the State of Israel and its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.....

..According to a leading American Iran expert, Columbia University professor Gary Sick, “the bill outsources any decision about resort to military action to the government of Israel, by committing the United States in advance to support any military action by Israel.”

The bill effectively gives Netanyahu the war powers of both the US Congress and the US president. In effect, it makes Netanyahu emperor of the USA, empowered to lead America into any war he wants at the time and place of his choosing.


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