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Daily Digest 1/6 - ‘Polar Vortex’ Brings Coldest Temps in Decades, Why A Finite World Is A Problem

Monday, January 6, 2014, 10:18 AM


Why a Finite World is a Problem (westcoastjan)

A finite world is governed by cycles. We like to project in straight lines or as constant percentage increases, but the real world doesn’t follow such patterns. Each day has 24 hours. Water moves in waves. Humans are born, mature, and die. A resource is extracted from an area, and the area suddenly becomes much poorer once the income from those exports is removed. Once a country becomes poorer, fighting is likely to break out. A recent example of this is Egypt’s loss of oil exports, about the time of the Arab Spring uprisings in 2011. The fighting has not yet stopped.

Couple Feel 'Robbed' By 25% Interest TD Car Loan (westcoastjan)

“I went in willingly to get the loan, because we needed a car. But, from what I was told and what I was promised when I went in — now I feel like I’ve been lied to,” said Hauser, who insists they were assured their interest rate could be lowered, substantially, after a year.

“It’s been more than 30 months. We never missed a payment, and we still have the same car and we still have the same high interest,” said Gamarra.

Colorado River Drought Forces a Painful Reckoning for States (jdargis)

These new realities are forcing a profound reassessment of how the 1,450-mile Colorado, the Southwest’s only major river, can continue to slake the thirst of one of the nation’s fastest-growing regions. Agriculture, from California’s Imperial Valley to Wyoming’s cattle herds, soaks up about three-quarters of its water, and produces 15 percent of the nation’s food. But 40 million people also depend on the river and its tributaries, and their numbers are rising rapidly.

Democrats Press Revival of Jobless Aid That Expired (jdargis)

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, said Sunday that the current proposal to renew emergency unemployment benefits for three months needed the support of at least four Republicans in addition to Senator Dean Heller of Nevada, who co-sponsored the bill, when the Senate returns on Monday.

Arguing that the majority of Americans support extending unemployment benefits, Mr. Reid called Republicans in Congress “out of touch.”

‘Polar Vortex’ Brings Coldest Temperatures in Decades (jdargis)

With an arctic air mass bringing “dangerously low temperatures” to the center of the country, the wind chill temperature could make it feel like 50 degrees below zero in parts of the northern Plains and Midwest. The so-called polar vortex, as some meteorologists are describing this weather pattern, will also bring the coldest temperatures in years as far south as Atlanta and Nashville, where the high on Monday is expected to be 10 degrees.

'Historic and life-threatening' freeze brings rare danger warning (jdargis)

While the current weather patterns gave the Northeast a bit of a reprieve, it's in for a brutal drop as the arctic air works its way east. New York, where it's about 50 degrees with wind chill Monday morning, could go as low as minus 7 on Tuesday, said CNN meteorologist Indra Petersons. The region could face a 60-degree temperature change in a single day.

Pesticide 'contaminating' Prairie wetlands: scientist (westcoastjan)

They're used on a wide variety of crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, barley, potatoes and fruit. In Western Canada, neonics are most commonly found on canola. Virtually all of the 8.5 million hectares of canola planted in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta are now treated with them.

Based on confidential data obtained from the federal government, Morrissey said her conservative estimate is 44 per cent of crop land in the Prairies was treated with neonics in the year she reviewed.

Climate Change Isn't Just Going to Go Away Overnight (westcoastjan)

From time to time throughout history, humans have been challenged by circumstances to rise above what they believed was possible and create colossal, enduring, positive change. In his writings, priest and Earth Scholar Thomas Berry calls such movements the Great Work of a People. Examples include the creation of democracy by the ancient Greeks; the engendering of three great religions by Israel; and the order brought to the scattered states of Western Europe by the Romans. In modern times, the peaceful transformation of South Africa under the leadership of Nelson Mandela into a multiracial democracy could be called the Great Work of that nation.

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West Coast sardine crash could radiate throughout ecosystem
If sardine populations don't recover soon, experts warn, the West Coast's marine mammals, seabirds and fishermen could suffer for years.


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My understanding of the Marine Ecosystem.

There is a finely balanced war between jellyfish and pelagic fish. (Or any organism that uses calcium as a framework.)

The Jellyfish eat the small fish. The bigger fish eat the jellyfish. (eg Sunfish and turtles). In an alkaline ocean the balance is tipped in favour of the fish by a small amount. Not enough to wipe out the jellyfish.

Lower the Ph. (Pondus Hydrogenai) and the jellyfish get the upper hand, Lower the oxygen content (Higher temperatures=less dissolved oxygen) and the Jellyfish are given the upper hand as they have a lower metabolic rate.

I see that the article says that is unsure of why there are less sardines.

With a calorie content of 2 joules per Kg Jellyfish are not a good food source.

Bon Apatit.

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USDA to Approve Agent Orange GMOs

USDA Expects to Approve Agent Orange GMOs - The USDA has issued an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and announced that following a 45-day public comment period it expects to approve Dow’s line of GMO crops resistant to the herbicide 2,4-D. This poison is one of the two main constituents of the infamous chemical weapon Agent Orange. Up for approval are one maize variety and two varieties of soybeans. This impetuous approval process, taking less than eight months to draw up such an allegedly rigorous EIS, is part of the Obama administration’s drive to “streamline”, i.e. accelerate, what was already the USDA’s rubber-stamp procedure for deregulating GMOs. As always, we see how Obama is the most aggressively pro-Monsanto president yet. This approval and the huge surge in 2,4-D use that will follow comprise a major escalation of an already insane and failed policy.

it’s almost impossible to manufacture 2,4-D without the tetradioxin trace bi-product, which was responsible for most of the cancers and birth defects associated with agent orange...and tetradioxin is persistent in the soil for decades...links and discussion in the comments thread to the above..

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Re: My understanding of the Marine Ecosystem.

The sardine fishing boat Eileen motored slowly through moonlit waters from San Pedro to Santa Catalina Island, its weary-eyed captain growing more desperate as the night wore on. After 12 hours and $1,000 worth of fuel, Corbin Hanson and his crew returned to port without a single fish.


I haven’t caught a single fish (trolling) for at least 3 years in these waters from San Diego to Santa Catalina Island.

Some fishermen here say Mexico sold fishing rights off shore Baja California to the Chinese preventing fish migration to the north. I don’t know if it's true but the fact it’s now very difficult to catch anything here.

However it’s very easy to spot sunfish sunbathing at the surface.

So probable causes can be found in a combination of warmer waters, acidification and over-fishing.



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No More Fish, No Fishermen

Song by Shelley Posen of Finest Kind. I couldn't find a video of Shelley singing it, so here's one with David Coffin:

No More Fish, No Fishermen

Out along the harbour reach
Boats stand dried up on the beach
Ghost-like in the early dawn
Empty now the fish are gone
What will become of people now
Trying to build a life somehow
Hard hard times are back again
No more fish, no fishermen

No more shoppers in the stores
Since the fish plant closed its doors
Men who walked a trawler’s decks
Now line up for welfare cheques
There’s big “For sale” signs everywhere
Pockets empty, cupboards bare
See it on the news at ten
No more fish, no fishermen

Once from Ship Cove to Cape Race
Port-au-basques to Harbour Grace
Newfoundlanders fished for cod
Owing merchants trusting God
They filled their dories twice a day
They fished their poor sweet lives away
They could not imagine then
No more fish, no fishermen

Back before the second war
We could catch our fish inshore
Boats were small and gear was rough
We caught fish but left enough
And now there’s no more fish because
The trawler fleets took all there was
We could see it coming then
No more fish, no fishermen

Farewell now to stage and flake
Get out for the children’s sake
Leave all friends and kin behind
Take whatever job you find
There’s some that say things aren’t so black
They say the fish will all come back
Who’ll be here to catch them then
No more fish, no fishermen

Words by Sheldon Posen, Music by John Goss

SailAway wrote:

I haven’t caught a single fish (trolling) for at least 3 years in these waters from San Diego to Santa Catalina Island.

Some fishermen here say Mexico sold fishing rights off shore Baja California to the Chinese preventing fish migration to the north. I don’t know if it's true but the fact it’s now very difficult to catch anything here.

However it’s very easy to spot sunfish sunbathing at the surface.

So probable causes can be found in a combination of warmer waters, acidification and over-fishing.



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