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Daily Digest 12/31 - Fukushima Radiation Hits SF, Why You Should Quit Facebook In 2014

Tuesday, December 31, 2013, 12:35 PM


The food co-op where shoppers are happy to work (westcoastjan)

"The other reason why I do it is there's no profit margin that goes to some unknown group of people. We end up paying a third less because there's no profit margin because it's a co-operative," he explains.

"People ask me, 'What were you doing?' I say, 'Stocking tomatoes.' But it's fun, it's a change of rhythm and actually I'm quite proud of it."

Stephen Harper’s government edited message about taking climate change seriously (westcoastjan)

“Unlike the previous Liberal government, under whose watch greenhouse gas emissions rose by almost 30 per cent, or the NDP, who want a $21 billion carbon tax, our Government is actually reducing greenhouse gases and standing up for Canadian jobs,” Aglukkaq said in her Sept. 27 statement.

Everyone In America Is Even More Broke Than You Think (DTR)

The 894 people that earn more than $20 million make more than 99.99989% of Americans, and are compensated a cumulative $37,009,979,568 per year.

11 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook In 2014 (jdargis)

Even though the purpose of Facebook is effectively to reveal details about everything and anything you do, access to this knowledge could take a toll on your mental well-being. A recent study done by the Department of Behavioral Science at the Utah Valley University discovered that heavy Facebook users aren't the happiest people out there. The researchers found that just using Facebook makes you view your life more negatively. Of 400 students questioned, "those who have used Facebook longer agreed more that others were happier, and agreed less that life is fair, and those spending more time on Facebook each week agreed more that others were happier and had better lives."

The Real Oil Extraction Limit, and How It Affects the Downslope (westcoastjan)

Because of diminishing returns, the cost of oil extraction keeps rising. It is hard for oil prices to increase enough to provide an adequate profit for producers, because if they did, workers would get poorer and poorer. In fact, oil prices already seem to be too low. In years past, oil companies found that the price they sold oil for was sufficient (a) to cover the complete costs of extraction, (b) to pay dividends to stockholders, (c) to pay required governmental taxes, and (d) to provide enough funds for investment in new wells, in order to keep production level, or even increase it. Now, because of the rapidly rising cost of new extraction, oil companies are finding that they are coming up short in this process.

Gazprom Flag Planted Firmly in Arctic (James S.)

Greenpeace International continued to express alarm over oil activity in the pristine arctic climate even as the last of its non-Russian activists were freed from prison. For Russia's Gazprom, their freedom means one less hurdle to a bold new campaign in the Pechora Sea.

Doctors Warn of New Stomach 'Superbug' Hitting U.S. (Wendy SD)

While the flu is spread mostly in the air by sneezes and coughs and a person needs to breathe in as many as 1,000 virus particles to get sick, the norovirus is far more contagious. Just 18 norovirus particles can make a person sick.

The flu can last two to four hours on hard surfaces outside your body, but the norovirus can survive and remain infectious for weeks.

Fukushima Radiation Hits San Francisco (kelvinator)

This shocking video was taken December 23rd 2013 with a quality Geiger Counter at Pacifica State Beach (Surfers Beach), California. Background radiation is 30 CPM. Near the ocean it’s 150 CPM. The fine mist coming from the ocean waves seems to be what makes the Geiger Counter jump.

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Doctors Warn of New Stomach 'Superbug' Hitting U.S. - Year Old

This article and vid is from January 2013.  

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