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Daily Digest 12/3 - American Psychosis, Europe's Steep Energy Slope

Tuesday, December 3, 2013, 10:12 AM


In the Wake of Protest: One Woman's Attempt to Unionize Amazon (ollie)

Up until then my ideas about unions were vague. I was pro-union in orientation, not experience. I had seen John Sayles' Matewan and knew that "Solidarity Forever" was a song, but that was about it. What ideas I did have were steeped in nostalgia and rooted in a desire for working class authenticity. I found ethical simplicity of a world in which the boss is the guy in the office, and the worker is the guy in the coal pit very appealing, but it wasn't all that relevant.

Bank of England UK Housing Market Bubble Panic is Mark Carney Playing Game of Thrones (adam)

The Bank of England's relentless, monotonous statements of a stable UK housing market for the whole of 2013 that have been dutifully regurgitated by the mainstream media was punctured yesterday as the broadcast news was full of the image of money printing Mark Carney issuing a warning of the risks of an unfolding UK housing market bubble that the Bank of England would seek to take measures to counter starting with withdrawal of the funding for lending scheme for mortgages from the end of Jan 2014.

Secret city design tricks manipulate your behaviour (westcoastjan)

n 1999, the UK opened a Design Against Crime research centre, and authorities in Australia and the US have since followed suit. Many of the interventions these groups pioneered are familiar today: such as boundary marks painted around cashpoints to instil an implied privacy zone and prevent “shoulder surfing”.

How Finland is preparing for its future economy (westcoastjan)

Finland is producing a lot of ICT, mobile phones and technology, and our educational institutions are equipped with technological equipment better than any other European country, but we’re not using them as much as we could. The same goes for the so-called e-services (e-health, e-learning, etc).

Italian officials spend almost $3B on dubious expenses including lap dances, truffles and sheep (westcoastjan)

Investigators scrutinizing claims from regional councils found that Roberto Cota, the governor of Piedmont, charged receipts for five restaurant meals on the same night. In Emilia-Romagna, elected officials were found buying Tiffany jewellery and police said it was common for councillors to use public money to pay television stations to interview them.

American Psychosis (Nervous Nelly)

This cult has within it the classic traits of psychopaths: superficial charm, grandiosity and self-importance; a need for constant stimulation; a penchant for lying, deception and manipulation; and the incapacity for remorse or guilt. Michael Jackson, from his phony marriages to the portraits of himself dressed as royalty to his insatiable hunger for new toys to his questionable relationships with young boys, had all these qualities. And this is also the ethic promoted by corporations. It is the ethic of unfettered capitalism. It is the misguided belief that personal style and personal advancement, mistaken for individualism, are the same as democratic equality. It is the nationwide celebration of image over substance, of illusion over truth. And it is why investment bankers blink in confusion when questioned about the morality of the billions in profits they made by selling worthless toxic assets to investors.

'Peak toilet' problem puts brakes on northwest development (westcoastjan)

Advanced diagnostic tools helped city officials learn recently that Bowness' sewer main is so overburdened that new growth, coupled with heavy rain storms, would greatly heighten the risk of sewage backup into homes.

"If your pipe is full, the water gets pressurized. Once that wastewater is pressurized it needs to go somewhere," said Francois Bouchart, infrastructure planning manager for city's water resources unit.

Europe and Its Slippery Energy Slope (James S.)

Europe, at present the world's largest market and largest economic bloc, is in decline and living standards are in danger. That was the sober message at an energy conference here, delivered by a battery of speakers from across eastern Europe.

The narrative is that energy is what is dragging Europe down – not low birthrates and pervasive social-safety networks, but increasing dependence on expensive energy imports and hopelessly tangled markets.

Shanghai Warns Children to Stay Indoors on Air Pollution (Wendy SD)

Pollution levels began rising on the day of the Shanghai marathon, with the air quality index surpassing 200 at 1 p.m., according to the center. In October, the Shanghai government announced a plan to cut 2012 PM2.5 readings by 20 percent by 2017.

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Detroit bankruptcy moves forward

Federal judge approves Detroit bankruptcy today.



This is important by itself, but it's even more important as a precedent for the many other US cities facing the same issues.

"Welcome to the Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor."

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