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Daily Digest 12/2 - Trouble On Six Legs, The 'Worst Storm In 150 Years"

Monday, December 2, 2013, 10:43 AM


Gloomy Numbers for Holiday Shopping’s Big Weekend (jdargis)

More than 141 million people shopped online or in stores between Thursday and Sunday, according to a survey released Sunday afternoon by the retail federation, an increase of about 1 percent over last year. And the average amount each consumer spent, or planned to spend by the end of Sunday, went down, dropping to $407.02 from $423.55. Total spending for the weekend this year was expected to be $57.4 billion, a decrease of nearly 3 percent from last year’s $59.1 billion.

Farmers describe 'worst storm in 150 years' (westcoastjan)

At Lone Tree Ranch, in Meade County, 3,000ft (910m) up in the undulating hills that stretch out over the prairie like giant sand dunes, Larry Reinhold shows me Costello Point where nearly a hundred of his horses perished. In cash terms his losses will run to around $250,000 (£153,000).

Currency Suicide: Japan Experiencing The Ugly Effects Of Its Own Policy (Taki T.)

We are told every day again that weak currencies are a good thing as they stimulate export and increase the economic output (rising GDP). While that could be true, there are a lot of conditions and consequences that are associated with it. One condition, for instance, is that all other countries should keep the value of their currency flat, which is obviously not the case in Currency War III.

Amazon Floats the Notion of Delivery Drones (jdargis)

Well, the F.A.A. and everyone else. The commercial use of drones was legalized early in 2012, but there has been a good deal of outcry about drones possibly being used for surveillance. Some communities are banning local police from using drones. How receptive they would be to e-commerce applications is unclear.

Ground Control (jdargis)

While watching this unfold on a covered portion of the University of North Dakota basketball court, I asked Aaron Kahn, an engineer who designs drones at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, about just how far this Michigan drone was from the capabilities of current small military unmanned aircraft. Kahn, who used to compete in the event and now helps organize it, emphasized he was speaking as a private individual and not on behalf of the lab. He said he didn’t have specific knowledge of what’s actually in the field — he wouldn’t have been able to say anything at all if he had. But, he would go so far as to say that the competition drones were probably “not far” from the what small military drones could accomplish, as well as being “state of the art” for civilian equipment.

New Study Finds Higher Methane Emissions from Fracking (James B.)

If the latest figures are accurate, it could mean that the greenhouse gas advantage that natural gas has over coal could be a mirage. The Energy Information Administration estimates that U.S. carbon dioxide emissions declined 12% since 2007, citing natural gas supplanting coal as a major reason. That number does not account for methane emissions however.

Venomous Spiders Are Hiding in Our Grapes (jdargis)

The thing is, unlike some spiders, black widows aren’t all that helpful to grape farmers. Their prey is usually limited to “walking arthropods” like cockroaches and crickets — not bugs that are likely to mess with our grapevines. Because of black widows’ low value in pest control, and their high risk to humans, one study argues they are the least valuable vineyard spider.

In New Jersey Pines, Trouble Arrives on Six Legs (Mike K.)

The New Jersey situation resembles, on a smaller scale, the outbreak of mountain pine beetles that has ravaged tens of millions of acres of forest across the Western United States and Canada. That devastation, too, has been attributed to global warming — specifically, the disappearance of the bitterly cold winter nights that once kept the beetles in check.

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Drone Skeet

I reckon a drone overflying your house on a steady course is no problem. Its the ones which hover and circle around your property which should be taken out. Shooting down a drone which is clearly spying on you is simply protecting your right to privacy.

But, please, only use a shotgun with a skeet load. Don't use a rifle and risk hurting someone a mile away if you miss the drone. Joe Biden said its OK to fire a shotgun from your porch.


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RBS short of cash again?

RBS: 'technical issues' leave customers unable to pay:


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TPTB plotting against gold and freedom

Here's the TPTB plotting against gold (and freedom) in 1974 (new boss, same as the old boss):


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Great post by CHS over at his site.


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