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Daily Digest 11/17 - The 40-Year Slump, Caught In Unemployment's Revolving Door

Sunday, November 17, 2013, 11:42 AM


The 40-Year Slump (jdargis)

Since 1947, Americans at all points on the economic spectrum had become a little better off with each passing year. The economy’s rising tide, as President John F. Kennedy had famously said, was lifting all boats. Productivity had risen by 97 percent in the preceding quarter-century, and median wages had risen by 95 percent. As economist John Kenneth Galbraith noted in The Affluent Society, this newly middle-class nation had become more egalitarian. The poorest fifth had seen their incomes increase by 42 percent since the end of the war, while the wealthiest fifth had seen their incomes rise by just 8 percent. Economists have dubbed the period the “Great Compression.”

If This Game Is Any Indication of the Future of America, You May Want to Start Packing Your Bags (gillbilly)

You won’t believe what kids are doing for fun these days. It’s a game, called Knockout, where you hit a random person in the head, with the goal of hitting them so hard that they pass out. Behold – the future of America, folks.

Spot The Striking Similarity (pinecarr)

Funny how the phrases "improving unemployment" and "record stock market" are so dependent on one's perspective... and the denominator.

Caught in Unemployment’s Revolving Door (jdargis)

Ms. Barrington-Ward describes it as “my journey through hell.” She was laid off from an administrative position at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2008; she had earned about $50,000 that year. With the recession spurring employers to dump hundreds of thousands of workers a month and the unemployment rate climbing to the double digits, she found that no matter the number of résumés she sent out — she stopped counting in the thousands — she could not find work.

LENT of radioactive materials by super vibration (Arthur Robey)

JAPAN TECHNO claims that the super vibration in water generates many nano bubbles and causes nuclear transmutation. As the result, radioactive materials, for example radioactive cesium, are transmuted to non-radioactive materials. While the paper of No.396 does not describe detail, Dr. Ryushin Ohmasa, the president of JAPAN TECHNO, seems to be very confident because he got the result of elementary analysis of contaminated water before and after the super vibration when I talked to him.

Relief Supplies Pour Into Philippines, but Remote Areas Still Suffer (jdargis)

After days of logistical logjams and transportation paralysis, relief supplies have begun pouring into the ravaged midsection of this island nation, with American Osprey aircraft and C-130 cargo planes delivering pallets of rice and water to the airports in Tacloban, on Leyte Island to the west, and Guiuan, also here on Samar Island. International relief organizations have been fanning out in earnest across the disaster zone.

Growing Clamor About Inequities of Climate Crisis (jdargis)

Calling the climate crisis “madness,” the Philippines representative vowed to fast for the duration of the talks. Malia Talakai, a negotiator for the Alliance of Small Island States, a group that includes her tiny South Pacific homeland, Nauru, said that without urgent action to stem rising sea levels, “some of our members won’t be around.”

A Climate-Change Victory (jdargis)

"With these breaks, what's interesting is that when they're common that's pretty indicative of causation," said Pierre Perron, a Boston University economist who developed the custom-built statistical tests used in the study.

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