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Daily Digest 11/15 - Full Speed Ahead on the Stimulus, Devastation In The Philippines

Friday, November 15, 2013, 11:23 AM


Message From Yellen Is Full Speed Ahead on the Stimulus (jdargis)

Senator Patrick J. Toomey, a Pennsylvania Republican, used a more seamy metaphor.

“What happens when this morphine drip starts to end?” he asked.

Deflation, A Stock Market Crash And Then Christmas (Thomas C.)

Recently announced increases in energy bills are calculated by the Bank of England to have added 15 basis points to the CPI inflation outlook, a not insignificant amount but not enough to change the big picture on inflation. Most of the pressures right now are on the downside. Some European countries are, however, already in technical price deflation. Both Spain and Sweden, for instance, have recently reported an annual fall in prices, and even parts of Germany are experiencing month-on-month price contraction.

Why Banking, Corporate America And The Government Need Each Other (Taki T.)

Claudio Grass, managing director of Global Gold Switzerland, created a short and comprehensive overview of Rothbard’s book as part of his latest Global Gold Outlook Report. In this article, we provide some highlights. We strongly recommend to read the document at the bottom of this article. For readers with more time, Rothbard’s book is a must-read; it is available as an electronic download.

Comex Registered Gold Falls To 587,235 Ounces - Claims at 63 to 1 - The Karma of Buddha's Palm (pinecarr)

The longer that valuations are maintained against the market, the stronger the coercion to sutain them must become, to the demise of freedom, and the point of exhaustion and collapse. The Soviet ruble is a possible case study for what happens when the unsustainable meets the inevitable, even with a hairy knuckled police state backing it up.

Why power theft in India is a complex problem (westcoastjan)

Loha Singh is, at once, the hero and villain of Katiyabaaz. Introduced to the filmmakers Deepti Kakkar and Fahad Mustafa by a drinking buddy, he is a man who, as Mustafa tells me, "typifies [the city of] Kanpur - a swaggering pride arising from having to make do in the most desperate of circumstances".

For Some Aid Workers, Rescues Must Wait as Bodies Are Removed (jdargis)

The mayor of Tacloban City, Alfred S. Romualdez, said Friday that the city had 801 confirmed dead. In a sign of the inability of officials to get a handle on even basic information about the disaster one week after the typhoon hit here, Mr. Romualdez apologized for a figure of 2,000 dead that was released Thursday, which he said was “speculation for the entire region.”

Canada’s Montney Natural Gas Basin – Game Changer? (James S.)

According to the authoritative U.S. government’s Energy Information Administration, “Canada is one of the world's five largest energy producers and is the principal source of U.S. energy imports… (and) Canada is the world's third-largest producer of dry natural gas and the source of most U.S. natural gas imports.”

Anti-Ethanol Policy AP Story: “They’re Raping the Land” (Kay)

Many of the unsustainable agricultural environmental problems which the U.S. is guilty of today, name any one of them, stem from it. In just the few years since mandated use of corn ethanol has created a new and unprecedented demand for corn, the detrimental environmental consequences have been enormous while most of America has turned a blind and apathetic eye.

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Which of the 11 American nations do you live in?

Hey, it's a WaPo article (grain of salt and all), but I found it interesting food for thought...

Which of the 11 American nations do you live in?


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Ritholtz on holding forecasters accountable

I think Barry Ritholtz was a guest of Chris earlier this year?


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I think Barry Ritholtz was a

I think Barry Ritholtz was a guest of Chris earlier this year?

yeah he was.

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Here's the link to the Barry Ritholtz podcast

Barry Ritholtz: Sailing with Sea Monsters

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