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Daily Digest 11/8 - Debt Is The Key Issue, Only 19% Of Americans Trust Government

Friday, November 8, 2013, 12:10 PM


Private Hiring Brisk in Jobs Data Skewed by U.S. Shutdown (jdargis)

In the wake of Friday’s report, however, some experts said the Fed is more likely to announce it intends to taper when policy makers next meet in mid-December, especially if the jobs report for November is similarly robust.

Public Trust in Government: 1958-2013 (jdargis)

Public trust in the government, already quite low, has edged even lower in a survey conducted just before the Oct. 16 agreement to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling.

Wasted EU Funds: Brussels Ignores Tip-Offs from Greek Official (westcoastjan)

The details provided by the Süddeutsche Zeitung are sure to raise eyebrows. Some of the instructors are said to have been paid for up to 225 hours per month, even during periods when they were abroad. Hourly wages for teachers were reportedly as high as €610. The alleged corruption was compounded by apparent instances of nepotism: The son of a cabinet member taught a course on silver-plating watches, the wife of a Socialist politician led classes on both dentistry and geography, and relatives of the institute's leader held jobs there.

Oil-change shop caught scamming customers: Marketplace investigation (westcoastjan)

​Equipped with hidden cameras, Marketplace sent in three people with test cars for a basic oil change to document the service at Economy Lube. All three cars had been extensively examined by Sach-Anderson, who checked and, where necessary, replaced all other fluids to ensure that the cars only needed an oil change.

Professor Kotlikoff: Government Conspiracy to Hide True Debt Burden (Thomas C.)

Everybody should be calling the CBO and asking why they’re doing this. This is a pattern, you know. The Clinton administration—we put out the fiscal gap studies for a couple of years on the President’s budget. The Clinton administration then censored it. The guys who’s now head of the National Economic Council, the Chief Economic Advisor to President Obama, was the one who did the censorship back in 1994.

Global Gold’s Outlook Report: “Debt Is The Key Issue” (Taki T.)

Finally, this quote from Jacob Burckhardt (“It is the historian’s function, not to make us clever for the next time, but to make us wise forever”) provides an introduction to a short summary from an outstanding book written by Murray N. Rothbard concerning the strong, 150-year alliance between politics and the banking system. More about that on page 7 of the document.

Shell Takes Initial Step Towards Arctic Drilling in 2014

On November 6 Shell announced it submitted revisions to its Plan of Exploration to the U.S. government, a regulatory hurdle it needed to clear in order to keep Arctic drilling plans open for 2014. Shell has not decided whether it will proceed with exploration operations next year, but wanted to keep its options open. The plan, submitted to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, calls for a narrower approach to the Arctic, ruling out exploration in the Beaufort Sea. Instead, the company hopes to drill exploration wells only in the Chukchi Sea.

NOAA: No Giant Floating Island Of Tsunami Debris (jdargis)

NOAA estimates 1.5 million tons of tsunami debris is dispersed across the vast northern Pacific, but officials have only verified 35 items as from the tsunami.

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"We are all part of the fraud." Cathrine Austin Fitts

If you had a big red button that you could push and clean up the incestuous relationship between the FED and The People would you push it?

I forgot to mention:- If you did push it you would lose your 401K and all Entitlements.

Decisions, decisions.   .   .

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