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Daily Digest 11/5 - Clearing a Way to Healthcare Enrollment, Something New Under The Sun

Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 10:03 AM


Number of the Week: Why Don’t More People Want a Job? (Thomas C.)

The recession changed the picture: The surge in layoffs and plunge in hiring left millions of Americans who wanted jobs on the sidelines. But even so, the share of those not in the labor force who wanted jobs peaked at around 7.5%, far below its 1980s level.

The Massive Drawdown of Gold From the West Continues - Silver Comparison - the Abyss (Thomas C.)

That gold which is disappearing from the reporting grid will not be coming back to these largely western vaults anytime soon. And it certainly will not be coming back at these prices. It is going into some fairly strong hands with an eye to the long term.

Gold As FOREX Currency (Phil H.)

The reason, I said, is that physical gold's fundamentals have nothing to do with "today's gold market." Today's gold market is "majority-owned" by gold trading as an electronic FOREX currency, which has almost nothing to do with the physical side of the market. That exchange by itself would probably make a good post, but this one is all about his primary follow-up question, which was:

"The area where I’m still hazy is the gold as a FOREX currency."

Ron Paul’s take on ObamaCare (Herman J.)

“Whether it’s flood insurance, housing insurance, or medical insurance, the word is being used erroneously; this is not insurance. You know as well as I do that insurance is supposed to measure risk, but when you call it government insurance, and tell the insurance company what they must do and what they must do and provide, then it becomes forced welfare. So this has been the biggest problem that we’ve had – they pretend this is insurance, and it isn’t."

For Uninsured, Clearing a Way to Enrollment (jdargis)

Known as “navigators” or “assisters,” people like Ms. Cauley are going to work across the country, searching for the uninsured and walking them through the enrollment process. Under the Affordable Care Act, these trained, paid counselors typically work for community groups or government agencies, with a mandate to provide impartial guidance. Given the problems plaguing the federal online insurance exchange used by 36 states, the workers have become even more important in helping people understand their insurance options.

Money Manager Nightmare: “How Can I Explain To My Clients That We Had A Third Crash In 15 Years?” (Thomas C.)

A new – or rather refurbished – rationalization for tech IPOs is being dragged out of the barn: disrupt. For example, “In a slower-growth environment, the newer names are much more likely to be disruptive,” explained Alan Gayle, senior investment strategist at RidgeWorth Investments. “Disruptive companies are more likely to grow their top line at a fast pace,” he added. The top line – revenues – is the only place apparently where there is room for hope in many IPOs, their bottom line being a hopeless affair for years to come.

New Bracelet Saves Energy by Heating the Person, not the Room (James S.)

Regulating temperature is one of the largest forms of energy consumption. During the winter energy is used to power heaters that warm up an entire building, and during the summer electricity can be used to power air conditioning units. As energy prices rise finding ways of reducing energy consumption is becoming more important for many.

One team of engineering students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have designed a radical new way to create comfortable temperatures, whilst using far less energy; heat the individual person, not the building.

Something New Under The Sun (jdargis)

Rive isn’t a billionaire; his share of SolarCity is 4 percent, the equivalent of about $200 million today. Despite its soaring stock, it hasn’t yet turned a profit. But the company may have already made $1 billion for Musk, who is both its chairman and largest shareholder. And if it reaches the stunningly ambitious goal that Rive has set for it—1 million customers in the next five years—Rive might just join his cousin on the Forbes list after all.

The U.S. Is Farming More Fish than Ever (But Nowhere Near What China Does) (jdargis)

China, in the meantime, has dominated the market for farmed seafood. The graph above speaks for itself, but for a quick analysis, it shows that China’s share of the global production from aquaculture was 77 times the United States’ in 2011. Proponents for domestic fish farming don’t think we should ever try to rival such numbers, but do advocate a modest increase in our aquaculture efforts. A N.O.A.A. memo predicts that doubling U.S. aquaculture would result in 50,000 domestic jobs and a billion dollars of new value.

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Jim Rickards - Currency War's Update


Jim Rickards' take on where things are at, and how he goes about assessing various scenarios.  He also has a new book coming out, "Death of the Dollar".  Thoughts/opinions?

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Wave energy

Cool technology from this Australian company oceanlinx :


How it works

Ocean waves contain enormous quantities of energy and harnessing this energy in the most efficient and productive way is the objective of the Oceanlinx technology.

At the heart of the technology there are 3 simple elements:

01. Oscillating Water Column

Oscillating Water Columns (OWCs) are simple constructions that act like a piston and cylinder. As waves rise within the OWC, it replicates the action of a piston, driving a column of air ahead of it and through the turbine.

02. airWAVE - Bidirectional Reaction Turbine

Most turbines are designed to function with a constant flow in a single direction. Our patented airWAVE turbine can continue to generate electricity regardless of a change of direction under varying flow conditions.

03. Generator and Transmission System

The system will be matched to the airWAVE turbine based on the available wave resource. The rated capacity of the generator will vary to best match the environment conditions at the installed location.

As waves pass the OWC, the water column is constantly moving up and down. As this happens, the air is compressed and is driven through the turbine under pressure, which in turn generates electricity (see Figure 01). As the wave recedes the opposite effect is experienced and air is sucked back into the OWC through the turbine, continuing the electricity generation (see Figure 02).

To make the energy extraction effective, the cross sectional area of the OWC is narrowed as it approaches the turbine. This serves to accelerate the air so that it reaches its optimum velocity and pressure as it passes the turbine.

Oceanlinx has developed several variants of the OWC concept. These devices use the same fundamental principles of the OWC, airWAVE turbine and the same generator and control systems.

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David Suzuki's thoughts

David Suzuki on Fukushima

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Arthur Robey
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The Purging of the US Military.

the Obama administration’s “litmus test” for new military leaders is whether or not they will obey an order to fire on U.S. citizens.


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Arthur Robey
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Nearly Every Star has a Planetry System (Kepler)

1/5 th of stars have Earth Sized planets in the habitable zone.

Let us ensure that this one does not fail.

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Earth sized planets
Arthur Robey wrote:

1/5 th of stars have Earth Sized planets in the habitable zone.

Let us ensure that this one does not fail.

Occam's razor.  Life is everywhere.

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Time2help wrote: Arthur Robey
Time2help wrote:
Arthur Robey wrote:

1/5 th of stars have Earth Sized planets in the habitable zone.

Let us ensure that this one does not fail.

Occam's razor.  Life is everywhere.

Fermi"s Paradox.  Where is it?

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Stephen Lark
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heat the individual person, not the building

I got a Selk'bag (http://www.selkbagusa.com/) last winter, my winter power bill went down from over $700 the winter before to under $200.

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Arthur Robey
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Where are they?

I am too stupid to make a prediction of how much life there is in the Cosmos- What I do is report Kepler's findings.

However, I will make the observation that Space is Big- you won't believe how mind-bogglingly Big it is. 

Look for the little arrow. You live there.

Like Ghengis Kahn's army that could vanish into the steppes because the steppes are so vast, I would not be surprised if other biomes had left their doomed planets and were not visible simply because of the Vastness of the Void.

It is about time we did the same- the hour is getting late.

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Arthur .... Question

Was it Napoleon's army that said "eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die"? I'm not sure.... Is living in fear of the future any better than living in ignorance in the present. We say we love our children and grand-children but we leave them with bleak prospects. It's a good thing we can't move to another planet as we have proven to be poor stewards of this one.

Guy McPherson, how does he sleep at night?

AK Granny

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Arthur Robey
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No worries Granny

I keep telling people we aren't going down another gravity well. Gravity wells are for less desirable citizens.

Guy McPherson has the runs on the board. If his models are accurate then we have two choices- we can stick our heads in the sand or we can go down swinging. Either way we will have a blast.

Before people tut tut and tell me how it is impossible, we must remember how often our models of reality have been wrong. 

I can see a way of pulling it off but it is going to need a lot of holes to line up. But first people will have to feel the pain. They need the motivation.

It is notable that a lot of interest is being paid to the asteroids- the material that will be used. Japan in going to need a new home, don't you think?

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