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Daily Digest 10/29 - Detroiters On Hook For Millions, Gardening Linked To Longer Life

Tuesday, October 29, 2013, 9:31 AM


Detroiters on hook for millions used to renovate schools now empty or demolished (Phil H.)

The debt started to pile up when taxpayers approved $1.5 billion for school fixes in 1994, the largest bond measure in the state’s history at the time, in an era when DPS had 167,000 students. Voters approved a second construction bond — for $500.5 million — in 2009, despite the district having lost half its students and closing dozens of schools.

Do You Trust Politicians Or Do You Protect Your Hard Earned Wealth? (Taki T.)

“Gold’s ascent above $1350, to one-month highs, has been driven by investor interest,” says a note from Barclays Capital, pointing to the “largest daily increase” in exchange-traded gold funds, which give investors exposure to the metal’s price without them taking physical ownership, since January.

Don't shield kids from the sting of losing (westcoastjan)

Sadly, the trend that says every kid has the exact same skills set is growing in our school system. In primary and elementary school, children can’t be cut from school teams, choirs, whatever. If you want to participate, then damn it, you can participate.

Institutional Investors Concerned About “Unburnable Carbon” Fallout (James S.)

The “carbon bubble” is a concept that has been gaining momentum over the past year. In brief, the theory claims that in order to avoid catastrophic climate change, the world must remain within its “carbon budget”—the volume of CO2 that can be emitted before the Earth’s temperature is pushed over the 2°C benchmark agreed upon by the international community. However, according to the IEA, “no more than one-third of proven reserves of fossil fuels can be consumed prior to?2050 if the world is to achieve the 2°C goal, unless carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology is widely deployed.” Following this theory to its logical end, the remaining two-thirds of global fossil fuel reserves are “unburnable”—that is, worthless.

U.S., Canada Lead World in Shale Gas Production (James S.)

In a 23 October report entitled “North America leads the world in production of shale gas” the EIA reports, “The United States and Canada are the only major producers of commercially viable natural gas from shale formations in the world, even though about a dozen other countries have conducted exploratory test wells” and that China is the only nation outside of North America that has registered commercially viable production of shale gas, although the volumes contribute less than 1 percent of the total natural gas production in that country. In comparison, shale gas as a share of total natural gas production in 2012 was 39 percent in the United States and 15 percent in Canada.

B.C. home of most pipeline safety incidents since 2000 (westcoastjan)

The types of incidents reported include small leaks, large oil spills, gas ruptures, equipment failures, worker injuries and deaths, and other types of accidents or reportable events along any pipeline that crosses provincial or international borders, which involves about 90 companies that own about 71,000 kilometres of pipelines.

Breaking Urban Ground for Community Gardens (westcoastjan)

With these valuable tips in hand, Sally Brown, Associate Professor at the University of Washington offers additional considerations when dealing with urban soils for those wishing to start up a garden in a city. Brown notes that soils are more often contaminated in the urban setting and most commonly with lead. But there are other potential contaminants too resulting from what may have once been on the site such as old cars or buildings that housed unknown chemicals and substances.

Gardening 'linked to longer lives' (westcoastjan)

The report said: "A generally active daily life had important beneficial associations with cardiovascular health and longevity in older adults, which seemed to be regardless of regular exercise."

It said the findings had "high clinical relevance" for older people, who risked spending a lot of time on the sofa or lying in bed.

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Destruction of Peru’s rainforest by illegal gold mining

The destruction of a global biodiversity hotspot deep in the Peruvian Amazon by illegal gold mining is twice as bad as previously thought, an authoritative new study using ground-breaking technology has revealed.

According to the report by the  US-based Carnegie Institution for Science, 15,810 acres of rainforest in Peru’s Madre de Dios region, home to various nature and indigenous reserves as well as a booming  eco-tourism industry, have vanished per year since the start of the 2008 global economic crisis.


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Venezuela’s Christmas Saved for All as Bonds Pay for Toys

"President Nicolas Maduro is guaranteeing a merry Christmas for his socialist revolution in Venezuela by using bond sales to fund imports of toys, alcohol, bicycles, trees, wrapping paper and food.

“All the dollars that our fatherland needs until December 31 are guaranteed,” Maduro said on state television on Oct. 10. “We are going to have a happy Christmas.”"




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